Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pierre Initiates People-Focussed Agenda As New ECCB Monetary Council Chair

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On July 22, 2022 Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre officially assumed the Chairmanship of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Monetary Council.

Addressing fellow Members of the Monetary Council for the first time as Chair, Hon. Pierre prescribed actionable policy measures to respond to the immediate challenges confronting Member States.

If ever we needed to act collectively to address common challenges, and to position our region to better handle current and future shocks and to meet the legitimate needs and aspirations of our people, it is now. We must not miss the opportunity these challenges currently present. In this time of much needed collaboration, the bank and member countries must find alignment in the management of their respective roles; the Bank must maintain its focus on managing monetary policy, and ensuring stability while member countries manage their fiscal policies responsibly to ensure sustainability.

Hon. Pierre has designed a strategic, people-focused agenda which will be implemented over the ensuing twelve [12] months of his Chairmanship.

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Our policy agenda will focus on four areas:

  1. Tackling Inflation
  2. Resilient and Inclusive Growth
  3. Financial Stability and Financial Inclusion
  4. Payments Modernisation and Digital Transformation

Fellow Council members, regional and international partners, public sector and private sector stakeholders, civil society and youth, I issue a clarion call to action for the transformation of our region.  

 To realize the outcomes of the Council’s people -led agenda, we require commitment and political will, stakeholder participation, sustainable financing and collective action. Today’s challenges present the opportunity for greater coordination of effort at all levels; let us not waste it and be brave. We can do better in serving of the common good of our people. It’s the reason we were called to public service.”

Hon. Pierre succeeds Premier of Montserrat and outgoing Chairman of the ECCB Monetary Council Hon. Joseph Easton Farrell.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister


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  1. I bet Pierre was having a good laugh internally (at our expense) while uttering the words of that 2nd Form essay he touts as a policy agenda!

    As a prospectus for economic goals, it would not even pass muster, with such superficiality, as part of an application for a small business loan, with which to operate a booth at the Castries Central Market!

    How can this so-called “people-led agenda” engender the requirements envisioned for success if the people are not presented with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals?

    As I have noted before, the only economic decision Caribbean leaders are capable of, is whether to hold out their begging tin-cup with the right hand or the left! And increasingly, both political parties that have held sway in St. Lucia are proving to be naught but two cheeks of the same back-side!

  2. My salary is 5.5k after taxes. Even with a paid off vehicle, while my salary may have afforded me a mortgage 2 years ago, I currently find my self struggling to maintain my two kids, whose father passed 8 years ago.

    If I am struggling on 5.5k, can you imagine the person working for 500 to 800 p/m. Food is as expensive here as Anyigua, only difference is the salaries in Antigua are alot higher. Why isnt there a stipulate minimum wage?

  3. It’s sad to say this minister is practically seeking jobs to collect more Perks than to really focus on his people directly. All these talks and narrative have no value to the common man who needs a job to take care of himself and possibly helping out at home and see that his bro and sis go to school etc. I am not against you personally but I do believe you don’t have the quality as a leader and therefore you should swiftly step aside and let someone else lead in the best interest for the island. We all need to be in a better position as an island. At one point St. Lucia was the most develop island with thin the oecs. But I am sure st. Vincent packing some serious upper cut blows at us. This economy needs a swift turn around plan and stop blaming war and other countries resources which is considered luxury. Go back to the soil and let’s prepare the food we depending on. There is nothing worng walking back the path you came from.. look at the big picture we export 1% and import 100%. Which economist, accountant or consultants is advising you all.


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