Pierre On Cost Of Living Relief: ‘We’re Trying!”

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has called on the people of Saint Lucia to be realistic amid the current cost of living increases.

“Why do we think Saint Lucia is different? We’re trying,” Pierre, responsible for finance, told reporters Monday on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Are we in the world? Are we really living in the world as a people is Saint Lucia in the world? Did you read what’s happening in England in terms of the cost of living – in the United States, in Barbados? Why are we not realistic and try to get to grips with the issues of the country?” The Castries East MP asked.

“We have just reduced the service charge on goods that are price controlled – six and a half percent. Hopefully if the price doesn’t increase from overseas we should get a reduction if prices don’t increase.,” the PM told reporters.

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“And are we not realistic? Are we not seeing how the price of fuel is increasing all over the world? Do we not know that right now we are making negative income as far as the fuel surcharge is concerned? This has never happened in the history of Saint Lucia’s economic life,” he explained.

According to the Prime Minister, the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) is still frustrated and hurt over its rejection by the people at the July 26, 2021, general elections.

“That’s their right, but let’s be realistic. Let us as a country work together,” Pierre told reporters.

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  1. Every St Lucian should call in sick for one day(on the same day) see what happens….because at this rate it seems like only a huge blow to the economy will cause them to take the people seriously. Put in a reasonable minimum wage that’s all we ask… s and s chericki hobbies has been riding st lucians for decades now its massy. Lucians are slaves in their own country and you are trying? Choops

  2. It will take a combination of actions to have any real impact because everything has gone up. The PM seems at a loss. While it may be that the government is trying, I think the citizens wanted to hear more from their PM. This statement does not provide any hope, more like resignation, like we’ve done everything that we can do so hang on and sink or swim. We know St. Lucia is not the only country going through tough times but we want to know that the people we elected have sound plans to help us navigate through this. I wish someone would please tell the PM that he does not have to bring up the UWP every time he addresses an issue. They are in opposition, the campaign is over. Stop referring to them, this is getting old! Please LEAD!!!

  3. What goes around comes back around. The uwp was doing all what they could have done to maintain grow the country. I never once heard them complain. On the other hand pjp and company had all answers and are now crying. Uwp inherited a failing economy and put it number one in the Caribbean but yet still the slp came and told us that all the uwp was doing was steal and lie. In less than a year under the slp we are starting to see who the liars and thifes are. We were at number 1 in the caribbean, now we are 1 from bottom. Only dominica is doing than us now. Pjp you and the rest of the slp meet to give it up and let those who can manage run the country. All you’ll slp boys need to step down. Because once a prime minister can say look at what’s going on in other countries and that’s why he can’t run his own says that he had no idea and he or not feet to lead. You pjp has admitted that you and your boys are not the right pick.

  4. Trying? Man get real. The only people thriving under this government are your elite friends and leeches. The leech at the UN look like a pillbury dough girl, the heifer on Washington look like she wolfing down red lobster for the years she missed out, he lies face swell like one on steroids, even string bean severin looking healthy for once, pel who once looked like a homeless man now fat as a cow, dubois and alva belly ready to buss through their clothes, gosh them.was starving now belly full bum bum happy ……. I beat pan but my pans still empty. A hungry man is an angry man pip and when hungry people see the people they put in power getting fat fat and their belly boiling they get even more enraged… I am angry because I didn’t vote for you so your leech friends who did nothing could eat while I starve

  5. Pierre u are in the driver’s seat now, not the UWP . Prove to us that u can handle economic crisis better than them. U had all the answers when u were in opposition. Why are u clueless now. Or are u pretending ? Stop talking about UWP. Wise citizens are seeing clearly that u are just trying to deflect our attention away from the issues and the government’s incompetence

    • Well said my good man. Couldn’t have said it better myself. This fool got his wish to become PM and seems he still can’t believe that wishes do come true sometimes. Sad state of affairs.

  6. Sounds like the election season has just started. Its gonna be some Sommer Hurricane and lots of it on the way. Typical, when a politician say “I am” or “we are trying” one thing should come to mind, ‘did he bite his tongue saying this’ – they all lie and you have one there whose name is Healiere he is the master at the Circus.
    Now all fun apart, we’re heading for tough times ahead, tighten the seat belts. Cost and shortage of some food items, hurricane season on the way, guess what, bloody carnival jump up, a minister who is paid tax payers money to run this sheeet. Oh Lordy, just let it Rain.

  7. I do not think this Prime Minister has understood a damn about the latest IMF Report. He has not understood what it is saying or recommending. He is LOST. Hence this nonsense report.

  8. The audacity of this fool talking to citizens in such a condescending tone, like they are children. So disrespectful. I think pretty much everyone is aware that times are tough, but in opposition you and your minions had all the answers/all the solutions, ( * be it they were based on lies and deception ), now in power, all you do is blame, deflect and complain. It’s like he’s lashing out his inability to govern on everyone, short of himself. A disgrace of a P.M.

    • @Angel that is why we need to remind his condescending a@@ that his hungry a@@ only on power thanks to the people he is now talking down to and not the bunch of hungrier leeches he gave all the big deals to who sat back doing absolutely nothing but now they sitting pretty whilst those who fought are left holding the empty pans. This man and his cabal only wanted power to get rich at poor people expense and now every thing is blamed on the past administration. Boy get to work and stop with the excuses…I supported you but I now realise you were just a con. Disgusted

  9. Pierre is shaping up to be the weakest leader St.Lucia has ever seen … even weaker than King.

    No moral compass, no backbone, no vision, no ability to think through a problem!

    We are in sh*t street right now. Lucians tie your waist. The ship is sinking and fast!

  10. You are so correct Most Honorable why is St Lucia “special” is beyond me. We have oil ?? We have diamonds ?? We have minerals ?? Only two rocks sticking up out of the ocean We can hardly find local foods we import every dam ting but we love to complain BAN YULL BELLIES. They want the government to buy oil at a USD$100 per barrel, pay to have it delivered and sell back for 50 cents you smart Jackasses what will be the end game ?? Bunch of Clowns !!

  11. You don’t try by committing state funds to bail out a privately owned airline so that they can settle the wages of their employees. Not even the governments who are shareholders are liable to do such but you want to do that. You should be looking at creating or facilitating alternative sources of income for the persons affected by that airline’s fiasco.

  12. All your leaders are weak. From Sir John to present day politicians in both parties, are all weak !! The future looks grim for all of you. #sorry

  13. Now that SLP has fooled Saint Lucians into electing them into office with unrealistic promises (also known as LIES), they are now trying to blame their inability to govern the country as promised on other factors. You SLP government just continue to prove your hypocrisy!

    • High grade you are exactly right. All politicians lie consistently. I advocated for the UWP to be thrown out of office. The SLP campaigned as though they had all the solutions to all the country’s problem. They are also clueless.

      These political parties lie their way into office. Now they know that opposing is easy. Anyone can do that. But, governing is tough. The SLP is like what you find in a septic tank.

      The people need to change the change at the first opportunity they get. The only way a party gets more than one term if they put peoplefirst, second and third. Government suppose to be people oriented.

  14. I think UWP is still in power and this man is still campaigning. Every time it comes to making decisions about the welfare of the people that vote him in, he blames UWP. Stop talking about the opposition, and do your job. You should have put something in place, some form of stimulus in your $1.8 billion budget. Just deal with it and stop crying. And we all know that 6.5% will just be part of Massy’s profits and the prices will still increase cause they’ll blame it on something else

      • Jackass l, did you know that the debt was a debt that the slp left and uwp inherited it. And let me remind you. The debt was 11 billion and uwp brought it down to 6.89 billion. Get your facts right next time bro and stop kiss ass

      • I suspect they paying you to write these comments. You speak like you’re oblivious to what SLP was doing while in opposition and now that they’re in power, die hard fools like you are offended anytime someone says something which is not in alignment with the SLP. You must be one of the biggest jackasses!

  15. Isn’t that the same set of people who, during a WORLD RECESSION a few years ago, told the government of the day (UWP) to “give de people their money”, knowing what was happening in the world and that the government could not afford it? But now we’re supposed to be understanding of how what’s happening in the world currently is affecting us and should be realistic? Shouldn’t St Lucians have been realistic then too? If the government back then had to find money where-ever it was to accommodate the SELFISH requests back then, then this government should break it’s back to give relief to St Lucians today!

    • …from what with what ?? Did you know your country has to cough up USD$ 5 Million in July and EVERY SIX MONTH for the next 16 years (2037) to pay The Bank of Taiwan on the [INTREST ALONE] on that USD$100 Million Chastanet borrow on St Lucians head. 5 X 12 X 16 = what you Jackass ?? Do you know how much “RELIEF” we could get form that if that Yellow Jackass did not have his head up his ass ?? No rainy day fund set aside, no nothing, band yull dam bellies.

  16. Please let’s see some action before talks. Because you people talk now and 3 months before election y’all does try to do magic

  17. Pierre this is a taste of your own medicine-both you and your goons. I do not feel sorry for you. You and your goons were putting pressure on the former government every single day. They were trying the same way in the time of Covid but you keep lashing at them left right and center. Now, it looks like the heat is too much for you to handle. Deal with it. What you get hold.

    • I am Abit perturb about the PJP statement when we talking about USA UK Barbados. Who is he governing. Are those countries feeding and and paying our bills? If so what is he doing in that position. Alternatively it just proven he is looking at avenues but

  18. Pierre, I am glad you are have started to notice not everything requires a layer of politics. When you were in Opposition you added politics to everything you could touch, feel or see. At the peek of covid you played politics. Today the Opposition is doing the same – this is not right. It was not right when you did it and now it is not right. Inflation is everybody’s business. Instead of playing politics, let us educate the people on how to ride the new life. Encourage the folks to do more of Car pooling to work – that will save on gas, let the folks who can work from home do so – another savings, the “CoudeMein deal” it worked in the days of my grand father and my father. It should work for the farmers of today. We can go back to basics while we wait for the world to get back to normal. It is not normal right now but we can implement some changes to ease the cost of inflation. Stop with your None Sense politics and educate the folks

    • All this opposition has done is to give realistic advice. Not the nonsense the SLP did in opposition. What SLP recommended in opposition they can’t apply it in government. What this opposition is recommending now, is what the did when they were in government. Hence the 12.2% growth under their governance.

  19. Let be realistic prime minster. All of your conversation u must include the uwp they are not in power anymore. The people of st Lucia has their eyes on you not the uwp. Wake up and smell the coffee the people is st Lucia needs a wage increase to help them few this. We need al the help. Stop the increase in barrels understand the people cry. We know it’s a world crisis. Bit there a lot u can do remove vat till this crisis is over. Work with the ppl is not that hard.


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