Pierre On Ubaldus Raymond Controversy: ‘We Have Bigger Fish To Fry!’

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Opposition leader, Philip J.Pierre, Tuesday declared that his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has bigger fish to fry, when questioned by reporters on the Doctor Ubaldus Raymond controversy.

“We have bigger fish to fry – we’re not getting involved in these things,” Pierre asserted.

“What we’re dealing with is Guy Joseph and writing a contract – direct award, for US $62 million, promising that contract to little known contractors. That’s what we’re dealing with. We’re not dealing with Mr. Ubaldus’ private life,” the opposition leader declared.

“We are not dealing with these salacious issues,” he told reporters.

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Pierre described himself as ‘governance police’ and not┬á ‘morality police’.

Asked whether he believed it was right, if the allegations against Doctor Raymond are true, that Raymond should be serving in the same senate as opposition senators, the SLP leader’s response was: “I will tell you something. To each his own and God for us all.”

Pressed on whether Raymond’s alleged actions reflect badly on Saint Lucia and its leaders generally, Pierre said it depended on where one is on the ‘moral divide.’

“To some people that may be outrageous. My personal opinion is – that should not have been done, but I am not getting involved in the business of judging,”he explained.

Asked what he would have done had the matter involved a member of his team, Pierre said he would hope that no member of his team would be ‘caught in that manner.’

“If a member of my team was ever caught doing that I am sure that he would have, on his own, resigned,” he stated.

He gave reporters the assurance that ‘this Guy Joseph matter’ is not going to die, regardless of all the ‘spin’.

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