Pierre Responds To Suggestion Of States Of Emergency In Crime Hotspots

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says he has not considered the matter of states of emergencies in known crime hotspots in Saint Lucia.

But at the same time, he has not ruled out exploring the idea.

Reporters raised the issue with Pierre, responsible for National Security, on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting and against the backdrop of a violent crime wave resulting in 42 homicides so far this year.

They noted that Jamaica had employed limited states of emergency to address crime surges.

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“I have not considered that, but I see the Commissioner of Police very often and we have a discussion,” the Castries East MP stated.

“You know, it’s on stages. You increase the firearms act and on Friday there was a graduation of 30 members of the SSU who we hope will be out on the streets dealing with crime. It’s incremental – we can’t do everything one time,” Pierre explained.

He recalled that the crime problem has been with Saint Lucia for a while.
“It is something that we abhor. It is something we think we should do something about it, but I can’t speak to a state of emergency at this time,” Pierre told reporters.

Asked whether it was an initiative worth exploring, he declared that anything to lessen crime is worth exploring.

Headline photo: Police at scene of Leslie Land shooting on October 12, 2020 

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. How does one know when Jean Pierre Le Pip is gas lighting the people? The devil is in the detail of his badly spoken English….please observe dear reader the CAPITALISED WORDS in the statements below :

    On the matter of implementing a State of Emergency in crime hotspots?

    And I quote:

    1) ” I have not considered that, but I see the Commissioner of Police very often AND WE HAVE A DISCUSSION. ” Unquote

    Won’t it be clearer if the PM said, ” I have not considered that, but I see the Commissioner of Police very often and we discuss the issue of crime everytime.”

    Given that crime is a major issue for National Security, Le Pip seems oblivious to the urgency that this menace requires. Observe.

    And I quote

    2). ” You know, it’s ON STAGES. You increase the firearms act and on Friday there was a graduation of 30 members of the SSU who we hope will be out on the streets dealing with crime. It’s incremental – we can’t DO EVERYTHING ONE TIME.” Unquote

    ( Unless this is an editorial faux Pas by the St Lucia Times, the poor sentence construction shows that the PM is taken off guard by the question and simply searching his atrophied brain for an answer. So in Le Pip’s point of view, let’s take is slowly while Saint Lucia burns and families suffer the loss of loved ones even when he later confirmed and acknowledged that the crime problem has been with Saint Lucia for a while….but nope, let’s take it slow, let’s take incremental measures while you all suffer. And indeed, even though logic dictates that one can’t do everything thing one time at least implement the most efficient and agressives measures that does the job. Not pussyfooting around.

    3) Stating the obvious on crime but not having a clue.

    And I quote:

    ” It is something that we abhor. It is SOMETHING WE THINK WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, but I can’t speak to a state of emergency at this time. ”. Unquote.

    Again poor sentence construction and redundant use of words…

    They say the devil is in the detail and the proof of the black pudding is in the eating and it’s often the case that the mouth speaketh faster than the brain can think.

  2. First of all, Can I ask Pierre to appoint one of the known Criminals to be responsible for National Security ? I have a strong feeling this dude will have better ideas than Pierre and will be able to keep SLU safe for some time. Pierre has been bluffing the public every time he talks to the Media. He first promised to have some regional officers to help battle the crime in slu. We all know this cannot be done in three weeks. The handful of guys came but lasted three weeks. I understood Pierre was not telling the truth about the folks. He only wanted them to secure Carnival in slu. This was so insulting to the public and yet no one seems to hold him accountable. Now he is talking about some SSU folks. There is no freaking plan from this lame duck called Pierre. This PM is as good as the Police Commisioner – Mem bet Mem pwel. There is no plan to combat crime so do not expect any results in the near future.

  3. State of emergency should not be on this government list since they all had a problem with State of Emergency when it was established in the time of Covid. They find silly ways to prove that it should be discontinued. It was in place to assist government in fighting threats which we are under. So why now? I thought Pierre said leave everything up to the people to solve, yet he has not come out to say he was wrong. Unless he comes out and said he was wrong before so he will test this approach he should not implement no state of emergency. His supporters believe he has all the brains in the world to do the job yet all his methods to tackle ailing St Lucia has failed or failing. Now they suggest copying Jamaica with an SOE.

  4. WHAT? Not because Jamaica or other islands have implemented the use of limited SOE, means Saint Lucia has to follow suit. Are you for real, Mr PM? 30 members of the SSU and what are they going to do? The ones that are presently there can’t do anything to curb the issue and you really think 30 more will? You honestly need to stop fooling yourself and the ones that believe or follow your stupidness.

    This has gone pass politics!! We’re talking about the people of this country!! Maybe someone else should be Minister of Security because you have not done shit and will not do shit to improve/tighten/make better the Security of this state call Saint Lucia.

  5. You cannot get all moral about crime with the kind of characters you have in your cabinet. The people see what you do not what you say.
    The issues with pierre fredericks king hillaire is that they do not know what to do with power because they have no moral base. They want power for powers sake and what they get from it, but have no idea how to respond to the responsibility power and authority bring.
    Just examine pierre’s response to this suggestion. Clueless, devoid of any clear solution, just the ramblings of a mind used to being in opposition and incapable of problem solving. A 5th former would be more lucid.
    Nothing he says or king or hillaire points to a way out of our country’s quagmire. They stumble from one crisis to the other revelling in their new found power and the perks of office. They figure this will do for now and they can keep up the deception until it is time to prepare for elections in 2026.
    Well you all voted for them and I still waiting for my cruise ship over the horizon!

    • ….as usual your Jackassness rears it’s head, read and command the English Language. The Most Honorable PJP clearly stated, “he is open to the idea” of implementing State of Emergency, he did not say HE WAS AGAINST IT. Listen Fool as far as I can see HE ADDRESS CRIME, HE TALKS ABOUT CRIME, HE IS NOT DISMISSIVE ABOUT IT, Your White God/ False Pharaoh/ Restorer/Savior/ Great Pretender, to date cannot or TOTALLY REFUSE to address the number 2 quality of life issue facing St Lucians CRIMMMMMME; he rather talk about Hilaire, talk about high prices in the supermarkets, the word just can’t come off the lips of the man; its either he is ASHAME of his DISMAL RECORD on crime or he is ASHAME for having THE WORST Minister of National Security in St Lucia’s History or my favorite, due to his “sheltered” life he cannot relate; all his life he had a gold spoon, a silver spoon, a diamond spoon, shoved up his you know what he just cant relate, the same way he can’t speak our native tongue.

  6. The island crime can be curb by making sure our borders are tightly secure…we do not have any gun or even cocaine factories, but we sure have plenty to go around. once our borders are secure we can stifle what is within the island, hence lessening our internal threat. if this is not done we are just spinning our wheels like we have doing for many years and years to come….think about it.

    • @TheMan I wonder how this small island with very limited resources will succeed in “securing our borders”. I wonder if we ever think before we ask for the impossible. Have you ever thought about all the beaches and inlets that would have to be secured before we achieve what you are asking for? The term secure borders is just a fallacy. But I agree that we can do better in making this country safer. However, our demands should be realistic and not wishful thinking.

      • you think not? at least try.. that makes it harder for it to enter the easy ports and beaches.. they will have to take a high risk coming in coves that have rough waves,, someone must drown..lol
        the problem is enforcement.. seconfdly, no one wants to come forward to say yes, cause the police, lawyers and judges are corrupt. vigilante justice is the way [turn off video recording]


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