Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pierre Says Promised Money For Pensioners ‘In The Bank’

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On Tuesday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre informed parliament that his administration had kept its promise of a one-time payment to government pensioners.

“One of the promises we made is that we would have given pensioners a one-off payment of five hundred dollars at the end of July, Mr. Speaker and as I speak, that money is in the bank,” Pierre declared to desk thumping by government MPs.

The Castries East MP, responsible for Finance, also revealed that discussion with the National Insurance Corporation (NIC) had yielded an agreement to give all pensioners a four and a half percent increase.

Pierre indicated that the NIC would implement the measure in July this year.

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Earlier, he thanked the people of Saint Lucia and his Castries East constituency for taking ‘historic action’ on July 26, 2021, in electing the 15 members on the government side.

“Mr. Speaker, it is my hope that we will continue to serve the people of Saint Lucia and put the people of Saint Lucia first to continue to battle the economic problems that we have inherited and the other problems that have come onto us – not of our own doing,” Pierre told parliament.

The PM expressed confidence that with the support of members of the house and the people of Saint Lucia, ‘we will prevail’.

Pierre thanked his cabinet colleagues and others who had worked together as a team.

“I am sure that the people of Saint Lucia have understood the situation and they will work with us for the betterment,” he stated.

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  1. Some of the people here no y they are being like this u can’t be for st lucians if u see something good even if u don’t support a party u can say its a step in the wright direction. I would say good start to u pm in bigger countries not much help is given to people. No one is posting that on Facebook when something good happens in another country u all quick to post it. Post this one. Shame on u all I always say am for st lucians not party.

  2. I can’t understand why people would ever want to be politicians in Saint Lucia.

    Nothing you do will please these fools. Nothing is never good enough for these people.

    It boggles the mind why anyone would want to be a politician in Saint Lucia.

  3. At the last elections i sat down and i watched how the cwappo smoked lucians pip with ken knee and toni dancing with joy how lucians was so stupid this time around again. With a drug dealer with a 3 day US visa pass and a big belly man that was once PM but now with no shame on the S@LoP party that once defeated him. Lucia flat down flat atterre! LUCIA CWAPPO ALREADY SMOKE YOUR PIP WITH KEN KNEE AND TONI

  4. Lucians all de moni gone in de hairy bank all de money dere in de hairy bank! Its all in the pwell bank! One day We will all learn when they take all de moni and put it in de septic tank! S@LoP put st lucia flat down flat atterre!

  5. I understand why we are not moving forward in this Country. We fail to work and always looking for a grease hand. We need to try to sustain ourselves and stop depending on government and other people.

  6. So click $500 is better than nothing. Do you want him to give them all $500 a month for life? Not even countries with the best economy can afford to do that.

    • Thats what “pension” is all about: you get monthly stipends. Thats how other countries do it lol not a one time life payment. Can’t wait to reach that age to collect my $500 lol jokes I tell you


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