Pierre Reveals Details Of Former Government’s Multi-Million Dollar Plan To Complete SJH

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Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre has revealed more concerning details of a controversial XCD $70 million dollar scheme arranged by the former Chastanet led Administration to complete the ground floor of the St. Jude Hospital (SJH).

The XCD $70 million dollar contract, which was referred to the Attorney General, required the government of Saint Lucia to pay the entirety of the project cost with 12 months.

The fine print outlined in the terms of the agreement also stipulated late payments to the contractor would cost the government of Saint Lucia up more than XCD $69,000 per day.

Rehani Isidore tells us more in this report:

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Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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Editorial Staff
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  1. The Vine and the Branches
    Jesus said : “If the world 😈hates you,keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would l❤️ve you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.
    That is why the world 😈hates you.
    Remember the words I have spoke to you : ‘No servant is greater than his master. ‘ If they persecutued me,they will persecute you also….
    They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not the One who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them,they would be guilty of sin.
    Now, however,they have no excuse for their sin. He who 😈hates me hates 😈my Father as well.
    If I had not done among them what no one else did,they would not be guilty of sin…. and yet they have hated both me and my Father as well….
    But this is to fulfill what is written in the their Law : They hated me whithout reason.

    “When the Counselor comes,whom I will send you from the Father,the Sprit of truth who goes out from the Father,he will testify about me.
    And you must also must testify, for you have been with me from the begining.
    “All this I have told you so that you will not go astray. They will put you out…
    ;in fact,a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to GOD.
    They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me.
    I have told you this,so that when the time come you will remember that I warned you. I did not tell you this at first because I was with you 📢


    • You’re such a jackarse and an illiterate its called primary evidence he have in his possession the documents pertaining to the details of the contract. Do you think for a moment that any government can plan the development of his country infrastructure without leaving a paper trail especially when the country is taking a loan to do so. STOP TAKING POLITICAL SIDES AND JUST THINK ITS NOT HARD.

  3. There is none that does good !
    Who can lead by example like king Solomon ? Or filled with the sprit ?
    Goverments, leaders, rulers, and officials,all have gone astray and leads the nation to corruption…
    A people always under the wrath of GOD. Where there is no liberty,no peace, and no security,the sprit of GOD is not present.
    L❤️ VE
    I am in no favor of no political parties !
    Was there anyone to give counseling or advise the uwp goverment to finished the construction on the hospital, than to build a new one which was not called for and to aviod wasting the trust fund employees money ?
    That means there is no love ❤️ and each one is for their own benifits and pockets and does’nt careless about the suffering of the ones that elect them.

    It is time for 🇱🇨 St-Lucians to wake up from their sleep,
    Manifestos upon manifeastos and agendas upon agendas, has or is there one who concerned about employees,who is ready to deal with the suitation concering the labour code to ease the burden of the employees rights ?
    Now,implore GOD to be gracious to us 🇱🇨,in his strength and his graceful form.
    May he leads kings away and make fools of rulers.
    To GOD belongs power and wisdom, counseling and understanding are his.

  4. This Prime Minister has still not realized that he is the elected leader of this country. he addresses non-issues incessantly; taking up time and space in the media like an irritating brat seeking comfort from his mother’s breast. Playtime is over! Damn it, govern.

  5. Melissa, you never voted Labor, I know you too well angel of lies. You are a UWP and support corruption to the core. Once UWP is in power corruption is to the core. So cool down corrupt people.

    • @ lydia… old labar hack. We all know labar is famous for corruption, victimization, spewing lies. But the thing about them is they’re so good at hiding it. Only people who are guided by God can see right through their lies. This hospitals problem started way back then so pls make a difference by completing it because it was once in your court and you kept telling us lies as well, pls I know you’re close to helie… tell him to finish the hospital since he’s the pm and not this shit head man you’ll cal pm

  6. Prior to last election, the UWP’s brought out so many contractual documents that were never fulfilled by the SLP government for one reason or another. If these contracts came into being we would not own St Lucia today. It’s okay to make mention of them but to waste our time witch-hunting contracts that were not even signed. Contracts that the Attorney General veted and sent back for review. The fact is nothing can be done about it cause it was never signed. We didn’t spend or lose a cent. Can you charge Chastenet for something that never was? Please govern the country, which we gave you a massive mandate to do and stop looking for excuses for your failure. A non contract is what that’s preventing you from complete St Jude’s. On St Jude’s I wish this government would reconsider and complete the modern facility instead of bringing us back to a 1940 building with a band aid on it.

  7. The veils are coming off sooner than we thought. God does not sleep. Let’s keep praying St. Lucia. Do not mess with God’s appointed and anointed!

  8. Why did the present gvernment stop construction on that new hospital the moment they got in? time and time again I kept asking why Moses & Kenny not making noise about the completion of the new hospital; now PjP in trying to turn the table to cover Hilierre’s embarrassment, came up with papers/late payment/but who’s the financiers/who stopped the construction/no late payment if work proceeded: who’s buying all that noise that makes no sense – go to the people of Vieux Fort, V/Fort North and Choisel and tell them to blame Chastanet for the stoppage, pray for sympathy; they need work in the South, you all stopped the construction, if Chas had won the hospital would by now be occupied and running. We need help, My Lord man cannot be trusted, we need a miracle from you, Come Lord. Amen.

  9. Did Pierre questioned Stevenson King about that? He was and still has the portfolio of infrastructure minister. He signed on to it, didn’t he. King was part of that decision making.
    Oh I forgot. Did he tell you he don’t know nothing about that and it is all Guy Joseph? One has to wonder what the hell this guy was doing sitting there and getting a fat salary.

  10. And how much will the 2 women who haven’t held jobs for overs 20 years by choice but you are putting in embassies Martinique and Miami cost the tax payers? Why does Martinique need an dumb a@@ mattress as a diplomat when you already have your friend severin as ambassador to France? What qualifies her? What qualifies the disgusting one from Gros Islet who is a disgrace to women everywhere…….the one who bullies, insults and cusses out people for de party. Is being ghetto a criteria
    ? The way SLP rewards bad behaviour is indicative of the crime situation we face. Crime pays is what this says. Shame on a party that chooses that caliber of woman to represent us. I regret my vote!

  11. This is the very reason I don’t vote anymore. We are governed by only corrupt politicians from both political parties. We need a completely new breed of politicians to run this country. All those crooks should be tried in a court of law and punished with the harshest punishment possible. Shame on my country for the level of corruption which exists in plain sight. And you SOB’s want to point fingers at public servants?

  12. When they are clueless and want to mix their primary school behaviours with country’s business it will catch up to them and the only thing they know is to come out to the populace and cry like a primary school child and blame the former. They stopped the St Jude project and only now they are realizing they will have to pay $69,000 in late fee per day. Blame yourselves for the way you all are handling the people affairs. Y’all are so bent on getting Chastanet to prove a point y’all are not realizing what is taking place in time under your watch. Keep dragging your feet Pierre. I bet the whole five years you will be looking at ways to bring down Chastanet while the people keep suffering because this SLP administration is made up little boys that cannot grow up.

  13. Just shut up. Your not big and your not clever. Your extremely boring. Same old rhetoric. Do you live in PJP’s ar**hole

  14. y’all would not be paying that $69,000 late fees if y’all just continued the project, it’s no one’s fault but y’all own. so what are y’all going to do, go back to the old site and continue to shell out $69,000 everyday of y’all tenure, or finish the project and give people in the south a hospital at last

  15. This is a distraction to “The Juffali Joint Account” issue. It’s only now you got to know of the $70 million scheme. So what is the scheme? Wasn’t it the Taewanese financing the hospital? Didn’t the bottom floor worth the $70 million?

    “… late payments to the contractor would cost the government of Saint Lucia up more than XCD $69,000 per day.”

    Wasn’t the finance readily available? Isn’t that a clause like in every contract?


    Lets get back to the Jufalli “Joint Account”!

    • ….and who is the contractor ?? $69,000 or higher per day. Is the government late so far and how many times ?? ( man I am in the wrong business) No fool that’s not the “clause” in every contract don’t even try and pull that one. $70million to finish the first floor AND THEY DID NOT FINISH who could forget those photos The Honorable KDA took of the first floor when he tour the place right after the election and I quote “what did they do”…..and this fool want’s to talk about early election FOOL YOU MUST BE JOKING. Tell Chastanet to chat about Jufali like Lucian’s care more about that than St Jude’s chooops.

    • Yhe first person the special prosecutor has to visit is the crooked deputy pm. Tired of all of them now. Can’t believe I voted for this…. 5 years hurry come eh

  16. Well done. After your first 100 days your still picking on your predecessors. Just get on with the job you useless tool. It’s your first 365 days!! 28th July 2021 you got elected!!! God help us. It’s all gone seriously wrong since this guys team got in. All we seem good at is corrupt police, murders and potholes. What a legacy.

      • Nana this guy has too much black joints burning his brain, and when he opened his eyes all he wanted to be a was SLP tail licker. Remember he said its a dirty job but he LOVES doing it. Wierd.

      • U make good sense st lucians that putting their own country down for party am sure the ministers can feed their families comfortably. Good job pm we need to do this properly, guy joseph said if uwp could not finish the hospital they should not be in power.

      • Over a year for due diligence??? The country has more pressing issues. Pointing fingers is not one of them. The majority of the time this administration has been in power has been spent blaming UWP. After a while that will be a moot point. And that time is coming up. The people need solutions to the current inflation crisis not immature boys bickering over who did what.


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