Sunday, January 26, 2020

Pierre Gets Massive Vote Of Confidence As SLP Leader

The leader of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Philip J. Pierre, secured a massive vote of confidence in his stewardship from party delegates Sunday.

The delegates voted 303 in favour with a mere 3 against at the SLP’s closed session of its conference of delegates.

The event was held at the Jon Odlum Secondary School.

The latest vote of confidence in Pierre represents an increase in the support he has attracted in past years.

Last year the tally was 273 in favour and 3 against, while in 2017 he recorded a vote of 263 in favour and 13 against.

The poll is done by secret ballot.

Delegates from all constituencies, the SLP’s women and youth organisations, the party’s executive and national council participate in the poll.

Philip J. Pierre is the MP for Castries East, a constituency he has represented since 1997.

A jubilant SLP supporter posted on social media after the massive vote of confidence in Pierre: #PJP4SLUNEXTPM 303-3


  1. 3 sell outs (Judas). oh well. But of course with the most absolute confidence . Its my belief and cofidence PM Pierre will make an excellent PM for St Lucia. He has demonstrated great statesmanship esteemed compassion in leading our nation to a place where all St Lucians are inclusive of its development and growth.

  2. I agree, just watch Marchand and one can see what a great leader he will be. Watch Marchand main road for example. Then enter the Boulevard. Nice.

      • Have you forgotten that Dennery North roads has be resurfaced. Short memory. VFort North roads were completed and extended. Remember the money to complete the Vfort North road repair, under SLP, was used to campaign in Micoud South against Chastenet.

  3. Congrats to Mr. Pierre now is up to us to free ourselves from PM Chastanet reign of terror. If the electorate cannot see that this government is only for the rich business owner class then St.Lucia has no hope for the future

  4. ColourBlind…. UWP and SLP should be nonexistent…. You Lucians keep eating your own vomit and hope for change…different party….same operations……my generation will never vote for these outdated thinkers…let them wither away and vanish then and maybe then i will consider voting.

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