Thursday, August 18, 2022

Pierre Says Government Has Taken ‘Decisive Action’ On Prices Of Everyday Items

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says his administration has taken ‘decisive action’ to ensure that the costs of everyday items like retail cooking gas, petrol, and price-controlled goods do not escalate to the levels seen throughout the region.

In this regard, Pierre, also responsible for Finance, disclosed that the government had spent $9 million to subsidise cooking gas to date.

On his Facebook page, the Castries East MP observed that the move had presented ‘exorbitant price increases’.

Pierre explained that the subsidised 20 and 22-pound cooking gas cylinders cost $45.27 and $49.79, respectively.

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“Without the subsidies by the government, the retail prices for the 20 and 22-pound cylinders of cooking gas would cost 72.90 and $80.18, respectively,” he explained.

In addition, he observed that the government had sacrificed more than $22 million in potential revenue collection on petroleum imports to keep retail fuel prices low.

According to Pierre, for the first time, during this fiscal year, for the period, July 4th – July 24th, 2022, importers of petroleum products had to be refunded $1 million to fully offset the negative excise tax incurred due to high imported prices.

“This was to allow for lower retail prices,” the Prime Minister stated.

In addition, Pierre noted that price-controlled goods are 6% cheaper due to the government’s decision to suspend the service charge amidst rising global inflation.

He said flour, rice, and sugar import costs have significantly increased on the international market, and the government has absorbed the increase of $9.8 million.

Pierre also pointed out that Government pensioners have each received a $500 direct deposit from the government to supplement and strengthen their spending power in the face of rising consumer prices.

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  1. Don’t be fooled my ppl these Jesuits are doing nothing to help with the price hikes it is all a lie and deciet. All those gasoline price hikes and the desiel price hikes are deliberately and internationally being done to make the poor poorer and the rich richer it is also a form of punishment for their quote unquote democracy which is puree veil and dictatorship

    • Why do you think Pierre, Helaire, Alva, Shawn and the others are spending lavishly and being in the air more often than birds since they came in office. The empty Treasury they found still has plenty for Carnival after Dubai. Why are we always so gullible when politicians piss in our eyes. It’s raining in the Treasury.

    • @Desmond Haynes if we all knew that we were going to be affected negatively by anything do you thing we would go ahead and do it? If someone knew he/she would die in an accident today would you believe he/she would travel that day? If if if if if. If when Kenny Anthony came out at the time when he said “We could not borrow” and then came COVID and the inflation we are experiencing right now, you would agree that we would have been in deep shyte. Chastanet is not there anymore. Philip J Pierre is and he has the power. All governments waste their country’s money unnecessarily. Both SLP and UWP are failures. A pandemic has to happen to see how strong they are.

  2. OK…this is understandable that the government is doing this and that…I get it…it’s challenging globally.

    What I don’t get is why do we allow Massy to have a monopoly on food in this country. We need another supermarket chain to compete with Massy.

    Massy needs competition. The End!

  3. One thing about the government, they always have some crazy figures as to what the prices would have been if they weren’t doing anything. So what about the 100lb cylinders that cost over $300. These fellas are clowns. A bakery owner told me that in the other islands, gas is a lot lower than what is here. The 100lb doesn’t even cost $200, so you could imagine how much the 20lb and 22lb cylinders cost

  4. Is the government charging a surcharge on goods and still applying the 15% or 12.50% Vat at supermarkets and businesses? If that is the case we are paying more that 12.50% or 15% Vat all along. Wow! Talk about corruption in government.

  5. How many times are we going to hear this. In the first place there should not be any 6% service charge. Government making people believe that there was zero VAt on these items at the supermarket when they have taken 6% for service charge. Stop taking is for fools. Plus PJP government was always subsidizing cooking gas or the 20 & 22 lbs cylinders. So don’t make it seems as you came in office it started. I do not care what you have to do but you have been given too much power to come with such excuses. Governments are extortionists. We citizens still have to find money one way or the other to purchase commodities and still pay you a VAT percentage whether we have a job or not. You are not doing anything for the people for free. Do is a favour buy cutting on your salary & your ministers salaries. The funds you pump into Carnival should be used on controlling the prices of goods. Too much wastage of tax payers money.

  6. Perhaps the government agencies responsible for overseeing the price controls of goods and services should be stricter with Massy about their price gouging. massy blames everything on supply chain but everyone knows that the extent to which these prices are increasing is unprecedented and unethical. What hold does Massy have over the government of st. Lucia that they are never reprimanded? They are the main retailer which profits off of the entire populace of this country so that makes them the retailer which should be monitored the most.

    I hope when gas prices start going down their prices go back down to reflect this, because this is ridiculous. How do people even survive in this place.

    The government needs to increase the duty threshold from 22US to at least 50US, these are immediate things that the government can do so people can source things cheaper overseas if the prices are too high here.

  7. Pierre, Not very often I compliment you for job done. However, there are lots more to be done. While you have put some controls in place to mitigate the rising prices on commodities, can you also do the same for the escalated crimes in the country. To date, you have done nothing to be honest. You mentioned the presence of regional groups in SLU but have not given details on how long the mission will be. What will be the objectives. How will you measure their effectiveness during the mission. I hope if the criminals decide to temporarily retreat while those guys are in town you do not considered this as success. This could just be considered as a tactic by the criminals. Pierre, we are waiting for your response to the SLU people – I believe you owe them that much.

  8. Good to know that my government is working to offset the various prices and cost to our pockets. However, I do not really go to facebook. More people listen to radio and watch TV. So, y’all need to meet the people and explain to us in a more personal way. Come on radio shows and TV shows and explain to us. Thank you!


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