Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Pierre: ‘I Want To Instill In The Police They Must Have Pride In Their Work’

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, expressing concern about the ‘alarming’ crime situation in Saint Lucia, has told reporters that he hopes to get the cooperation of the high command of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Pierre, responsible for national security, spoke to reporters Monday ahead of a meeting with police top brass.

The son of a police officer himself, Pierre said he understands the task of policing in these difficult times.

The Castries East MP recalled that he had always taken a position of non-involvement in police operational matters in opposition.

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But he declared that the current crime situation is alarming.

“ I have said to the police that they must look at their legacy. It is not a matter of who got affected, it is a matter of what are you leaving when you depart from the police force? Are you leaving a situation where there was the highest murder rate? That may sound bad for the government, may sound bad for the Prime Minister. But the question is, I want to instill in the police – they must have pride in their work,” Pierre asserted.

“I want to urge them to have some pride. Do it for themselves for their country, for their children and their grandchildren. Have some pride. Let us fight this menace together and the public must also assist,” he stated.

Pierre said the government would be providing more resources to the police this week.

Asked whether he had no confidence in the police, Pierre responded:
“I didn’t say I have no confidence in the police. All I said is the police must take their job as a matter of doing something for the community, doing something for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. I am saying they must have a sense of being, a sense of – listen, this thing is not about making the Prime Minister look good or the Prime Minister look bad. This is not a thing about making the government look good or the government look bad. This is a matter of protecting your country, protecting your future and protecting the well-being of the people of the country.”

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  1. @ the blame game, very well said. Successive givernments have failed this country when it cimes to crime. This has to be looked at hokustically. The RSLPF is only part of the problem and therefore only part of the solution.


  3. There is only one thing that can stop the crimes. We all know what. But holistically we need the church, we need The Power of God in this fight. But the brave has been cast aside

  4. Is this man for real? A fish rots from the head. Criminals in high places have been known to avoid the long arm of the law because they are protected by pms who show up at their court hearing. When we see that laws only apply to some and others can walk free what message are we sending. When rover man is held accountable then we can have an honest conversation about crime. Until then stop the hypocrisy

  5. Pierre is on track to be the most conscientious PM ever. He feels the pain that we feel and is eager to relieve it.

  6. Just saying. you hit the nail on the head.The people got exactly what they deserved.Let them enjoy it .Looking forward to seeing the humper and voucher hand out.

  7. “I Want To Instill In The Police They Must Have Pride In Their Work” says Pierre. “I Want To Instill In The Police They Must Have Pride In Their Work”????????. What a condemnation from the country’s PM. This is saying that the police have no pride in their work because you cannot instill what’s already there. Wow!!!!

  8. Pierre, I am tired of words from you. Time to put some actions together to get things done. Your words are like a piece of uncertified document – just on paper. Time to get some action. How about you act first and then come talk about it. It will not be considered boastful – I am waiting.

  9. Pierre, like every other Prime Minister has blamed the police for the failure to prevent or control increases in crime. It is obvious that the police alone cannot solve crime yet successive administrations by their actions have always held the police responsible. I agree that the police has a critical part to play in the control and prevention of crime but history has shown that when they are left on their own, starved or resources, politicized and so on, they will never succeed. The police failure is Pierre’s failure. He should therefore take an inward look before he points a finger. No matter who he places at the Helm, Guarde or otherwise, the same problems will persist if government does not take a more serious approach to the fight against crime. This fight must be holistic with government at the fore, following by the judiciary and the key stakeholders in society. Milton, while obviously weak as a commissioner cannot take the blame for the highest murder rate ever. To do so would absolve us, yes all of us of our responsibility in the fight against crime. Governments, over the years have failed to provide the RSLPF with critical support, winning support I call it. Government more sees the RSLPF as a burden. The support given over the years has been just enough to allow for the continued existence of that organization. For instance, why has government like they do with most ministries, not hired a consultant or consultants with experience in working with the police, to help develop the RSLPF, strategize and get to the next level? Why has government/s not invested in drones to give the police the advantage on the ground? Why has government not taken steps modernized the organization? Why has government not focused on developing and modernizing the intelligence units in that organization? Why has their only concern been to put political hacks in critical positions, rather focus on professionalism and competence? Why why why. So my dear PM to make it seem that the police has failed us is far from the truth. Our governments have failed us and you and your government are on a path to do the same. I fervently hope that you are your colleagues get the wax off your eyes and help steer this organization to becoming one that we Saint Lucians will be proud to call our own.

  10. My my my a PM that talks about crime ? A PM that talk about Police performance and accountability ??? SHOCKING !!!!! What the hell……what a difference an election makes. The other jackass wait until he was in opposition to talk about gun crime hahaha hahaha hahahahaha boy I can’t help but just laugh gasa.

  11. If you inherit a non-performing organization, what are your options? Keeping in mind it has been a principally a resource starved one, coupled with poor individual accountability. Would pouring significant cash into it alter that organization and make it fully effective and operational?
    Unfortunately, RSLPF is the beast that your grandmother always warned you about during your bedtime stories. You know how those stories always made you scared. From its ineffective tactics, to its inability to keep secrets should make anyone scared. It is a drag and a waste of good money. I hope Pierre has the nerve to gut the organization. Hire new leadership (preferably outside) to kill the “old boy” network. Personnel who are of retirement age should be separated forthwith or else they might corrupt the new organization. Let’s get young and enthusiastic people who are WILLING to do the job. New money will not change that organization because it is rotting from inside.

  12. ACTIONS!! … speak louder than words!!
    There are what the RSLPF need – not words.

  13. father Jesus forgive me for using your word together with this fool. How dare you apply pressure on the police when you have the biggest criminal in your cabinet. When the worked their backside off during Covid and what did you do for your criminals… you expunged it!!! Black boy small mind make a round and give the country back to chas. We need to be proud of what we once had agin. Time to go!!!

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