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Pierre Says Regarding Elections: ‘We’re Ready!’

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has indicated to the House of Assembly that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is ready for elections if it is called before September next year.

“That’s the problem now, they’re in a mad haste because they realise that next week is June 6,” Pierre said of the current government’s planned infrastructural development projects.

The United Workers Party (UWP) administration won the last elections on June 6, 2016 by a margin of 11-6.

Pierre asserted that by September next year, the UWP must return to the polls.

“They can do nothing about it. They can victimise, they can get vexed, they can be arrogant, they can stop demonstrations, they can  stop gatherings – they can do whatever they want; they cannot stop September next year for a date for general elections when the people of this country will take a decision on what they have done for them for the last four years,” the SLP leader noted.

“And if they come before that, we’re ready,” Pierre told the house.

Earlier the opposition leader said the Allen Chastanet administration wants to give the impression that they are the ‘roads’ government.

“Because elections are near, there’s a mad rush for roads,” Pierre stated.

He told the house that in government the SLP repaired or re-built 23 bridges.

Pierre spoke in detail about the work the then labour administration did on roads throughout the country between 2012 and 2016.

“We’re not speaking about 1997 coming down,” the Castries East MP explained.

Pierre declared that the Allen Chastanet administration has an issue regarding its priorities.

“They have been caught with their pants down – they believed they would have been in power for 40 years,” he said.

Pierre told the house that this year for the UWP was supposed to be the year of projects.

“There’s a mad rush – projects, projects, projects, Mr. Speaker,” he declared.

“I predicted that there would have been so much turning of the soil in Saint Lucia that the Prime Minister’s back would hurt him,” Pierre told the house.

But he said the UWP cannot stop time.




  1. The St. Lucians that I know will never stoop so low and put an incompetent leader like Pierre to ran the country. Kenny Anthony never had any confidence in Pierre as a replacement leader for the SLP. Pierre is now the leader of SLP by default. The whole world is proud of St. Lucia and its leadership at this point in time, and St. Lucians will never sacrifice this forward march that St. Lucia is on. So let SLP dream of being in power, that’s all it ism a dream.

  2. Pm.Pierre I know your refrain a day after election. There is no money in the treasury so..we can’t pay salary increase …we can’t do this…we can’t…I am in town too long..none of you deserve my vote….twi bunches of hungry greedy guys….Politics is no for me.

  3. SLP will not get my vote. all they did the last time was scandals, lies , bobol and mayhem. people aint going there.

  4. WE’re READY!! rReady for what? Another humiliating loss to a superior government? Face it this government has lead solidly through unprecidented times. We’re coming through this pandemic in not a perfect condition, but given the circumstances. We doing pretty good.

    Pierre, you too much of a lackey F*&k-up. Good thing you not in power when this pandemic crisis hit, we all be in big big trouble. The way it is now at least we have something to work with to set our economy back on course. Chas, will continue to guide us through this crisis, and we will all prosper. Give the man a chance to complete his good work. Tourism will come back. We all be happy again!

  5. Jeffrey from your comments you are I’ll informed and brainless. Say you have no shame. So much corruption in this government and you talking rubbish. Think Starter you are one of the UWP parasites. You have nothing to talk about. SHUT UP.

  6. Poor jab Pip he’s really trying no doubt under tremendous pressure from those in the party who want to take his place. Looks like every time he opens his mouth makes the foolish comments they laugh at him instead of telling him to shut up talk about giving someone enough rope to damage themselves

  7. Ready for what? WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS for the FUTURE? How do you intend to try to fix the mess that we are in?? Give us something to work with for once, positive things to look forward to (and not bluffs) otherwise you not ready yet…wasting time talking about when y’all were in power y’all did x y and z…sah ha passe choops!!

  8. This system of the existing government setting the election date needs to change. It is antiquated and ridiculous. But yes, I’m voting for SLP. Not because they are any better. But I have a serious problem with one bunch of crooks stealing from us for at least 8 years straight. Give the other crooks a chance.

    • 8 years straight???? Who was in power before 2016?

      Oh my bad you mean SLP stole for the previous 4 years then UWP started from 2016.

      I get it. Sorry my bad.

  9. I’m from laborie and this time around SLP will not get my vote as pjp as a leader.That man is to angry and a turnoff watching his attitude in the house and that’s my opinion.First of all why SLP want to get in power in that state the economy is? Lucians use you all head stop letting politicians use it for you all. Uwp slp men bet mem pwel.

    • So you rather vote for a white man that is so disconnected from the average St. Lucian? I guess your vote but remember it affects all.

      • Will… You need to know your history and races! While Chastenet may LOOK white, he has black roots and blood. Do you think that only dark skinned people have black ancestors?

  10. Mr. Pierre the country is broke. The gov’t can barely pay their cuvil servants. Monies borrowed by this gov’t & your previous administration still have to be paid. So where are you gonna get the finance to bring the country forward in your vision since you yourself and your puppets are broke. You will be coming empty handed Oh! I know……bring back vat to 15% put back the vehicle license, raise the pension age to 70years, raise NIC by 5%. I can go on and on. So, no you will not get my vote for sure. Neverrr

  11. The slp should know by now even if someone would want to vote for the slp they don’t want Pierre as their prime minister this guy is a loser he cannot control his self in the house his own party eh want him as leader you all eh listening slp hacks change the leader to have a chance at next election I eh want. Pierre as my leader they just lost my vote Pierre is slp down fall he is too arrogant

  12. url fail to realize whether is pierre or not if another party comes in next year SOMEBODY has to fix that mess that we are in as a country….

    its like leaving ur home for a few weeks and coming to find that ur kids messed it up entirely….u will ask urlsef where do i start???

    but the mess gotta b cleaned up any huuu..

  13. Last time around SLP politicians had become very arrogant, behaved like they owned the country, thinking they can do and say whatever they want. They needed to go. UWP was an experiment and they have failed miserably on every level and they’re not done yet. So we have an arrogant bunch and a failed bunch. What options! I don’t think the country can take another 4 years of UWP, there will be no St. Lucia left when they’re done with us. Sadly, choosing the better evil, it will be SLP for me.

  14. Can Pierre please tell me what would he do to clean up the uwp mess .what are the plans he have in place for st.Lucia .what are the new investments he has .what about investor’s hop he is not clueless

  15. Four years slp supports are angry so sad I would like to know what plans Pierre have to offer what a mess Lucians misery coming your way The miracle party stop letting politicians fool you all.

  16. All the meds talk is being perpetuated by the SLP. Propaganda begets propaganda. That is all I see coming from the SLP. The behavior of the SLP in the House is shameless , including carrying a 30 yr old grudge against the Governor General. (Their open defiance and disrespect to the Governor General is inexcusable for would be leaders)
    PIP does not have a clue how to deal with investors should they show up on our doorstep. From the attitude they have displayed, it is obvious they are floundering in the mire of political stupidity. They have not demonstrate d that they have the country’s interest at heart. Ti_ boutique projects is
    All SLP knows. Just to keep their politicians in office. NICe, STEP PROUD etc. The country deserves more sustainable activity

  17. We are ready!!! Enough of the friends, family, foreigners, broke investors, horses over people, outrageous borrowing and disrespect. We have had enough and We Are Ready!!

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