Thursday, December 12, 2019

Pierre Gets Overwhelming Vote of Confidence at SLP Convention

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader, Philip J. Pierre, won an overwhelming vote of confidence as party leader Sunday.

The vote took place at the closed session of the SLP convention at Fond St Jacques, Soufriere.

During a secret ballot, 273 votes were cast in Pierre’s favour and 3 against.

“I am very pleased with the results,” he told St Lucia Times.

Pierre explained that the vote of confidence in the party leader is taken at every convention as stipulated by the SLP constitution.

He expressed the hope that the vote on Sunday would be the beginning of the SLP returning to office for the benefit of the people of Saint Lucia.

Pierre has served in various government ministries and has been an MP since 1997.

He also served as Deputy Prime Minister and has held various posts in the SLP including Chairman, Treasurer, 2nd Deputy and 1 st Deputy leader.

Asked to respond to his critics who have questioned his leadership ability, he told St Lucia Times that he comes to the job with ‘experience and competence.’

Pierre dismissed the criticisms levelled at him as being part of politics.

“People will say what they want to say,” he declared.


  1. The monkeys choosing the leader of the pack,and papa monkey,just crying.Good for nothing,never did a dam,hospital,stadium,olimpic swiming pool,four lane highway,stupid dreamers,with a mental diharea.

  2. Have you ever try to understand what is referred to as a “High Fall”? December will be 2.5 years from the next election.1 more scheduled convention before the next election. So they are putting him high. We will talk after the next convention.

  3. Well the SLP delegates have full confidence in the man but the rest of us do not. Continue on as interim custodian because come next convention when the real dogs come out….. The real leader….Kenny or Juffali will put forth their name to claim what they think is theirs…. In the meantime continue to talk all the nonsense you talking Ray.

  4. The same delegates who voted on full confidence will be the same set to vote of no confidence. Wait when the master rolls in

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