Pierre Rejects Victimisation Claims, Says SLP Treated People With Dignity

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has rejected opposition claims that his Saint Lucia Labour (SLP) administration has been victimising public servants since it swept to power in the July 26, 2021, general election landslide.

During his contribution Tuesday to the historic domestic violence bill debate, Pierre accused Choiseul MP Bradley Felix of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) of injecting politics into the discussion.

And as a result, the PM declared that it was his duty to defend his administration since the opposition MP had opened the door.

“For our eight months in office we have been the only government that has not sent, I want to use my words correctly, one public servant home because of political affiliation,” the Castries East MP asserted as members on the government side engaged in a round of desk-thumping.

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” I am talking about the level of cleaner, driver, office assistant – we have kept every one of them,” Pierre, the Minister of Finance, explained.

“Another example. There is a programme called NAPS in Vieux Fort. Everybody in there is a political appointee. One of the people who worked there every day she is on Facebook using her name saying the worst things about me and the worst things about the government. We have kept her there for the last eight months and in fact she boasts on Facebook that ‘They can’t do her anything’. She remains there because we believe that people must earn a living in this country,” he told parliament.

According to Pierre, some traditions are dear to this country, but the former Allen Chastanet administration failed to honour them.

In this regard, Pierre declared that the position of Cabinet Secretary, as the highest serving civil servant, is sacred.

However, the PM said the former government forced the Cabinet Secretary out of office.

But he told parliament that the SLP administration allowed every ambassador to serve out their term until their contracts ended.

“The ambassador to Taiwan – he sent a message. He even had the opportunity to give a farewell address Mr. Speaker, because we treated him with dignity. There’s an ambassador who asked to extend her stay for four months because of family concerns. We allowed that to happen. The High Commissioner in England, we allowed him to stay to complete his domestic affairs,” Pierre noted.

“The ambassador to New York Mr. Speaker we allowed him to stay till the end of his affairs and gave him some more time,” the PM told parliament.

He said the SLP administration treated people with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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  2. I’m so tired of pip. The biggest liar ever is pip. You have been fooling the people for 30yrs to vote for you with all the lies…. You want to speak about victimization, man this word Gould never come out of this dentured mouth of yours. For those s if you who watch lies and deceit … thank you.
    We need to educate a few more Lucian’s.

  3. Most of the persons in key positions under the UWP government were your party hacks who were able to photocopy and print documents at their leisure so why would you send them home. Grow some balls and stop whining.

  4. The Most Honorable you don’t have to say a word we know you are a honorable man YOU NOT LIKE THOSE YELLOW JOHNCROWS. The other day I saw where you tried to extend and olive branch to the those Clowns I don’t what you were thinking, gas dem people……. choops. Now to the little Salop on Facebook FIRE HER !! Sine she has the audacity to open her a…..s and beating her chest or pass thru info to your loyal foot solider….I will go in town and make sure “she falls in line” Putin Style.

  5. That’s to cheap get on with the country’s business that’s why they voted you in office and stop your cry baby attitude everytime someone speaks

  6. Remember heleair side people cannot eat roads
    Just to give some forts politics try don’t get caught,first project Mr queen started was the badhill but people ca eat roads not a word on de hospital not a word on increasing of people’s salary yet still everything prices of goods are going up the sky people cannot afford to bulid a house because prices of materials are very expensive yet still ever 5 years people go to the poles to cast their votes for wat to fix up roads cut grass by the road side u get hand outs like seriously can you imagine both slp and uwp have played politics over a hospital with people’s lives if wasn’t for cov19 Owen king would be functional God help us

  7. Please put Focus into WASCO water Pressure and Storage up North…… water service is so terrible on this island ask anyone other than the hotels and resorts if they have DAYTIME water up North. Ask them when did they last receive daytime water in cap!….. the sandals clubhouse in Cap always has Daytime Wasco water!……. What about Cabot now?……….!?…………. The residents in cap after sandals golf course barely get nighttime water if they do it comes late and is shutoff before 7am….. how is this possible in 2022?….. yet you all still want to sell off the rest, the little bit left of preserved, pure St. Lucia which is why it’s beautiful bc of the unspoiled land…..WascO smph

  8. Where is the 300 million dollars Chastanet borrowed to repair the roads ? Remember the NICE workers? What did Spider say again? Why was The Lies and Deceived show host quarrel so much?

  9. piere the only reason they are still there is because you are pm. the others in the past have definitely removed people as they came in office look richard frederick come and he already fire someone in his department

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