Saturday, August 13, 2022

Pierre: Government Undaunted Despite Inheriting Distressing Economic Situation

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says that despite inheriting distressing economic and social conditions when it came to power after the last elections, his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration is undaunted.

But he asserted that the people of Saint Lucia must never forget that these are consequences of the injustices that were wreaked upon this country by the maladministration of the last United Workers Party (UWP) government which was under the leadership of current opposition leader Allen Chastanet.

Pierre recalled asserting in his party’s 2021 election manifesto that since June 6, 2016, Saint Lucia had been through a very trying time of mismanagement under the UWP.

And he lamented that the mismanagement had been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Today we are left with a huge challenge of rescuing our country from an economic and financial disaster following a five year period of reckless borrowing and spending and an unprecedented level of corruption,” Pierre said.

However, he disclosed that on assuming office, the new SLP administration discovered that the fiscal and economic situation of the country was far worse and its economic development far more badly retarded than imagined when the SLP crafted the manifesto.

Pierre highlighted disastrous public finances, an economy damaged by incompetent management pushed into further decline by the COVID-19 pandemic, a vast sovereign debt of unprecedented levels, and ‘the enormous mess’ of an unfinished St Jude Hospital and the Hewanorra International Airport redevelopment project.

“But we are not intimidated by the magnitude of the task which the people of Saint Lucia entrusted us with. We are not afraid because we in this government are up to the challenge,” the Minister of Finance declared.

Again referencing the SLP 2021 manifesto, he recalled indicating that his task, with the help of his able team of men and women, was to restore Saint Lucia to a level of financial stability and create an environment for the creation of wealth and employment, especially among the youth.

“We are confident in our ability to accomplish our mission. We will overcome the challenges that five years of bungling and irresponsible UWP governance bequeathed us,” the Castries East MP expressed.

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  1. @SLT, I knew you’ll wouldn’t put up my comment because there are too many factual information to juggle the readers minds to disect and analyze what Hunt said.

    But if my comments contained derogatory, disrespectful, name calling and outright nonsense, you’ll would gladly post that.

    You’ll encourage the boldness of some nasty, undeserving comments…. Shish!!!

  2. Truth be told St Lucians both administrations have borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars and we the st lucian public has seen not a cent of that money. They built no roads, no hospitals, gave no money to the poor during covid. we were not helped at all. Those who had savings had to use that, or the burden fell to family and friends to give whatever support they could. Where is all that money that Pierre and Chastanet administration borrowing left right and center? it is and was not to our benefit. the politicians in st lucia both red and yellow steal millions. we the public, our children and the yet unborn continue to bear the burden of paying money that we never benefited from. latin america and caribbean countries are the most unequal in the world for good reason; we condone stealing by our politicians who come into office just to line their pockets. and we recycle them every few years to do the same thing. it is killing us in this region. we must jail all corrupt men and women and most of all; find and seize the money to contribute to building our countries. they have it hidden in bank accounts in st lucia and outside. we will continue to suffer if we dont wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. THE most Honorable Lucian Highgrade has learnt well from the lies and deceit of the SLP. Before Pierre became Prime Minister there was widespread agreement among St Lucians, even SLP supporters, that he did not have what it took to become Prime Minister, but he conned the electorate into believing that once in office they would get all sorts of benefits. Now that he has been elected, his performance to date has been a horror story. The man does not even speak well, far less work well. Pierre has become a national embarrassment and it is sad that Lucian Highgrade can do nothing to improve his performance, than continuing the big lies about Chastanet stealing. St Lucians will continue to pay a heavy price for their folly. After the horror of the SLP’s last five year term, they went an re elected virtually the same failed bunch that left us with high unemployment, a battered economy and most sectors in the country in disarray. Lucian Highgrade needs to tell us why it is that the SLP has never been able to take St Lucia forward, only backward. I challenge him to point to any success story of the SLP that has brought progress to our country. By contrast it is the UWP that continues to bring us progress and change the face of the country.. Say it isnt so..Go and see the changes that were effected in places like Soufriere, Anse la Raye and Canaries and Choiseul in five years of UWP rule and with Covid raging. This is what St Lucians expect of a government, not the emerging disaster we see under SLP.. So Highgrade, put that in your pipe.

  4. Excuses Pierre, saying your administration is undaunted then adding you are up to the task with no results as yet shows what your’ll really are. However your’ll collected alot of debt from the citizens and government offices which i guess what makes you feel undaunted. Deceitful and clueless you and your ministers are your 4 years will come back at you.

  5. If you think its bad now, wait till that liar Jufalli move in as P.M. then you’ll find out. ”Without a vision, the people perish”


  7. The man is a fraud…this is the same man that’s bluffing the ppl and telling dem that St.lucia is pregnant with opportunities for 2022 and in the same mindset crying about the coffers since elections….I tend to not believe dem and their deceitful lying tounge’s by blaming the country’s default from the very onset first day UWP entered power in June2016…smh!…SLP hacks must be double retarded to believe that right there…this is very unfair to have the ppl thay vote you in believe this! could UWP have the country is calamity from the very first day they entered office?…it’s obvious Kenny and cohorts left it in a hell hole……my gosh,politicians really treat ppl as if they dumb,deaf and blind.

  8. @G Say what my friend? Don’t you see how disrepectful and insultive this LH is. What a joke u said there. And i believe that person is working for SLP getting personal information from them

  9. One ting high grade I always respect your comments it is what it is, they have some people commenting in your name and it’s bad I no when it’s u respect always

  10. Who’s advising these people? Gosh man, I’m ashamed that I voted for this. This is what happens when you surround yourself with people who are only along for the ride and their pockets and won’t say anything to rock their financial boats. Seriously just get on with the work of the country already and stop this constant moaning and groaning. This is getting old! Your supporters are fed up too!

  11. Yessss Most Honorable RUB SALT IN THEIR WOUND The Saint Lucian People must never forget the FAILED ERA of the Yellow Johncrows with their White God with his FAILED ECONNOMICS 101 “I present to you Dubai”. Every minute he was off with his Yellow Tin Cup to beg like a crack head on 42nd Street in Manhattan…if he only knew that nobody respects a begger. He was the Prodigal Son of the Caribbean Development Bank….Oh they missed him so. Then Mr. Ching Chung from The Bank of Taiwan took a liking to The Grasshopper; they liked him so much they gave him USD100 Million Dollars at the time upon his return the Yellow Suzette claimed proudly “this will be the greates expenditure in St Lucias History”…the working poor has never had it so bad. If that was not good enough for him..he went behind The IMF with his Yellow Tin Cup again to borrow USD$ 10 million…now we are indebt to the tune of ECD$ 7 he teeef USD$ 7.3 million to split between him and the Coolie the absolute shame of it. Most Honorable PJP you are an economist by trade I have UTMOST CONFIDENCE in you Sir that you will iron out our fiscal issues so we don’t end up in court like Grenada.

  12. Don’t cry for me sir. Call the leeches who did not lift a finger or work for this election victory but showed up to enjoy the big dosh to help you…….Call your turncoat UWPs who you rewarded….same way I campaigned to get you in is the same I’ll campaign to get you out. You just start to cry. When you treat people bad this is the end result.

  13. You will be making excuses for the whole 5 years you in power. Wickedness doesn’t pay. When government uses people to get in power and then turns its back on these very people they can never progress or see good. The opportunists and leeches who did not support you, who did not want you, but crawled out of their holes when you won and you still chose to reward them over your hard working supporters because you are that pathetic are the reasons you can’t see any light to lead properly. All those vultures just showed up to indulge at tax payers expense, whilst hard workers get crumbs! These are the very people who wish for your downfall and are silently laughing at you. God does not like ugly. You don’t use people and expect to do well. The very people you have discarded are the ones you will be looking to for help in 4 years but rest assured that is the time they will turn their back on you. 5 years is not forever, remember that, sir.

  14. Mr. Pm this is very challenging difficult times and u cannot move with out a plan if u don’t have one start working on one,just like you told Chas 5 years is not to far,so am saying u will take three years to continue blaming the previous administration and 2 years to convince people that u need another five years to make it up to them know let’s get some facts straight ,does projects that the uwp have started are not yours so u will not complete all cuz it’s not yours often times government don’t complete wat one has started and at the ending of the day its for the interest of the people , man am waiting to see what the corruption is about will they make an example out of someone or politics as usual the only thing I am hearing is miss use of funds and I hope there is evidence to back it up don’t wait for three years to start filling my mind

  15. Pierre, I don’t think the people of St.Lucia should allow you time to remain in office so to present a nonsensical budget, because, this statement is a sad excuse to justify the burden you will impose on the St.Lucian public through your implementation of Tax/VAT increase in that budget.

    The sad thing about it though, is that most of that money will go towards paying salaries of the jobs you created specifically for your high-end supporters and HACKS.

    This statement is a clear indication that you’re not fit for the position you probably sell your soul and more to be prime minister.

    I am also monitoring closely, if the citizens of St. Lucia will let your government drive their country so deep down the Pit that it will be very hard for any one no matter how talented to pull it out on a timely manner; especially in this Covid time, without imposing very tough measures on the people in an effort to establish a semblance of a manageable livelihood.

    Let me say to all St. Lucians, don’t allow your country to go so low and deep down the Pits that it will take a great miracle to bring it back up to some semblance.

    If that is allowed to happen by leaving Pierre’s way of governance, it will be harder for every single person.

  16. try and hurry up and move that income tax you say you was moving you just deh beating your mouth about green fig not now my money in fire.

  17. Pierre shut the hell up. You cannot do the task so you play the blame game and hope that theose who voted for you will have sympathy for you. But let me say to you, that some of those who voted for you are beginning to see that you bluff them to hold the position of PM. You are inept Pierre, simple.

  18. Poor jab Pip I think you need a vision committee since Christopher san Hunt said y’all have no vision and that it’s people like him who will give you that vidion

  19. OMG…here we go again. The Complainer In Chief.
    You ARE the P.M. now, ( lame as it is ). Stop complaining and try governing.

  20. Oh yes, honourable one. Keep focused and drown out the noise of “you know whom”. We can do it together sir. Let’s do it . . . We are with you.

  21. To ne if u meet a woman with 3 children, u do not gave a choice but to feed them….u know what u were coming into….the information us available for all NORMAL persons… unless u are MORNAL then…u have a problem PIP….

  22. Mr .prime Minister,if we have to go back in time I am sure we heard the same thing from the previous government.I see that this is something all administration have to deal with.
    There is always no money but friends are having high positions money but large salaries are paid to friends for the hell of it.
    My thing is that you campaign for this position with lies and deceit and what ever you could think got it so please stop crying over spilt milk and do the job you are being paid thousands of dollars for.
    Did you think that this was going to be an easy job.?well surprise, surprise.

  23. Oh pip shut up! Did you hear Allan complain when Kenny left the debt for him in 2016. No he had to pay that debt to be able to borrow again. So I won’t pity you since you knew what to do in opposition. Now please put it to action!!!
    We all know chas didn’t leave the country broke so stop with your lies and take care of the county instead of making excuses. We’ve had enough of you already

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