Pierre On Corruption: Everyone Equal Before The Law

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Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre, in addressing the issue of corruption has declared that everyone is equal before the law.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader was addressing a virtual meeting of party officials with Saint Lucians overseas.

His remarks were in response to a question regarding what a labour administration would do about corruption.

“If somebody breaks into my home tonight, they ought to be arrested and prosecuted according to the law,” Pierre explained.

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“If somebody breaks into the treasury, once the evidence is there, they ought to be arrested and prosecuted according to the law,” he said.

“The law must serve equally for everyone,” the SLP leader told his audience.

As a result, he declared that there should not be one law for the man who robs a house and another for someone who robs the treasury.

However, Pierre said he was not getting involved in threats.

“What I am saying is that every man and woman will be equal where the law is concerned,” he explained.

“And if there are any acts of corruption the natural process of justice in a revamped justice system will have to happen,” he said.

“But we’re not in the business of making threats,” Pierre stated.

HeĀ  also told his audience that a labour administration would strengthen the Integrity Commission.

“So that all the accusations of acts of corruption will stop,” Pierre stated.

“We think that we must have the highest standards as far as accountability and transparency are concerned for the people of Saint Lucia,” he asserted.

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