Thursday, September 29, 2022

Pierre Says Level Of Crime In Saint Lucia ‘Unacceptable’

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Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre, has expressed concern about crime in Saint Lucia asserting that the level of criminal activity here is ‘unacceptable’.

Pierre spoke Thursday morning during an appearance on the ‘Morning Heat’ on Blazin FM.

The opposition leader’s comments came against the backdrop of two separate recent double homicides.

He explained that crime is not an issue that can easily be dealt with.

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“Politicians have opened their mouths and given prescriptions for crime, saying that they can make places safer,” Pierre recalled.

However, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader declared that he would never say that.

“What Philip J. Pierre will say is that crime is at unacceptable levels and we will use all necessary avenues, most of all including consultation with people,” he stated regarding dealing with crime.

Pierre also spoke of the need to address social issues.

He said they include the matter of children being unable to attend school and the need for role models.

The SLP leader also highlighted that people believe there are two Saint Lucias with one justice for some and another for others.

But he declared that there must be justice for all.

And Pierre asserted that justice must not only be done, but seem to be done.

“We must lead by example,” he opposition leader stated.

“We cannot say to one set of people ‘You can do this’ and the other set can’t do it,” Pierre explained.

He said as Prime Minister he will try his best to ensure that people gain confidence in the system of justice.

In this regard, he noted that cannabis is illegal.

However, Pierre asserted that the system is such that someone the police arrest for cannabis has to go to prison and has to get bail.

“It’s not supposed to happen,” he stated.

Pierre said since it is against the law, someone whom the police arrest for cannabis should be able to get police bail.

“Don’t take him to court next day – sleep in a cell,” he stated.

“As soon as we get into government, we are going to ensure that anybody who has been in jail or has a conviction for one or two joints – that would be expunged¬† from the record,” Pierre stated.

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