Friday, September 30, 2022

Pierre Expresses Condolences After Marchand Triple Homicide

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has expressed sincerest condolences after Sunday night’s triple homicide in Marchand, Castries, and highlighted the need for justice to move swiftly.

One woman and two men died in a drive-by shooting on Marchand road.

“The wheels of justice must move swiftly to not only solve crime but to deter criminality,” Pierre, in whose Castries East constituency the shootings occurred, said on Facebook.

“To say that I am saddened does not begin to express how I feel about the recent homicides that occurred last night. To the families, all of whom I know, please accept my sincerest condolences,” the PM wrote.

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“Whilst we continue to provide the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force with the necessary resources to ensure citizen security, this scourge of crime has been left unchecked for far too many years. Citizens must do better to resolve conflict,” he declared.

And Pierre reaffirmed his commitment to support the efforts of crime-fighting by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

He also urged citizens to support the effort.

“Let us have a peaceful holiday,” the Castries East MP urged.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister is currently away on official business and is due to return on Thursday.

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  1. Pierre should stop all the bullshit talk – this position is not a popularity contest. We all know exactly what Pierre will do or say whenever there is a homicide or some other criminal activity. He never fails to entertain with his usual tune. It is about time he put his finger prints on making changes. We the people elect you to make SLU safe. We a no longer in a campaign mode – time to lead the country and make all the necessary changes. We are tired of tunes, sympathetic and all the bullshit – time to lead with action. St.Lucia is going down and I am not sure how far we are from the bottomless pit.

  2. The ppl of this country are not embracing the younger generation they are leaving it up socialmedia and singers, entertainers to be roll models of the young ones. They are praising riches, vanity instead. And they know that it is one set of ppl committing all the gun related activities. They have videos and pictures of them firing their guns. Fully automatic weapons. When will the government do something about that OTF gang

  3. So Hunter if you were asked to grade the Government, what grade would you give it, between A+ and F- let’s hear it. Is this one any better or worse than any other? I,m waiting. Crime is crime, they don’t care who they rob or maim or kill as long as they get what they want, because they are equipped with a deadly weapon. It breaks your old grand mothers heart, but it is the sign of the times; sorry to say, the worse is yet to come. You shut Jesus out of your life, you reap the ‘Wild Wind’ while there is time left find a ”Bible Preaching Church” attend prayer meetings, for the good of your Soul, and the Country. You have elected an unholy trinity; God is not sleeping!!!

  4. The failure of every government past and present are the lame. permanent Secretaries and their office , clueless police commissioner and his office .The ministry of justice and legal affairs and their office.

    And the government’s poor policies when it comes to crime and economic development

    Poor management of civil servants from the manager to the cleaner.

    The management of LUCLEC should be the ones running the country. They are the most efficient , disciplined and reliable company on the island of St .Lucia

  5. It didn’t just happen in your constituency for nothing you know very well why it happened. You do nothing to uplift the people spiritually just tell to work harder so your’ll can get more tax money to no end result. Shame on anybody who was satisfied with that speech after 71 homicides later… enjoy your mingling with foriegners and champagne poppin sir

  6. @hill… you better go back to the hills. Stupid comments.
    Pip and his cabals had the solution to crime so pls stop it.
    What happen no different from chas administration. So why did you talk like you knew it all. Crap

  7. Prime Minister Pierre , thank you for making a statement on the recent triple homicides, but why did it take you so long , is it because it’s in your beloved constituency ? You’re the pm of St. Lucia not Marchand.

    • ……why did it take so long ????? where have you been for the last 5 miserable years of the yellow plague that was upon this land. I am still waiting to hear Allen Chastanet say the word CRIME….Last week it was the Chairman of the United Worthless Party who issues a statement on violent voice notes not Allen Chastanet, not even that he could have done so everybody just get Pierre’s Back, at least he is talking about crime. Shoot out or burn houses in Marchland Chastanet would care with that ?? You must be mad…….. That’s if that man has ever pass thru Marchland in his life.

  8. Shitty system. The lawyers getting all the criminals off. If police do not have resources they can’t do their job as well. Philip step up as a PM. Where is Poyotte the weakest link. Oh my, Poyotte. What will she say. Repeating her same speech.’ We are in dialogue’. Dialogue dialogue.

  9. First of all the PM need to address the statement made by Ernest Hilaire saying that he “going after them”. I see as a threat. If the government ministers want to take matters in their own hand; how can we tell the youth to resolve their disputes peacefully. I believe Ernest Hilaire need to apologize or resign, he is ridiculous.

  10. At least our pm acknowledge it, we should be putting pressure on the police force.
    When people say crime happens everywhere and the government has no control, does that mean you when we hearing shots all down by viex fort we suppose to ignore it?

    Even in the morning they bursting shots, we have a pm that was so angry we actually forced them to patrol around more often.
    I do believe had we had the police force rush to the spot where the shots were bursting, murders would have been reduced this year.
    Our pm is not the best but at least he tries, he tries to do a good job and he does want what’s best for our people.

  11. @ Luciano Man, you don’t know me and so you are in no position to tell if I am playing my role. We elect politicians to deal with the economic, social and environmental issues of the state. Crime is a social issue that government (by the way @Luciano Man, you idiot, regardless of party in power) must deal with. There is nothing wrong in putting it on the shoulders of government since it is part of its responsibility (social). When crime is on the decrease they take the credit, so why must they not take responsibility for the increase. I bet you if the crime starts to decline you will hear the boast even in the Throne Speech of how well government is managing crime. I guess you don’t want the responsibility placed the right place because you contributing more than your fair share to crime.

  12. Ok suggestion time! CcTV cameras needed and surveillance drones from time to time… and for the first time we need metal detectors at schools and public operations.

  13. Smh…. PIP woy tan.

    You’re a failed Parliamentarian bruh…shame on you Pip,shame on you.

    Any leader who loves to see his or her people in the gutter begging bread is a bad leader and that goes any of y’all beloved colors.

    You failed the people of Marchand. You will also fail the people of St Lucia.

    The blood of the innocent will have its vengeance on y’all dirty title holders.

  14. Mr.Prime Minister it’s Time you Give Directives to the Cop.and Minister of National Security to Deal with The increase of Gun Violence in St.Lucia .Crime have gone become a like Drinking a glass of Juice .No Minister in Government haven’t made no Statement on the increase of Gun Related Homicides it’s only Curfew and Corona Virus Matters

  15. Blah Blah Blah. If the police catch them, just expunge their records. PJP you are not showing strong leadership so the criminals feel to do as they please.

  16. The five star general can’t stop crime in his own backyard. You all are against tough action. Try invain to persuade the to put the guns away….

  17. aa hmmmmmmm ““The wheels of justice must move swiftly to not only solve crime but to deter criminality”. Partner, you no longer in opposition, you are now the PM.

  18. How about starting with a little deterrence? Every day that goes by, someone feels the need to arm themselves because of unchecked weapons that are in circulation. When are you going to impose severe penalties for unregistered guns? Stop the gum games and be an action figure. Stop the talk.

    It’s just a matter of time before St. Lucia gets negative international coverage… brought about by a gun incident. Then, the press will air the dirty laundry. Do something before that dreadful time arrives. Be strong for God sake.

  19. He needs to put road blocks to slow down movement in the area, infiltrate the area with uniformed & uninformed officers & do more for the youngsters who have nothing to do, nowhere to go, lots of bullets for their illegal guns & illegality keeps dangling in their faces. DO SOMETHING NOW ABOUT THESE YOUTH.

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