Pierre On Government Business Trip – Hilaire To Act As Prime Minister

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The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Philip J. Pierre is scheduled to leave Saint Lucia on
Tuesday, April 5th, 2022.

This government business trip is to facilitate his attendance at a series of
meetings in Florida.

Hon. Pierre is scheduled to return to Saint Lucia on Friday, April 8th,2022. In his absence, Hon. Ernest Hilaire will act as the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Like the most famous St. Lucian Minister of Education the late Mr. Allan Bousquet once said.

    De Condeetion of De Island is getting Worsera and Worsera.

    Think making this man in charge of education had a trickle down effect on the islands education system?

    Stop electing idiots to your parliament.

  2. Which leader takes a trip and delegates his job to someone else? When the president travels he is still the president no?

  3. “Can we find anyone like one in whom is the sprit of God,to keep requirement so that they do not become guilty ?
    Are we disgusted with living,since there is no one discerning and wise,a revenous wolf which divides the……,in charge of a palace ?
    And now,do not be distress and do not be angrry with ourselves.
    How pleasant is this land !
    And when he sees how good is his resting place-
    “Make way !” Thus he put him in charge- very well,then, “he said, let it be as you say,to become my slaves,and the rest of you will be free from blame ! Only with respect to the throne will I be greater than you”

  4. why does he have to waste the states money going to travel could he not do them on zoom call? like how heliair had one pigeon island to showcase saint Lucia? hmmm not that they use to say when chastanet was travelling

  5. We don’t want white people yet still you going forgien day ban hypocrite..st lucia can’t stand on her own two feet by herself. That will be you all downfall with your arrogant ministers

  6. Business trip my ass what’s in it for us…the man use to bash chas for traveling to much now he’s doing worse and coming back with nothing not a word…youths open y’all eyes don’t be politically blind don’t we have a say in the decision’s government make…no your rights and stand up for it or else these slp hacks will have us begging for $5 to block a hole or so they think the power is in our hands.

  7. Hilarious must be convincing Pierre to take useless trips like that just so the red poisonous toad can come with press release about acting PM. its only fools in the slp. time lucians kick you all to the curb again. call early elections. i already tired and ready to recycle the current bag of trash.

  8. Well, well, well would you believe it; the long awaited call for narcissus one – Prime Minister; no not the Queen, who had once served in such capacity, not that he was qualified but for expediency of course. Much grudging later, reality sets in, heads or tails, take your pick, the deputy wins the prize and so he will until that day hopefully, god forbid. But just wait he will soon be king, ‘Carnival King’ amazing how clownish the affairs of Government have debased to.
    I think its time for a relaxing Tea and rock cake: Father, may St. Lucia be blessed by you always.

    • We are still waiting for you idiots to arrest him (over 200 days, no evidence). Less talking more action. Campaign propaganda is over. They fool you all, now you all must stop fooling you all selves.

  9. Is now those UWPs going to “toufΓ©”. Hilaire is all the man. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. “This government business trip is to facilitate his attendance at a series of
    meetings in Florida.”

    Vague and suspect. Don’t we deserve to know what the government business is all about? Whether it is Tourism, Trade etc. 2 of 2 things can happen during this time

    1. Our PM can embarass us again
    2. Helaire could do something nasty as Ag. PM

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