Pierre: ‘My Statements May Not Always Be Popular, But They Are Truthful’

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Prime Minister, Philip J. Pierre, has indicated that his new administration is on a quest for transparency and has defended statements he has made as being the truth.

“My statements may not always be popular but they are truthful. In our quest for transparency, open communication and the best interest of the people of Saint Lucia, the Government will continue to provide regular updates on our country’s affairs. That has been and will continue to be our pledge to you,” the Castries East MP wrote Thursday on his official Facebook page.

“We are listening. Thank you for your feedback and for the memes! Very creative,” he noted without going into detail.

The Facebook post came hours after Pierre and Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Minister, Moses Jn Baptiste, appeared at a news conference where they spoke to the current alarming COVID-19 situation here.

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When the issue of stricter protocols was raised, Pierre said he would not sit at the news conference and make a pronouncement without obtaining the full backing and information from ‘the science.’

“That is how we are going to be moving forward. If the science leads to stricter protocols, I’ll follow,” he stated

And in addressing what he described as the ‘mask mandate’, Pierre, who in a recent address to the nation announced plans to decriminalise COVID-19 breaches,  asked when was the last time somebody was charged for not wearing a mask.

He observed that this country’s court system is clogged with thousands of cases.

By way of example, the Castries East MP cited traffic cases, noting that there are a number of people with traffic tickets, but the police do not have the manpower to prosecute them.

“So it doesn’t make any sense that we create that level of animosity. Did you see that animosity with people being dragged for (not) wearing a mask and the fights? What we’re saying is that we are trying to encourage people to do what is right for them and we think that the majority of people in Saint Lucia understand that what the government wants for them is good,” the Prime Minister told reporters.

And Pierre said he believes in the ‘goodness of mankind.’

He also expressed the view that constant education and constant speaking, not coercion or force, will result in people wearing their masks and Saint Lucia will bring the current COVID-19 situation under control.

However, Pierre said if that does not happen, after consultation with the scientists, another position will be adopted.

But he said he really believes and has faith in the people of Saint Lucia that they will do the right thing.

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