Pierre Laments Insufficient Attention To Mental Wellness

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, asserting that mental wellness represents a ‘vexing issue’, has said that the country has given the matter insufficient attention over the years.

Pierre spoke Tuesday on the sidelines of a sitting of parliament and one day after police arrested a man at Banannes, Castries, on suspicion of attacking his mother. The woman sustained stab and chop wounds and ended up in hospital.

Relatives of the suspect said he had mental issues.

“Over the years we have not paid enough attention to mental wellness. We seem to believe that once somebody has a hint of being unwell mentally they must be discarded,” the Prime Minister said in response to questions from reporters.

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And Pierre observed the need for societal change, to view mental health and physical health as equally important.

But the Minister of Finance cited the matter of resources, noting that Saint Lucia is still dealing with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Most of the resources of the country had to be dealing with that pandemic,” he explained.

Nevertheless, the Castries East MP said that hopefully, Saint Lucia was seeing the back end of the pandemic, and in the upcoming budget, there would be some provision for resources to support mental wellness.

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  1. I imagine the best place to begin when dealing with mental illness is to determine the values society identifies with concerning the mentally challenged. Mental illness has been around since our existence. Society treats mental illness same as being a beggar on the streets, if you give a beggar a dime he will be back for more. Perhaps there is a difference between a true beggar in need and one for sport. Thus, mental illness is due to varying circumstances and not by choice whereas the health system requires no education nor should the system be excused for being ignorant, it’s the very reason this organization exist. Perhaps there is no money to be made in such treatment. So I ask, who is asking for vindication?. I have personally visited the facilities that housed these patients (same as home care facilities) and will politely say after witnessing the conditions it’s was a disgusting shame that some needed to be rescued from the very hands of the health care (system) givers. Unforgivable in that it appears there is an undeniable difference between housing pigs and human beings. Excuses as being a little late in awareness and factoring ignorance need be reevaluated with certainty is the point because when important issues are being ignored and appears to be sudden crisis let it be understood that the truth is its been there staring at you all along.

  2. Care for p Mental Illness is very delicate , and expensive venture.

    There is great level of ignorance regarding such condition from all spectrums of society

    A little more education and sensitivity towards such conditions can go a long way .in soothing the plight of people with such conditions.

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