Pierre: Saint Lucians Have To Work Together To Address Crime

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, asserting that nobody can solve the problem of crime ‘tomorrow’, has told reporters that citizens must unite in addressing it.

“Nobody can solve it tomorrow. The United Workers Party didn’t solve it over five years. We won’t solve it over a year – it’s something we have to work together to solve,” he declared Monday.

Pierre spoke against the backdrop of the latest surge in gun violence, including the fatal shooting of a twenty-one-year-old man in Vieux Fort on Saturday near midnight and the wounding of two other men at Faux A Chaud, Castries hours earlier.

“Any death we must express our condolences to the people who lost their lives – victims and we must say that one death is too much. The situation must be dealt with. It will take some time but it’s not something that anybody can be proud of,” he expressed on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting Monday.

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“I will not not be able to get up today and solve the gun problem today. This gun problem has been in Saint Lucia throughout the time. It’s not a problem that we’re happy with. No government was happy with the gun problem,” the Castries East MP stated.

“We cannot solve it tomorrow,” he told reporters.

However, Pierre said the government was working with the police to improve their resources and work conditions, get them more vehicles and assist them in crime detection.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. As a citizen my opinion I am holding de slp for these violent crimes that is happening in this country,why? de slp made people believe that restore confidence was about kill criminals as a result of this the police force was compromised we all know that the police force was been investigated given the impression that the police kills were not justified will not go into every detail I respect miss Francis we don’t know our rites! Point blank and period!

  2. Seriously that’s your comments towards crime as the PM of the day SMH God help us all a vote of no confidence for the PM of the day u have complained your whole life now u at the top how does it feel, I will tell you crab in a barrel

  3. Our pm is right! He needs to stop addressing our problems and leave it to us. It’s not like it’s his responsibility!
    Y’all need to understand that

  4. Pierre as the Leader Of St.Lucia your comment and the spike in Gun Violence on the Island does not make Citizens feel safe. You are Indirectly telling Lucians to figure it out on their own and that means you suck !

  5. So didnt Pierre himself hire a criminal cabal for his cabinet?? Pierre whatever just shut it man! now you want to talk about crime! your actions are part of the crime wave!

  6. Pierre, In my opinion, Crimes should be considered an attack on law abiding citizens and even the criminals themselves. There are various ways you can approach this problem to protect the citizens who voted you as their leader to protect them. You can choose to ignore the crimes which have you done for the last nine months or you can put various prevention, detection controls to help combat the crimes. Treat it as a vulnerability in our society which can become a threat. Instead of asking the people to come together to help fight crimes which will not be an effective way of fighting such threat. Let us hear of the controls you have as a leader and then we can join you in the fight. Every time you open your mouth, it just reminds me how St.Lucians seems to have elected a clown and now they must expect a circus. I am hoping one day you will do something right for the people when it comes to crimes. So far it has only been a mistake to elect you into office – nothing has changed. Not that I expected you to do much. One cannot blame you for doing nothing, you never promise to combat crime or you never gave a plan of what you will do for the next five years.

  7. Poor guy he is ruthless the most readed man for pm..only talk nonsense mois honte that’s what st Lucian’s voted for

  8. Mr. Pierre need to understand his role as Prime Minister. He needs also to be careful about the statements he makes. Stop referencing the UWP. They failed to control crime in the last five years. SLP also failed to control crime in the five years before that. We are all losers when crime escalates so Mr.Pierre should start thinking and talk sensibly. We should be focused on crime reduction and not detection. Let’s focus on the creation of an environment in which we see ourselves as stakeholders with something to protect. The school environment must change in order to reflect the quality of individuals needed by the state. We need to change the mindset of the graduates of our school system. These young minds need to feel that there’s a role for them in society. Providing the police with resources for crime detection will not reduce crime, education can. The introduction of Civics and Laws of St.Lucia may be a good place to start.

  9. If we had come together poverty would not have existed. The world is corrupt Pierre and what you are asking is not the solution. If we are to come together there should not be rich, upper class, lower class & poverty. Society is not design for people to come together. Continue dreaming Pierre.

  10. Smh at Pierre. Pierre if we had to leave everything up to the people there would not be law enforcement, there would be no need for any government or PM or you. No one is asking you to solve crime overnight. Bigger countries have the resources and still cannot solve crime. Pierre you come out as a primary school child who has not yet learn how to manage a country. With all your experience in politics that is how you are speaking? Come together to solve crime? Is that your only solution? Are you speaking to a population of 5 year olds. If the world had come together all the problems we are facing today and yesterday would not exist. If Russia & Ukraine had come together there would be no war. I could go on and on but I leave it there. The problem of the world is its leaders and the the way society is design.

  11. I agree with you Pierre. Crime does not discriminate so it’s incumbent on all to work together to rid the country of this scourge.

    Having said that, Pierre, you have to lead on this issue. However, your ability to leader is sadly questionable. Any St. Lucian that expects you to bring relief is sadly mistaken.

    One of your first action on attaining leadership of the country was to aid and abet the importation f the Land Rover from the UK which had controversy and corruption written all over it.

  12. It’s impossible to stop crime. However, the crime-rate can be reduced to a negligible level. This takes governmental intervention along with citizens cooperation.

    If the government fails in its response, the citizens will react accordingly. The government must take the lead in driving that train. If citizens perceive that their identities are compromised when they provide information, it’s unlikely they will cooperate. If the government neglects passing legislation to combat gun crime, citizens are likely to take the cue.
    It’s just another day of cheap talk from Pip. He has got to take the lead and ACT. Stop talking crap and ACT as the situation demands. Pass the freaking gun law. Put some deterrence in the place. Stop pontificating and ACT.

    • Citizens? You mean the same citizens that contribute to so much lawlessness and disorder? Or the others that criticise the authorities when they try to impose some order in the country? Remember when Pitonson Francis was trying to put order in Castries with rules for vending and loud music? Who was cheer leading the vendors to defy those rules? All of this contributes to the breakdown of civil order. Law abiding citizens will conclude that it makes no sense to follow orders because everyone else is ignoring the rules to get ahead and the authorities do nothing. Those murderers didn’t start with the guns. They started much smaller.


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