Pierre Says Brighter Days Ahead Under His Leadership

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has assured his Castries East ‘family’ and the rest of Saint Lucia that brighter days are ahead under his leadership and the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Pierre, who is the MP for Castries East, gave the assurance in a post on the official Facebook page of the SLP.

He said he spent some quality time  Saturday with his  extended family.

“Over two decades, I have proudly served the people of Castries East with a sense of honor, humility and integrity. Putting people first has always been the hallmark of my political career of service,” the Castries East MP stated.

Pierre said he is continuing his walk through in the constituency.

The SLP just recently declared the official start of its campaigning for general elections which Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has said will be held ‘very soon.’


  1. Your hallmark is putting people first and what do you have to show for the 25 years you have spent as MP of Castries East. Poor housing, high level of youth unemployment, upsurge in criminal activities and violence among the youth your constituency, formation of gangs? Of the few things you did in the constituency over the past 25 years including construction of a wall that wall cost more than all of the other things put together. Guy Joseph, Dominic Fedee, Herod Stanisclaus and all the other workers in four years individually have done four times more than you have done in 25 years. Mr. Pierre weel and come again.

  2. BRIGHTER DAYS, haha, what’s a joker, haha what a baffoon, just like the BETTER DAYS Kenny promise, all politrix. SLP AND UWP, you cant fool all people all the time, both your days are numbered, you’ll belong in jail for crimes against the st.lucian people.

  3. In a world full of darkness, virus, protest, war, food shortage, crime, etc, where is Mr Pierre seeing the brighter days, where is the money coming from? What is he smoking in his pipe? It can’t be cannabis cause he would seeing reality, instead of fooling the ppl with his voodoo economics he studied to regurgitate on the masses.

  4. Those politicians only check for those who are in their CLOSE CIRCLES… that’s not the way it should be though… when will Slu see a REAL POLITICAIN, one who truly has the people in his/her heart…

  5. When they win their Constituancy The day after all of them do the Following .Change their phone numbers.Drive with their Ac and windows of their vehicle properly Secured.When they Notice persons of their Constituancy they pretend to be on a call with their cell phones.When persons from their Constituancy Visit their office the Secretary always give information that He or She is not in office .They give their Friends and Relatives jobs .The only time they Visit their Constituancy play Dominoes and Drink Rum with persons is when the House is Dissolve and talk endless Crap that yes I will do this and that for you .Most of them dont give a Damm about their Constituancy for 4yesrs and at the ending of their Term in office that’s when they promise every thing Nonsense.They Neglet the Senior Citizens and on Election day Transportation is provided to take the Senior Citizens to and From the polling stations and Next time they Re.Visit them in next Five years .

  6. I know as most hungry politicians..last time it was BETTER DAYS..now it’s BRIGHTER DAYS…I WON’T VOTE AGAIN SO ALL THE BEST PIP.

  7. When they win their seat .All of them do the following .Change their Cell number .Drive with their windows up .Always have their cell phones pretending to be on a call.Never at their office.At the end of the Five year when the House is Dissolve visit the Community to play Dominoes and Drink Rum .That’s the only time they know persons in their Constituancy .The one Representing Babonneau is the Number one for this attitude

    • For 25 years you have been leader of the constituency many of which you formed the government as part of the ruling party why did your people not see brighter days then? People need to start holding yall con men and women and giving yall licks. Then yall might stop yall b.s.. lucians doh fall for this stupidness again, regarded of party.

    • EXACTLY… so when will we st Lucian learn… we’ve know their dirty tricks for YEARS now and yet we still keep putting up with their tricks/broken promises!!!!!

    • Sadam, the one representing Babonneau was never ever a people person, he only won that seat because farmers knew him as a legit farmer who actually has his personal finances in order. However he was never very friendly just respected. If you ask me he has integrated more since in politics. I still think he is a bookie though…

      Alvina Reynolds on the other hand was queen of the school and church but when in politics became as tainted as all the others!

  8. Brighter days ahead dat cud be true but honestly speaking Pierre is not cut out 2 be a PM.yes he’s been around longer dun most of the Labour MPs but Earnest Hillaire has more leadership skills dun Pierre and I think dat a change of leadership 4 both partiparties is get.8ly needed in both parties.

  9. PIP…Prime Minister in WAITING…one thing eh, your people really name you well….because Kenny n Hell Air…wol have u in WAITING…PIP…do the honourable thing…give that up n let them fight…but fet sone of the Jufalli money fro. HELL AIR

  10. You can tell how politicians make a mockery of the populace when the covid19 has the entire country in uncertainty and no clue to subsiding he is making promise of better days are coming….exactly what the dumb ears wanna hear….those fluckers have no interest in the wider st.lucia but for their immediate friends and families.

  11. Who cares what you say, you said so much before and what we get NADA! Man you had so many chances to prove yourself and you failed. Now you want to come beg with promises? Gwan Pierre!

  12. Your brightness really scares me,I dont think your candle can get us very far,You have never acomplished much of anything,Maybe we are not pleased totally with what we have,but you …no papi,no way

    • Both PJP and KDA has to go usless politicians using the people poor jab…in these guava days what better days.,.Avaytay

  13. Yeah you are right brighter days are coming once you raise your head out of the toilet. PiP you eh ready to run the country boss cause all you know is platform talk to impress people who are too drunk to question what you are saying to them. So boss get ready for it cause the water is going to flush you out.

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