Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Pierre invites all Saint Lucians to join protest march

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Good Morning,

Let me first of all thank the many organizations and citizens who have expressed solidarity and support for the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s planned protest march and rally to be held on Sunday 9th September, 2018, the anniversary of the ill-fated fire at the St. Jude Hospital.

The issues of inadequate health care, reckless fiscal mismanagement increasing debt and general poor governance of the country now transcend party affiliation.  All Saint Lucians who care about their country and the future of their children should come together to register a strong protest on Sunday 9th September of their disapproval of the direction the Prime Minister and his government is taking Saint Lucia.

The narrow-interest policy decisions of this government will have very long term detrimental consequences for the economic social and cultural well-being of our country.  We must signal our disapproval in an overwhelming way to bring these hurtful policies to an end. The protest is the people’s chance to say no to the policies that are designed to favor a small interest group at the expense of the majority of Saint Lucians.  Saint Lucia belongs to all of us not a handful of individuals, who clearly have no interest in our well-being and are prepared to deny us of what is rightfully ours.

I am calling on all Saint Lucians regardless of political affiliation, class, creed or religion to join the movement for change from this uncaring, callous and vindictive government.  This is not about politics, it’s about our country’s future. We cannot continue on this path of recklessness. Every sector is under threat, teachers, nurses, doctors, police, farmers, fishermen, business people, the media – we need to take a stand and begin this national movement for change.

Health care is not an SLP or UWP issue. It is a NATIONAL issue.

I invite all Saint Lucians to come join the march to demand proper health services in our country. Get the Prime Minister and his administration to listen to your concerns.

  • Complete St Jude Hospital.
  • Give us a full and honest account of the arrangements you are seeking to make with Health City.
  • How many entities did you invite to submit proposals for operating the OKEU facility?
  • Did the government speak to our friends in Europe, Martinique or Cuba?  
  • How were they invited?
  • What are your plans for the existing staff at VH?
  • How will such plans affect their jobs and ability to secure mortgages?

This is about your future and that of your children and grandchildren.  All are invited to the protest march and rally on September 9th starting on the Vigie Playing field.



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  1. Yes the Labour Party tend to only be good at making noise but in this case there is a valid point to be made.
    Chastanet is indeed proving to be all talk and no results.
    His debacles now run into over $100 million and he is bleeding the treasury.
    Nothing is happening in the country but confusion
    His colleagues are just as useless. Montoute has disappeared. Sarah Flood is a waste as the Min of Foreign Affairs. Regobert is clueless.
    We do not just need a march but to shut down the country with that little boy in charge.

  2. St Lucians are so (How to phrase this correctly) ignorant. Chastened had done nothing for St Lucians. Has no plans to do anything for St Lucians How many years we crying for a hospital, since the time of Lansiquot. We finally get one now Chastened wants to privatise it to bring, as he put it, tertiary level health care to St Lucia for get that, medical tourism. What about Primary health care? We don’t even have that in St Lucia.

    Under Chastenet St Lucians will see the OKEU on the hill and will not be able to go there we will continue to rot to die at Victoria Hospital whilst rich white people will come to enjoy the private services private Hospital at the OKEU.

    This man is doing nothing for St Lucians where is the highway to Gros Islet. What is being done to relieve the frustration travelling our roads. What is his plan. Oh yea. Bring mopeds for us. We deserve to travel on mopeds in the sun. The rain the dust the fumes.
    Chastenet had us figured out. Give us rum chicken bacchanal and we will be happy all the time whilst he rapes St Lucia and sodomizes her for his benefit and his friends

    Now St Lucians. Go ahead. Call Me a party hack call me a**hole

  3. Mr. Pierre, i am a neutral Lucian, a very close observer, to you politicians, where are you leading us to; are you sincere with your good preaching? I don’t agree with your plan to match on Sunday? How many years did your party spent in office after the fire? Wasen’t it sufficient to rebuild what was left at saint Jude? Mr Pierre, you see, we are already in **** street, so behave yourself, think wisely!

  4. St. Lucia is going nowhere without all political parties and civil society putting aside their differences and uniting with the best interest of the country in mind. Selfishness, greed, ignorance, narrow mindedness and arrogance are obstacles to unity. This administration and the just ousted one have used their positions, not for the good of the country but to splinter it for political gains for themselves and their most ardent party supporters. The country is now teetering on the edge about to fall over a precipice.

  5. Mr Pierre I’m neither yellow, white nor orange. I have a simple question for you. If I elect you next elections will you repatriate those misappropriated resources and jail those responsible for stealing from the people of this country? If you can guarantee that then you have my vote.