Pierre Says A Country Can’t Be Run Like A Business

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Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre, has rejected the notion that a country can be run like a business, citing the effect that all the ‘great businessmen’ who have led their countries have had on their nations.

In this regard, Pierre noted that¬† India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi is a ‘big businessman’.

“Look at what he did to his country,” the Castries East MP stated during an appearance on Chill & Chat, aired on Choice Television.

“Trump is a major businessman – look at what he did to his country,” the SLP leader observed, while also citing the examples of the leaders of Brazil and Mexico.

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“This running the country as a business doesn’t make sense. A country is made up of a series of shareholders – the young, the old, the in-between, businessmen, Rastas, church people, Muslims, Christians – all sorts.¬† A business is shareholders and customers – that’s it,” Pierre, an Economist, explained.

But he noted that there’s social responsibility which a business person cannot be forced to adopt but may choose to embrace.

“So the idea of running a country as a business has failed – India is the latest example of a stark failure. Thousands are dying in India because a businessman is running India,” Pierre declared.

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