Thursday, September 29, 2022

Pierre Meets Police Commissioner To Discuss Gangland Activity In Vieux Fort

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre disclosed that he was meeting Police Commissioner Milton Desir on Monday after fresh gangland activity in Vieux Fort.

“The Commissioner of police is with me this morning to have a discussion,” the Prime Minister told reporters on Monday, adding that the situation in Vieux Fort was ‘very disturbing’.

“Something will have to be done – the police will have to come on board. It is very dangerous,” Pierre stated.

“The whole security apparatus of the country is in a situation of concern and people are afraid to leave their homes and we have to do something about it. The Police Commissioner and the police force will be called on to do something about it almost immediately,” the Prime Minister declared.

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Pierre spoke in the aftermath of multiple gunshots that began ringing out in Vieux Fort Saturday night around 8.00 pm and resumed briefly on Sunday morning.

The heavy gunfire linked to rival gangs terrorised residents and left one woman nursing an injury from a stray bullet.

On Sunday, Vieux Fort South MP and former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony strongly condemned the ‘acts of violence and blatant disregard for the laws of Saint Lucia’ and the lives of citizens.

Anthony disclosed that he had engaged the police to understand their response and strategies and determine whether any hindrances require intervention or direction on the executive level.

According to Anthony, the volleys of shots fired in Vieux Fort suggested that all sides had discharged highly sophisticated weapons.

“Understandably, the exchanges of gunfire caused fear and panic among constituents. The town had virtually become a war zone. It cannot be right or acceptable that Vieux Fortians are unable to roam their town freely,” the former Prime Minister declared.

Vieux Fort residents reported the presence of armed police in several areas of the community in response to the upsurge in gang activity.

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