Friday, September 30, 2022

Pierre Does Not Rule Out Saint Lucia Becoming A Republic

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has not ruled out the possibility of Saint Lucia ditching the Queen as the country’s head of state and becoming a republic.

On Thursday, Pierre addressed the issue in an impromptu interview with reporters.

“We are dealing with constitutional reform and we will discuss it with the people of Saint Lucia and if that comes out of the mix, sure we’ll go,” he stated.

“The constitutional review is on. I can tell you there’s a strong argument that we should go that way but the first step is going to the CCJ,” was Pierre’s response when asked whether the issue of Saint Lucia would becoming a republic will be settled during the first five-year term of his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration.

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The Prime Minister had previously cited access to justice for the common person as one of the advantages of replacing the Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice as this country’s final appellate court.

The Pierre administration, which enjoys a 13-4 majority in the House of Assembly, has appointed a committee under the chairmanship of former CCJ president Sir Dennis Byron “to prepare the way for Saint Lucia’s accession to the CCJ.”

“The draft legislation for the amendment of St. Lucia’s Constitution to allow for accession has been prepared and will soon be available for public scrutiny,” Acting Governor-General Cyril Errol Charles told Parliament recently.

All of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are signatories to the Original Jurisdiction of the CCJ, which also serves as an international tribunal interpreting the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas that governs the regional integration movement.

But only Barbados, Guyana, Belize, and Dominica have signed on to the Court’s Appellate jurisdiction.

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  1. While UK still remains in Brexit, but say no’,to 💶 euro,and still kept their Sterling .
    And Europe cannot defend Ukraine and trying to avoid a third world war.
    So far the british goverment has adresse 23 billions euros 💶to help the goverment, which,needs help of millions,to face this horrible natural catastrophe.
    Which estimation shows that 60% of Africains which arrived in the Caribbean was acheive (succès) by the Royal Africains company, with agreement of the king Charles-
    So then, today, the mentalities of the Royal famille has change-
    And finally,the sum was view as passe the sky (too high)and very sad 😠😩😡 the Monarchie gives not a pennish (nothing.

  2. Barbados has its billionaire Rihanna who can assist them financially. She has been cemented as one of Barbados hero. What/who do we have. We must stop to think, assess the situation and stop being copycats and followers. Also I would like the government to go through a referendum if we truly want to know where the people stand on this. PJP nor Chastanet nor the rastafarians nor NGP can speak on behalf of the people. We didn’t give them authority to speak and to protest on the country’s behalf. The people speak when there is a vote.

    • Billionaire Rhianna you say? A lot of these celebrities have “estimated wealth” based on things they supposed to be involved in. When it comes to actual money and assets a lot of them do not have billioanire status. For example, they will say Rhianna makeup line is worth 6 billion. But in reality the company not even actually selling things to reach that target. So its all smokes and mirrors my dear. Rhianna has now tarnished her brand with her big belly out everywhere, low class. now the baby father is accused of attempted murder. The guy he shot about 5 times or so, testified it was the little retarded boy ASAP Rocky that shot him. Now stranger things can happen but I doubt the man was paid to say that. So Rhianna “brand” is not in good shape at all. I hope she is able to protect her several millions in solid assets so she have something at the end of it all. The landscape not looking to good for Rhianna based on her bad choices. she aint no Oprah lets say.

  3. This is all part and parcel of the process. part of it is that the royal family is now dealing with Princess Diana’s karma and that horrible Camilla will only b queen of the whites of the commonwalth. not us black people. as soon as the guards change, i voting republic. No way you coming to lord over people as queen you conninving jealous woman!

  4. To join the ccj or become a republic should not be at the bus of any government or political party. There should be a referendum on each of those matters, allow the people to choose for themselves.

  5. May someone please tell me what impact will our currency have if we were to remove the face of the queen from it? Also what do we expect to gain by becoming a Republic…Just asking?

  6. Caribbean politicians have proven to be untrustworthy over and over again. Both sides of S. Lucia’s political divide have tried to exert influence on the courts, arbitrators and judges, lawyers, the DCS etc. The very fact that they wish to circumvent the citizens right to a referendum on these issues really says it all. If its not broken don’t fix it. Fix local governance and the local courts first.

    • We use the EC dollar which means unless all of the island which is part of the eastern Caribbean currency union becomes republic the queen head will remain on the currency, it’s just like France, Spain or Germany etc, cannot demand that their pride or people put on the Euros

  7. Don’t Rule it out Most Honorable make it happen. That’s what the royals came here last week to do, to reinforce, instill , remind, command and demand us mentally to continue to Bow to the mighty Queen. Many House Negros agree with them. Kudos my brother for even thinking it….. hell would have to freeze over and thaw out before Massa Allen Chastanet would even think of it.

  8. So if the British monarch is here and not gifting the people for health care or education, why do we have the queens face all over our NEW money? I don’t get it! …smph.

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