Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Pierre Says Anthony A Full-Time’ Very Participatory’ SLP Member

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has told reporters that Vieux Fort South MP and former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony is a full-fledged member of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“I want to assure you, Dr. Anthony is a full-time, very participatory member of the labour party. He is a full-time member of the party. He works with us on all matters. Dr. Anthony is well involved – he is deeply involved and what he does he advises us, he speaks to us,” Pierre, who succeeded the former Prime Minister as SLP leader, stated.

“Dr. Anthony is someone whom we have all the respect for. He is a Prime Minister who served for fifteen years. We appreciate him and we work with him,” Pierre explained.

After the SLP’s landslide election win in July 2021, Prime Minister Pierre said he was not including Anthony in his Cabinet.

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The Vieux Fort South MP had turned down an invitation to join the Government as a senior minister with a portfolio “that would interest him” due to pending surgery and outstanding legal affairs.

But Pierre indicated that he would reconsider another approach in six months.

Last December, Anthony updated his medical condition on Facebook, indicating that he was recovering well after undergoing surgery ‘six weeks ago.

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  1. Pip stop telling lies, all your life you’ll be telling lies!!!
    Come on man, stop it!
    Say the truth for once
    Keken said he will never sit there with rf, he’s upset that you brought him in. That’s why he wants he lies as pm. So keep your lies to yourself

  2. This is Pierre time, don’t confuse respect with dependency, Pierre is his own man… He promised to be inclusive .
    Unlike the UWP who degenegrade their former leaders, Compton gor example .
    You are doing a great job, putting St Lucians first

  3. Prime minister I lost all my confidence in you I thought you would do better than chas but awa can’t even make a decision on your own and if Kenny is advising you well is to make a fool out of yourself….stop acting like you in opposition stop talking about chas because it’s clear now y’all have no evidence of corruption towards him get to work or we will fire you not your old hacks you giving position left right and center people like me the youths who’s not politically blind.

  4. Something smells fishy. Clean your cabinet, Pierre. Throw the old rotten furniture and put new sofas, table and chairs…
    The ones you have there are not attractive.

  5. He had better stick around because he is the one responsible for the arrogant, nepotic, disrespectful being that is Helair. Let him be around to witness the monster he created and clean up the mess! Those saying kda does not want to be in a cabinet with crooks…….hello, the biggest crook was under his leadership.

  6. @ The Crow & Lucian Highgrade
    So you both agree that there should be a degree of respectability, not only in the house
    but to all St. Lucians at home and abroad. The kind of News being filtered out carries a stench; this needs to be fixed ASAP. ‘with the Lord’s blessings’.

  7. Dear Mr. Prime Minister of St. Lucia,
    I am writing to inform you that since you have formed your Cabinet with some senior members, it has been said, that this is the worse of all historically. Indeed the last government had a GUY or some guys, who did not measure up, for circumstances well known and for now, better left alone. What we have right now consists of some unsavory characters which, if left for too long will cause unrepairable damage to, not only the respect but of a lasting Economical damage to the Country. St. Lucia is under the Microscope of many potential developer, one of them is the Cabot Golf Course development. Let’s make a long story short; ST. LUCIA NEEDS Dr. KENNY ANTHONY BACK NOW; and without delay this can easily happen – with a stroke of a Pen. I will not tell you what or how to do it, I leave that to ‘you and Dr. Anthony’ the sooner the better and return St. Lucia to some semblance of credibility.
    With Gods’ Blessings to you & St. Lucia;
    Your respectful Servant – The Fox.

  8. Wow watch the comments of blind supporters. Dr Anthony for sure is still a full fledged member of the party and a parliamentarian but he is not participatory as Pierre indicated. Dr Anthony is sticking to his pledge to Vieux Fortians not to be in a Cabinet with any criminal, murderer and drug baron.

  9. @The honorable Lucian Highgrade. Man you have me dying here. And you are on the button. Their hearts are failing for fear.

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