Friday, December 13, 2019

Pierre Says Neocolonialism A Real Threat

Saint Lucia’s opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has described neocolonialism as an economic threat coming from difference sources.

Speaking against the backdrop of the recent celebration of Emancipation Day, Pierre said some of the sources of neocolonialism are actually home-grown.

“The effect of debt – and if you want to come closer home, our government is embarking on a $600 million debt for a prestige project. That is going to put Saint Lucian young people in debt, ” the SLP leader told MBC Television News.

“These threats are basically economic. It’s a threat that is limiting our people’s ability to get health care, education and our ability to have an improved standard of living,” the Castries East MP asserted.

“We are still under threat even if we celebrate Emancipation Day,” he explained.

Pierre expressed concern that Emancipation Day celebrations in Saint Lucia seemed to be low key.

“I want to assure the people of Saint Lucia that we are not afraid of our history and when our party wins the next elections we are going to ensure that Emancipation Day is properly observed so that the young people who have not really understood out history – have not understood where we are coming from, will get the opportunity to celebrate our freedom; to celebrate our coming away from slavery,” he told MBC News.




  1. When you’ll get back in power? Or if you’ll get back in power. Because it’s clear that this present government is much better at developing the country compared to you guys.

  2. This guy is insane? Why is he talking about debt when the history of St Lucia’s economy will show that the debt to GDP always rise higher under an SLP government. Stop scaring the youth of this country by misleading them, claiming that they would be the one paying for these projects which will create employment for the. Money is being collected today as you speak for the payments of these loans and you know what? 99% of St Lucian are not the one paying for it. Only the travelling 1% of ST Lucian pays a very small potion of the debt. With reference to the fuel tax, we are paying much less at the pump compared to the SLP time and these SLPs are complaining that govt is taking $1.50 on every gal of fuel purchased. That means that the $1.50 on every gallon is benefiting all vehicle owners.
    I believe this nonsense will disappear just like the SLP OJO Lab propaganda which is now benefiting hundreds of youth in the south and the country. Their are now mute on this issue after all their propaganda.

  3. If Pip is so caring about the youth, why does he have to wait until he gets into government to teach us of our history? Why not now? You have more time on your hands.
    This man believes we are fools?

    • He is brighter than every one of you jackasses that’s making comments here . He is the only one I see taking about the fiscal noose that’s around our necks and it’s getting tighter by the day under this present government. There has been no tightening of our belts to deal with our debt ceiling under Mr. Beggy beggy borrow borrow government NONE. Their school of thoughts and fundamentals are to borrow as much as we can to hell with the debt ceiling generation XYZ will pay for it later it’s all in the name of “prosperity and progress” Yes prosperity is good only when your debt is lower than income. We can’t have loans out that when combines is higher than our GDP and GNP so what “prosperity” can the average Saint Lucian have when we are financially enslaved to our debtors for generations to come. I commend Prime Minister Pierre for speaking out about this.

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