Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Pierre Says He Does Not Have A Speech Impediment

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre, criticised in the past for his stuttering, has denied that he has a speech impediment.

Pierre spoke during an appearance on Helen FM this week.

“I don’t have a speech impediment. Sometimes I stutter on some words,” the Castries East MP explained when the issue was raised by Talk Show Host – Andre Paul.

“Can you understand what I am saying today?” He asked Paul, to which the Talk Show Host replied in the affirmative.

“No one can say that I spoke and they didn’t understand what I said – that is just Saint Lucian ‘maypuis’,” Pierre told Paul.

The opposition accused Prime Minister Allen Chastanet of stooping “that low”.

It was an obvious reference to an incident in June last year when Chastanet poked fun at Pierre by imitating his stuttering.

The incident occurred at a ruling party public meeting in Soufriere.

But the Prime Minister later defended himself in the face of calls for him to apologise, claiming that he was making reference to the the fact that the opposition stutters when asked why they did not finish certain projects.

“Have you heard the former Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen Arthur speak? Have you heard (Doctor) Denzil Douglas speak? Have you heard Roosevelt Skerrit speak? Have you heard Winston Churchill speak?” Philip J. Pierre asked.

“If someone stutters on a few words, does that mean he cannot be Prime Minister?”

According to Pierre, he should be an inspiration to others.

“People should say to their children ‘If this guy can get where he is and he has an impediment, you should strive to get there’,” the SLP leader asserted.



    • Yeah and that’s legit. Why you wanna be prime minister and you can’t speak the language of the nation. Means you can’t relate to the people.

      But this is Saint Lucia and you all lack principal so yes he is a Saint Lucian prime minister that can’t hold a conversation in creole, can’t talk to the older people in creole. It’s weak creole is part of the heritage of the country.

      I think Pierre can hold a conversation in creole.

      • People in all parts of the island understand conversations spoken in English. They watch Soaps on a daily basis.

  1. PM Pierre tell them to hold their a**. So what if you stuttered ?? And ??? This speech impediment does not impedes you from been a good and effective PM. All with that flaw you are more of states man than Allen Chastanet any day. Like I said just stick to you core principles good governance and insight for good fiscal responsibility and eventually the people will respect you. You are a local boy that rose thru the ranks you are not ivy league and come from wealth you are very down to earth and APPROACHABLE. People like that.

    • And what the held those that have to be with his . electability. I would rather be governed by one with a speech issues than one who looks you in the eye an tell a lie. Just completed your “ and” stated

  2. So what, a month before his inauguration on March 4, 1861, Abraham Lincoln had a speech problem. If the intellectual capacity is not diminishing, then it is all about nothing. Let is not go down that road where a former presidential candidate mocked people who had a speech problem. We should be about lifting up and not about tearing down people.

    • I support that statement, too much hate all over the place, we need to begin to edify one another and cast out all the hatred from our midst.

  3. Is this the same pierre who scoffs at Guy Joseph for his beginnings as a bus driver? Refuses to respect his progression and self development?
    And he claims to be an inspiration? Lol

      • Sorry to disappoint Truth Being Told but Pierre is on record as saying ” only in St Lucia would a bus driver become a government minister”. Check your market steps tapes truth be told.

    • Only statement here I agree with. Tunnel slavery vision white is good black is wrong. As much as I am not for the other party I remember they gave King hell and most it from his own party.

  4. Bro. Pierre is a gentleman: don’t judge him by any impediment: non of us is perfect.
    I try every day to be perfect in the eyes of God, not man. God alone is my judge; He
    judges me by my behavior toward my brethren here, not by the colour of my skin.

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