Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Pierre: Saint Lucia Begins 2022 With Billions In Sovereign & Other Debts

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre disclosed in an address to the nation on Sunday that Saint Lucia started the New Year with COVID-19 and billions in debt.

“We begin 2022 saddled with the negative effects of COVID-19 and a sovereign debt burden of over $3.9B and over $500M of other debt commitments,” the Minister of Finance, Economic Development, and the Youth Economy informed his listeners.

He also pointed to an unfinished St. Jude Hospital and the Hewannorra International Airport Re-Development project, all of which are experiencing rising costs ‘above and beyond what we were originally told.’

“Getting our public finances in order will take a herculean task of policy coherence, strategic communications, and consultations, efficient implementation, resource mobilization, elimination of corruption, transparency, and accountability in order to achieve better economic outcomes for our nation and economy,” Pierre explained.

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However, he described July 26, 2021, when his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) swept to power in a landslide, as heralding a break with the past.

“It is a past that we do not wish to return to, in which special interests and families dictated public policy,’ the PM asserted.

“We must resolve to develop a country based on inclusiveness, meritocracy, equity, and justice,” he declared.

According to Pierre, the pandemic years and misguided policies have made planning for the future difficult.

Nevertheless, he noted that the government hit the ground running and delivered on several promises.

He mentioned meeting the cost of facilities fees and CXC CSEC fees for Math and English, more laptops, housing assistance and reprieve of rental arrears for the CDC tenants.

Pierre also listed the reduced cost of telecoms bundles, additional resources in the fight against COVID, and vehicle concessions to hard-working front-line personnel.

And he pointed out that 2022 must be a year of national reassessment, rebirth, and recalibration.

“Our nation will have to live with the pandemic while addressing the systemic shortfalls in education, healthcare, social justice, governance, and infrastructure,” the PM said.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Team work is a factor that will help reduce the economic burdon of debts that was left by the previous administration.

  2. Yes,I agree !Don’t curse sisi,but bless sisi !
    But who can straighten something that is crooked to the excess ?
    Dont you know that a bad company
    corrupts good characters ?

  3. @Moses Auguste:
    So you want Lucians to stop complaining and be more like Barbados, You mean for people to shut up, take what ever come and shut up.
    Barbados is Barbados, St. Lucia is St. Lucia. We are enjoying that which we voted for – Democracy – we’ll give hell if you deserve it.
    Barbados is, or has been a one Party State. Moses, is that what you want for St. Lucia, and to shut up and don’t complain no matter what?
    We are not all sheep, there are some Bulls among us. Talking of Barbados & Bull; I better shut up. check out both their P.M. and opposition
    leader, is that the sort of persons we need in St. Lucia? God forbid – we may be poorer, but due to much God fearing people we I believe
    are still in God’s hands due to our Prayers and our regard and respect to the poor. The Storm may come, natural disasters too, we fear
    but we have ‘HOPE’ and the Almighty will be our keeper. Are we perfect? No; is our government rotten? no but only for a couple bad Apples.
    We should hold on to what we have ‘LOVE’ & ‘FAITH’ the Almighty will always help if we ask. Pray against violence, hate & envy, Pray for St. Lucia & be Blessed.

  4. We all home and abroad should admire our PM: Philip J Pierre, for his openness and how he keeps the Nation fully informed. One can sense the sincerity in Philip, can assess his character; his honesty, his love and care for his people by what he says, his intentions and how he interacts with his people.

    Brother continue to be truthful and keep the people informed and care for those who do not have (as the have nots have a stake in St Lucia as St Lucians, St Lucia is theirs too); and our almighty heavenly father will bless you.

    The monumental task of trying to reopen our beloved and long serving St Jude’s Hospital – so vital (especially to the other half of the country) and precious to us all, and crucial with out International Airport being so close.

  5. You can see where all the money go it leaves a trail have the nuts to cease it but no they are your learner colleagues. All you guys are the same bunch.

  6. Yet,if we devote ourselves to God
    and stretch out our hands to him,
    and leave no room for the enemy,
    “surley God is good to St-Lucia”
    God has not change !
    Except if the truth is beign told –
    Yellow,blue,red,green etc etc :
    There are on differences,no achivement and no betterment.
    Therefore,let us not depend on man with bitterness of our soul, rather,let us look to GOD and plead our cause with the Almighty
    So if we are innocent,even now,he will rouse himself on our behalf ;
    Indeed,is it true ? Those candidats who are not harvesting and are reaping the goverment fund !
    Especially the one who likes only Virgin blood, imagine,was distributing two hundred$ shopping vouchers in rumshop in Augier and other prefrences.
    Are you a step worker getting mth salary whithout whithout harvesting ?
    The list goes on to ask you if it’s only one familly that getting benifit for overseas Scholarship ??
    There are more to ask you, but I must leave space for other comments.

  7. We St Lucian will never go forward like Barbados, because we are not helping the government in power, all we are doing is to cursed our country, and wish our government with bad luck
    Lucian stop those bad attitude, and let’s work together to become a country like Barbados who is moving on their own.

  8. Yes st.lucians you are getting what you voted for. And who will suffer most? The same malayway they pandered to during the elections promising handouts.

    We need more restrictions on who is eligible to vote in this county. I suggest 5 Cxc subjects and up to vote. Our country is being held back over and over.

  9. We all knew that the country was in deep debt from Kenny and Pierre’s time, so how Pierre don’t know that. The ” I Donn No” PM. Yes it got worse under Chas and if you intend to govern this country and help us progress it will get worse under you. That’s just the price you pay for development. I bought a length of steel for $15 earlier this year it is now $25. A length of treated wood for $41 its now $97. Shouldn’t that tell an economist like you that the cost of completion of projects like the hospital and airport will be almost double what they were first valued at. That kindergarten speech should not even make news.

  10. Philp stop whining and repeating about St Lucia’s debts when both parties are responsible. You wanted to be PM by all means necessary that includes taking out the debts left by Allen Chastanet administration. If you cannot handle the position step down. I don’t want a whining PM.
    By the way where is the tax returns that you promised within 100 days? It is over 145 since youre6 I office. Where is the reduced monthly internet fees of ’20 per month that you promised to give some struggling families? Flow said there are no further discussion from you since you announced it. Philip Philip stop bluffing the people. Philip the way that you are going you will be treated worst than Chastanet. You have less than 4 years to go!

  11. Man govern the country and stop looking for excuses. You can’t manage the country’s finances. Your FFF have received their fortune. The malayway now have to starve.
    May God help us.

  12. Hold DCA Board members Responsible for selling Donkey Beach, Secret beach, Casenbas, a third of VF and a portion of Piton! DCA members in UWP Administration should be held accountable for their coursive,complacency and disrespect to the people of St Lucia! Thats why 700 hundred grand was distributed to National Trust…. What about PHoCking WASCO, The people need a larger supply of storage water in CAP ESTaTE and …..bigger,larger and newer PUMPS! SmPH where are the Priorities moving into dry season, when water supply is insufficient as it is and you just want to sell off more land for more empty houses and hotel rooms! Fill the ones we have! Leave Simply beautiful St. Lucia the way it is the bush trees and wild coastlines are what do that! Smph woiiiiiiiiiiiiii not PHoCking golf courses and pools that deplete the people of even more water and electricity! SMPH

  13. If you not up to the task step aside my oh my who hasn’t gotten in power and Helen in debt. no ideas the only thing you guys are capable of doing is give your voters to cut grass by the road for Christmas . We are doomed in this land no grand ideas for the overall growth of this nation

  14. …Aww Boy Not surprise your most Honorable the price working poor St Lucians are paying for 5yrs of Allen Chastanet Failed Economics 101 Investment without Dividend I present to you Dubai .The airport alone is a drag on the pockets of St Lucian’s every six months St Lucian’s has to find USD$ 5 million for the intrest alone I hope you can refinance that. Regretful voter, Prober whatever Alias or AKA same Drag different day you is a Dragass

  15. Amazing that you harp on and on and on about debt, but it doesn’t stop someone who owns a bar supermarket and wholesale business from getting a paid job as an attaché to the housing minister. Debt hasn’t stopped the rover guy from putting all his red boys in position. Yall just talk about debt when it’s to do something for the ordinary man whilst your FFF are getting it good from 27th July. Did you consider the debt problem when you instantly gave 700000 to National Trust so a janine compy can get her job? I guess her mother’s endorsement earned her that. UWPees getting it good under SLP. Those who fought tooth and nail for you are given the excuse of debt.

  16. You wanted to be at the helm. You are at the wheel now, stop whining and start shifting. With great power comes great responsibility. What the country wants to hear is how you actions and decisions will positively impact lives. All you seem to do is complain and make excuses at every turn for you and your administration incompetence and short-comings. Put on your big boy pants and govern, that’s what you were elected to do.

  17. I need to ask where are the hospitality/tourism monies are going? Why is the government so incline to offer investments security to foreign investors, while our own people are suffering. Leaders on this Island are terrible negotiators when it comes to putting the people and the island resources first. From time to time you always hear politicians barking, no money, we are in debt but in the same breath you allowed loads of perks, kickbacks and tax holidays. How can you sustain an economy with 180k in population, 75% is below the poverty line, 10% indulge in crooked activities, 10% is collecting 2-3 pay checks from tax payers and 5% revert to crime. If you are unable to manage the financial affairs of this tiny island then simply turn it into a free zone enterprise. Look how St. Martian is progressing. When are the leaders will demonstrate their testicular fortitude.

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