Friday, September 30, 2022

Pierre Reiterates Need To Consume Local Produce Amid Global Food Security Concerns

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Amid global fears over food security sparked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week, Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has reiterated his position that people here should try to consume more local foods.

“In the final analysis I will end up being right,” the Castries East MP told reporters.

“My position on the consumption of local food and to improve our food security is coming to play now,” Pierre observed.

Nevertheless, he hoped there would not be too much disruption due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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Pierre said Saint Lucia is very concerned about the conflict.

And he stressed the need to respect a country’s territorial rights.

“We condemn the invasion of countries and we think that the resolution has to be a peaceful one by discussion,” Pierre explained.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister spoke as CNN reported that talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations have ended.

According to an unnamed Ukrainian official, the two parties had returned their capitals for consultations.

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  1. Buying and supporting local is a very good idea, but let me tell you everything local is good, but there are some greedy farmer who does not care about people health.
    I am talking about the pesticides (well gros) they given the vegatables, before a it is ready for the market,and when you buy it and put in the freeze,it not even lasting two days,it becomes watery,why, because of the over excess of chemicals, and shorten lives.

  2. Was really hoping for a comprehensive plan like that outlined by the Barbadian PM to help cushion the impact from the current war. But alas! I guess buying and consuming local food will take care of everything! SMH.

  3. Mr PJP and his colleagues do not seem to have the idea of the reality of “local consumption of foods”. In the first place, St Lucia should be in the BUSINESS of agro-processing – where certain food, beverage, health, medicines and lifestyle products can be realised from agriculture. They now have their “panties in a twist”, and have no clue how to go about untwisting it. A few of the posts on here show their relevance, except for one who always has praises for his colourful party. Instead of relying solely on tourism (a very fickle industry), agriculture really should be on the front burner – then PJP would not be spewing his lowly rhetoric,

  4. PJP when last you or your ministers buy local produce from the market, we the youths going through hills and valley’s to assist our parents in carrying the goods…with no pride they seat by the market whole day and still come back home with majority of the goods eventually they will spoil while y’all buying from the supermarket. The old hacks will not have a problem because they have children and family in foreign sending barrels so who feels it knows it.

    • For St Lucia I know the struggle but don’t you find that it is going to drain our pockets faster if we consume local. That’s what I want the PM to know and understand but he wouldn’t cause he has never eaten guava. I buy a packet of rice for about $5+ and can cook rice for the whole week, the heap of sweet potato is $10 and I can’t cook for more than 2 days. Don’t ask for yams and vegetables. it’s sad but true buying and consuming local will kill us quicker than consuming foreign goods

  5. Why is most of the prices of local goods so high for example chocolates, honey , local meat e.t. c.

  6. Is it only the little people must sacrifice PJP? Is this only your answer to the problem? Citizens must eat green bananas, and eat local and they will be okay while you and your friends, cabinet of ministers and entourage eat all you want at our expense? Why don’t you remove some perks that your ministers and entourage are getting? You suppose to make sacrifices too with your people. Try to learn some leadership skills from the Ukranian president– Zelensky. Keep your stupid advice for yourself and cabals.

  7. Eat local based on price . The message should be to increase cultivation and production of local foods. It is evident that PM has not been to the fish or produce market for a long time. We need to get the youth motivated to get into agriculture.

  8. True Mr. PM. But all the good top soil is being taken over by concrete buildings. Cul du sac is no more. Pass laws to protect the soil. Remember it takes centuries for the formation of the top soil.

  9. @Lucian HG….those are the same deck decks (another word for jackass) that put him in power….watch your tongue. You are one of those who will be the downfall of the SLP who already falling down….continue to run your mouth

  10. Most Honorable some of these Lucians are worst than some of those deck deck students in Ukraine. They cleary hear what’s happening, the impact it will have on the region and St Lucia and their wallets and livelihood, but they are all standing around like Mexicans on a California Highway waiting for your directive ON WHAT TO DO WHAT TO EXPECT. OH REALLY NOW. Deck, Decks stay there for instructions from the PM and don’t see about your selves FOOLS.

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