Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Pierre Renews Vaccination Appeal, Cites Need For Healthy, Productive Populace

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has reiterated an appeal he made in his recent New Year address to the nation for the people of Saint Lucia to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The latest appeal on his official Facebook page came as health authorities vowed to intensify efforts to increase vaccine coverage above the current twenty-seven percent of the fully vaccinated population.

“As I stated in my New Year’s Address, this year is pregnant with opportunities and poised for the transformation of our country. However, we must face certain realities and safeguard our projected growth from the ravages of COVID-19. We need people to get vaccinated as a matter of urgency,” Pierre wrote.

“All our planning will be for naught if we do not have a healthy and productive populace,” the Prime Minister explained.

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He also urged his countrymen to take care of themselves and each other.

Saint Lucia is currently facing a fifth COVID-19 wave which officials say started on December 16.

And although the country has not officially confirmed the presence of the Omicron variant, the authorities believe it may already be here.

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Editorial Staff
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    Satan brought evil into the world.He
    lies, destroys and attacks the people of God.
    The wrath that leads to punishment for death.
    The ♥️ heart of humain sin is accepting and serving something instead of the true God !
    Woe_great suffering,pain,saddness and death.
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  2. Our intrepid PM has taken to ‘concern trolling’ his fellow citizens, by begging them, every chance that he gets, to submit to vaccination, against WHAT?

    He assures us that the “vaccine” is safe; where did he get that assurance from?

    Definitely not from the FDA; yes, the same FDA which reportedly will make vaccine test data results available in 75 years, they say; because, assuredly, we’ll all be dead before then!

    A judge in North Texas has recently ruled that the FDA will have to make all test data results for the Pfizer Comirnaty “vaccine” publicly available in 108 days, to satisfy a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the Children’s Defense Organization.

    You see, it took 108 days for the FDA to give Pfizer a license for Comirnaty, so the judge reasoned that all the test data could be provided within the same timeframe that the FDA took to examine the data, in advance of giving Pfizer license to distribute the “vaccine”.

    The FDA responded that they only had 10 persons available to fulfill the request for publication; and 2 of them were new, and untrained.

    Since our PM is so sure of the safety of these vaccines (he must have had access to those test data results, how else could he give us such strong assurances), I hereby nominate Pip and the Pips (from the St. Lucia Medical Council) to help the FDA fulfil the judge’s orders. Don’t worry Lucians; Pip would have strong motivation to finish the job as quickly as possible, and return to our loving arms, to make sure he is not usurped by his deputy, Dr. Hilarious!

  3. Follow the protocols people, what happened to the Cuban vaccines,? Bring it down and vaccinated people will increase leave Lucians alone getting vaccinated is a choice not everyone will survive if they do plus the government nor any company associated with the vaccine will not be liable to be sued.

  4. We the voters are as ignorant as it can get to vote for these vagabonds we have now in politics. What is so unjust to say the vaccines are not working why these doctors are now showcasing their in-competencies

  5. What happen to that effing goat ….vaccines alone that can cure ppl…what about herbs, fruits,vegetables etc .repeating all the non sense he hears internatinally by cdc,who, big pharma

  6. Whats stopping that exactly? Are you insinuating the unvaccinated populace is prolonging such activities?

    If so… Youre a sheep… Go get your 4th shot as soon as possible to think properly

  7. Please stop repeating appeals for people to get vaccinated. If you expect it, you must demand it and monitor. Vaccination is a public health issue and not a political football. St.Lucians need to get vaccinated to reduce serious hospitalization and deaths. The economy and schools need to stay open.

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