Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pierre Says Chastanet ‘Cannot Dictate To the Majority’

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has taken opposition leader Allen Chastanet to task in the continuing controversy over speaking arrangements in the parliament.

Chastanet has accused the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which enjoys a 13-4 majority in the house, of seeking to silence him during the debate on estimates of expenditure  and the appropriation bill by denying him the opportunity to speak.

However, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters that no one stopped Chastanet.

But he said the United Workers Party (UWP) leader must understand that procedures are in place.

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“You cannot dictate to the majority,” Pierre asserted.

Asked about the other MPs who did not speak, the Castries East MP declared that was the exercise of their free will.

“The leader of the opposition was asked on several occasions. Have you ever seen in the parliamentary life of this country an opposition leader being begged to speak? He was begged – the leader of government business begged him, ‘Please speak!'” Pierre told reporters.

But he said Chastanet must understand that he is no longer the Prime Minister.

“I am not the one who caused that to happen, you know. The people did it. If you are in a democracy, you must respect the will of the people,” the Prime Minister stated.

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  1. Joseph George well said. Such behaviour by the Speaker of the House shows high level of immaturity, hatred, vindictiveness and political biasness. This slp government needs to put aside their hatred, childish behavior and vindictiveness. I am an independent voter not any party hack and I am disgusted by their immaturity and their hunger for revenge. Time to carry on with the country’s business.

    • Xenophobia is the order of the day in St Lucia politics. One just had to see the expression on the Jack of a Speaker to realize the hatred and venom that was being perpetuated towards the Leader of the Opposition. I really think grown men should act like grown men and not sisi’s like Helaire is doing. Why on Earth would a PM endorse that level of xenophobic behavior. Time is a great healer and life can be a rude lesson.

  2. We are really slowly becoming a backward people with our mindset. I fear for my country and the divisiveness that is being perpetrated on a daily basis. The other parliamentarian who didn’t speak in order to prevent Chastenet from speaking were exercising their freewill according to our PM. So our votes count for nothing cause they didn’t give us the light of day. Their freewill is more important than and higher than the power we gave them to represent us. From the time that Joker didn’t put candidates in these two constituencies, we St Lucians should have been smarter and not vote to bring these clowns in power. People all over the world are laughing at the stupidity that comes out of this PM’s mouth more than they were at Chastenet. We are losing our country. Lord put a hand.

  3. PM Pierre I am very disappointed in you and your leadership. Any intelligent person can see without a doubt that u and your cabinet colleages and the speaker deliberately prevented Mr Chastnet from speaking.As leader it makes u look bad and undemocratic , weak and immature for condoning this disrespectful behaviour. U are losing your political respect by this behavior. Even worse when u deny this .The denial is making us lose trust in what u say. Do u want voters to perceive u as a lying decptive PM ? I hope u and your cabinet realise that u are digging your political grave. Many people are now looking forward to the people’s parliament. They fear u have taken away the opposition’s democratic rights.

  4. Mean while Rome burns …The PMs budget speech was the best I have heard in years.
    Agree with the PM opposition oppose Governments govern 15 -2
    Get over it Chasnet after years of victimisation you now playing the victim .

  5. Pm shame on you I regret I voted for Alva can imagine not a word coming from My rep..Philip Joseph Pierre you should be the pm of Deaglo sad for st lucia

  6. “Asked about the other MPs who did not speak, the Castries East MP declared that was the exercise of their free will.”

    Only this caught my attention. Imagine this is what our PM said to the media.

  7. Wow
    Democracy has gone out of the window. According to PJP your opinions or suggestions doesn’t matter when their majority agrees.
    To the thousands of St Lucians that voted UWP keep quiet until the next election. It doesn’t matter if what you are suggesting makes sense or right. What we the SLP says goes. Wow wow. Is that how it is Philip JPierre? When the UWP was in power you wanted them to do as you said. Boy I hate this country to the bone. I’m sorry but I hate how politics have messed up this island.

  8. This is what prevails in St. Lucia everyday of the year – Adversarial Politics. How can St. Lucia ever progress with this eternal political divisiveness?

    This political division works remarkably well for the politicians but does no good for the citizenry. Every indigenous St. Lucian is born in divisive politics and dies in divisive politics. When will it end for the benefit of the people? It needs to stop. We can oppose each other without being enemies.

    • PJP you need to realize that you are now the Prime minister of the country fool so get to work.

  9. Chas knew had he spoken in the house, someone would challenge his lies that is why he refused to talk. On TV, there is no one to tell him he lies. So he rather take to the TV. Chas which 70 000 people are you representing?

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