Thursday, September 29, 2022

Pierre Reiterates Need For ‘Livable’ Wage

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Against the backdrop of a hike in gasoline, diesel, and LPG 100 lb cylinders as of Monday and a continuing rise in the cost of living, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has reiterated the need for what he describes as a ‘livable’ wage.

Pierre, responsible for Finance, made the remarks while asserting that there must be a mature and holistic approach to dealing with the cost of living issue.

He told reporters that inflation is a serious matter.

“As I said in the campaign – we have to move away from the minimum wage. We have to talk about a livable wage and it’s a discussion we are going to have,” the Castries East MP disclosed.

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But he asserted that his administration, which swept to power after the July 26, 2021, general elections, was months old and found that the outgoing Allen Chastanet government had left a ‘fiscal mess’ behind.

“The former Prime Minister should tell you why did he leave payables of 154 million dollars on the books of the country. We have reduced it to 139 million but we found it. He must tell you why did he borrow money – election roads which we have to pay back at five and a half percent over five years. He must explain that to you,” Pierre declared.

“So the state of the economy is not only because of COVID, of course COVID had a serious impact on it and we understand that, but the former Prime Minister must tell you why did he leave this fiscal mess for us to handle,” the Prime Minister told reporters.

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  1. Most Honorable You are damn when you and damn when you don’t …if it was their White God suggesting it then it would have been OK….they are just bad mind because this kind of rhetoric “LIVING WAGE” say what ?? Never came from his mouth. Can you imagine how upset Chastanet CLIQUES in the business committee would be have been and oppose to this, the same way they had him put back VAT on non Vatable items. These people are pure evil.

  2. how are you going to improvise to move away from the minimum wage and put in a livable wage when the costs of things are going up and up and in the private sector your employer does not want to give you an increase in salary especially if you a good worker. I do agree the wage needs to be better but how is it going to be enforced in private work places

  3. The Prime Minister needs to start talking sensibly or he should be quiet. Did Chastanet and the former ministers take the roads (built) to their homes?

  4. You’re the prime minister, the election is over, stop playing the blame game and do what has to be done. Stop campaigning and put your shoulder to the wheel. What you inherited doesn’t concern us. If you inherited a surplus, would you have told us or would you have pocketed it. Do your job man, or is it too much for you to handle

    • Like PJP didn’t know what he was signing up for. PJP is like u expect to run the country only in name? Man grow some balls and give the people something that they can live with and survive on! Nonsense!

  5. What the hell, am reading here? That the former government left a huge debt? Isn’t that what every new administration have told us upon getting into office? What does the government’s ‘fiscal mess’ have to do with private firms paying workers a livable wage? PJP, stop trying to take us for fools.

  6. Pierre on one side of your mouth you are telling the people that a livable wage is needed and on the other side you are telling them that they cannot get it because of the previous government. Stop with the excuses and the blame game. You have been using the previous government excuse all your political life. Time to stop such bull and deliver what you promised the people. But anyway, a promise from a politician is comfort for a fool

  7. Pierre, Borrowing money in my opinion is not against the rule of law. I do not know of anyone with a nice house, a fast car and living a good life who has done it without Borrowing. This is how the banks make their money and their profits. The same apply to SLU. We are a country which depends on tourism and the freaking place has to be kept up to date with the road networks, infrastructure and all. How do you expect to get this done ? Stop misinforming the very same people you said you love. Before anyone can borrow money, they have to be vetted. The lender has to know how they will get their money back from the borrower. SLU was vetted and and was approved for the loans you are talking about. This was used for the worst crisis of this generation. During Covid, the government had to pay all civil servants including you, Pierre, meet all financial obligations and all their other bills. I did not hear for once, the government gave anyone an I.O.U. slip. At the time there was no source of income for the government. There was no exportation, Tourism was halted. This means government had no source of income and yet they paid all bills. How did you expect that to happen ? How would you have done it – please tell us. The crap you are talking about financial mess, please clean it up and let us know how you plan on keeping it clean and while you are it, let us know of your plan to combat the criminals of this nation. Ignoring the conversation should be used as your strategy. Let me also remind you HOPE is not a strategy. Please provide us with a plan and keep the conversation of CRIMES alive – regular addresses of your progress is a good start – thank you.

  8. Mr PM, the cost of living is already on the rise. It is not something to come. What are your intentions to bring immediate relief to the people and how soon can we benefit from this? Don’t tell me you are one of those just talking from all corners of your mouth, we need some action please!

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