Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pierre Holds Emergency Meeting With RSLPF Top Brass After Gun Violence Spike

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On Monday, February 14th, 2022, Prime Minister and Minister for National Security, Hon. Philip J. Pierre met with the executive officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

This emergency meeting was in response to the four (4) reported homicides and gun violence during the weekend which brought the total number of homicides to eleven for the year.

In attendance also were the Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Benjamin Emmanuel, and Attorney General, Hon. Leslie Mondesir who recommitted his office to review and prepare overdue legislation which would allow the police to discharge their duties more efficiently to the citizenry.

The Minister for National Security once again committed the Government to provide resources and training opportunities to the RSLPF to ensure that the welfare and security of citizens are prioritised.

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He also challenged the executive officers to employ innovative strategies, professionalism, and proactiveness in their work.

Saint Lucia registered unprecedented homicide numbers over the last five years with a record of  sixty (60) deaths in 2017 and an increase to seventy-four (74) deaths in 2021.

Citizens are encouraged to find more amicable ways to resolve conflict.

The Government will continue to work with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to address the crime situation. The strengthening of the judicial system remains a priority to facilitate the timely and just prosecution of the perpetrators of crime.

The Prime Minister wishes to extend his sincerest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones.

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  1. Mr Pierre I am begging you to ask Dr. HILAIRE when is he going to repair the Marigot Road. All other parliamentarians are on the media saying what they have done for the area, not for once we hear Hilaire saying he has or doing something.

  2. I don’t know why everyone “Bitching” rather than applauding PJP efforts. How soon we forget that for five years Allen Chastanet refuse to open his yellow ass about crime or gun violence TO THIS DAY it was always someone else in that Worthless Party who would say something. Oh Lord Francis , Francis , Francis, let’s not forget Francis the worst minister of national security EVER so far in St Lucia’s History.

    • That’s the only thing i want to hear from Pierre right now. That the Gov’t is revising the penalties for those gun crimes in the island

  3. Why not ask RF for advice in cracking down on these wicked careless individuals? He seems to have a Police background & would offer better insight in police operations & would better understand tactics than PJP…But then again a lot of these politicians have their own so-called criminal friends so that too can be biased…The OLD laws just need to be changed,what has these politicians been doing for the last couple decades that they can’t change the laws to stiffer penalties?…Just a bunch of talking that doesn’t do anything at all,but wait til a politicians immediate family gets involved,you’ll see those laws change overnight….Don’t expect anything from this meeting,just a regular social gathering (just to say we had talks)!!!

  4. Sam’e thing again a the spring are old and still getting big jobs in Govt office and the little lakes drying up so the fish keep jumping out and they ending in the wrong place they got kill or kill other

  5. Reactive than Proactive, that’s the Shituation we are in in Saint Lucia. Why wait till after something happens to get all excited and show force then it dies down soon after.

    We all know who and where to find the culprits but when the once charged to carry out justice are embedded into what’s happening that makes it even more difficult to stop.

    As I’ve said before, there should a clear out of all corrupt officials from every department.

    How can we as a nation move forward when our so called leaders aren’t doing what is required and or necessary to curb all these issues in relation to Gun violence. With that said the foolishness continues and it will never stop.

  6. talk talk talk a whole bunch of talk so why is now after the fact you want to have these talks? this is why i will always like the former mayor in the last administration cause he was not giving the criminals a break and you would always see his face denouncing these acts and he would do something about it. but right now is there even a mayor?

  7. I have said it before and repeat it again the Japanese model has worked .Why don’t we seek help from the Japanese government in gun related crime fighting technics .

    We continue to look to America for help in their failed system of gun related crimes.

  8. Meeting with the top executives is commendable first step. The community leaders need to be an integral part of a nation wide violent crime prevention action group. The illegal guns need to be taken off the streets by any means necessary. There need to be strict and enforceable legislation on possession and illegal gun transactions. The public safety should be a top priority.

  9. Yawn! The typical solution. Cancel all police vacation until things cool down. Sheer brilliance that borders on genius.
    Only a comprehensive plan can get the island on the right track. A strategy that blends legislation with innovative police tactics. Doing the same old crap, will result in the same old crap.

  10. PJP. The Police is for after the crime. Have a meeting with your fellow parliamentarians about them stopping the crimes they committing. Then go to Parlaiment and enact laws to protect us and deter criminal activity.

  11. These politicians in st lucia killing our future now we are killing each other…leave school you can’t get a good job public servants getting old and grey yet still don’t want to retire…old government hacks getting all these positions nothing for the youths…these officers have all the information they need they know all what’s going on but when you on payroll its a different story.

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