Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Pierre Says He Will Be The Next Saint Lucia Prime Minister

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Declaring that he is the most under estimated politician in this country, opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has nevertheless asserted that he will become the next Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader was addressing the annual general meeting of  the party’s Micoud South constituency on Sunday evening.

A video recording of the address was posted on the SLP’s official Facebook page.

Pierre said in the SLP’s Micoud South candidate, Guibion Ferdinand, he sees a reflection of himself.

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“When I started in this politics, few people gave me a chance of being where I am today,” the SLP leader recalled.

“One of my greatest strengths is that I am the most underestimated politician in Saint Lucia,” the Castries East MP noted.

“And the same way I beat them in Castries East five times, I will beat them at the next general elections and the labour party will win and I will become the next Prime Minister of Saint Lucia,” Pierre asserted to applause from his supporters.

He declared that the country cannot continue on its current path.

“I was saying to somebody a while ago ‘You mean you have a parliamentary representative who cannot speak to your grandmother?'” Pierre stated, in an obvious reference to current Micoud South MP, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his ability to speak Saint Lucian Kweyol.

“Your parliamentary representative cannot to speak to your grandmother unless there is an interpreter,” Pierre declared.

He told party faithful that the Allen Chastanet administration is bluffing and fooling people.

“So when the labour party comes with policies that will improve the quality of life for the people of Saint Lucia, that will improve the quality of life for the young people of Saint Lucia, when we speak of a Youth Economy, they try to pappy show us,” Pierre declared.

He expressed the view that the government understands very well what the opposition is saying.

“But because they do not have the desire, or the capacity or the love to improve the lives of the young people of Saint Lucia, they say that we cannot fulfill our promise of a youth economy,” Pierre stated.

However he vowed that the SLP will fulfill its promise to the young people of this country.



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