Pierre: ‘It Was Never An SLP Office!”

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters on Monday that the Verification Section of the Immigration Department has not been relocated to a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) office as some news reports have indicated.

He explained that it is not an SLP office.

“It was never an SLP office. It’s a government office. It’s an office of the leader of the Opposition,” Pierre declared, adding that taxpayers are paying the bill.

In this regard, the Castries East MP recalled that former Prime Minister Stephenson King and former Micoud North MP Dr. Gale Rigobert were there when they served as opposition leaders.

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However, Pierre asserted that current opposition leader Allen Chastanet found the office ‘unfit for his status’.

“What’s happening now is that it was available for the Immigration Department and the Ministry of the Public Service visited and found it was convenient. So we have a Verification Centre where people can get their documents cleared,” he explained.

According to Pierre, those individuals could then proceed to the Immigration Office.

He spoke hours after the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) announced that to improve processing services at the current office, the Verification Section of the Immigration Department has relocated.

As of Monday, August 22, 2022, the RSLPF has requested people seeking to submit passport applications to do so at the Ward Building on the corner of High and Chisel Streets, Castries.

Applicants will get an appointment at the Immigration Department, for completion of the process.

An RSLPF release noted that no applications will be accepted at the Immigration Department on Bridge Street, Castries until further notice.

And the release promised detailed updates ‘in due course’.

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  1. wait a minute he said that’s a government office but doesnt that same office belong to Wards which is rented out to the government of saint lucia who basically turned it into a government office? the way he speak its like the government own this office.

  2. I believe he was answering a question from a reporter. To the reporters: Kindly ask the PM intelligent questions and not go on Facebook and reiterate the comment to the officials and cause drama. We have serious problems in St Lucia. Ask the PM who many say is an economist at what percentage is our inflation rate. I’m hearing other countries disclosing theirs. Ask the PM why aren’t there white or brown sugar on the shelves in the supermarket. Ask him about what is the status on the system surveillance in regards to crime. How soon are or if it will be implemented around the city and around the island. Do not let your questions hanging or allow the ministers to answer the way they chose. Make sure you get the answer to your questions. If they are going in another direction to avoid answering your question, or by chance they do not fully understand the question, interject and rephrase your question. Every time I’m hearing the same type of defensive comments from PJP, Frederick, Helaire, etc. and we the public still are not learning much from the reporters reporting. Someone has to t the Ward building t get verified, then go to Bridge street to deliver the form. It is not convenient to the public. It may be to the government but an inconvenience t the serving public and Philip just dismiss it. It is like whatever they d just accept it even if it is/will be an inconvenience. He is not thinking of the elderly that have t keep going back and forth. An uncaring government who says that it is putting people first.

  3. Can u talk about a liveable wage I just can’t afford, a few weeks ago heard u talk about liveable wage inflation is already into play every thing has gone up what happened to the term (for the people) I no u can’t do every thing at once yeah but all am hearing is BS, the PM acting like his still in opposition and not the PM of the day,(in the interest of the people)

  4. You ha e said more about that than you have said about crime. We tired of hearing you blame Allen Chastanet. It’s old. PIP TAKE THE WHEEL. Stop day dreaming. You will not get away with that for 5 years. We are tired of you insulting our intelligence. Do not take us to you level. Low IQ

  5. Have you ever noticed on all social media and with their ridiculous constant Press Releases that all you get from the SLP (Pierre, fredericks, king and hillaire) is politicking and electioneering. Nothing about controlling inflation or job creation or engineering tourism for more added value to St. Lucia. Or how to help suffering families. Is is just about How can I attack the UWP, how can I embarrass my political opponents.
    The mindset of the SLP as for the past 15 years is all about winning elections in or out of power. So they are clueless about MANAGEMENT and the use of government resourses while in power. Asking them to govern efficiently is like asking a giraffe to climb a tree. Will never happen! I will never forget that they were once so bad with pierre as deputy leader they could not even put money in the sinking fund.
    With all pierres incompetence, lack of productivity (they talk about productivity of workers while they waste time in office), inability to grow the GDP and downright uselessness he still had time to show his bitterness by wasting time in dealing with this issue – and just because it gives him a chance to mention a certain name!
    In life you need priorities. John Compton knew when to work and govern plus when to get involved in politics. Not these clowns – their hard heads are always in opposition. If you spend all your life in negative opposition you will never have the capacity for positive management.
    pierre fredericks king hillaire – time to do some work – stop helping yourselves family and friends!

  6. Like seriously with so many other issues the PM will seek an audience to address this pettiness. Tell us the criteria for selecting persons for certain positions…that’s an issue worth addressing. Or is it simply what we see … your qualification is that you must belong to the inner circle and be part of the elitist clique? You don’t need experience in some instances and huge spaces in your cv is not an issue. You must be mattress material or an online bully. Tired of you and your leeches.


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