Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Pierre Says Ruling Party Supporters ‘Coming Over’ To SLP

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has told reporters that disgruntled supporters of the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) are turning to the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“There are many young people, women and professionals who want to join our partyย  – plus people in the United Workers Party who are disgruntled; who the dream of having a thousand jobs in Vieux Fort for the horse race; the dream of having 400 jets on the airport starting from today – that hasn’t happened; the dream of five hotels – that still hasn’t happened,” Pierre asserted.

“So there are many people in the United Workers Party who are willingย  and are able and are coming over,” he explained.

On Sunday, former UWP government minister Doctor Keith Mondesir appeared on an SLP political platform in Vieux Fort, declaring that labour is the better alternative.

Mondesir, sporting a red shirt, blasted UWP cabinet members with whom he had served, accusing them of treachery and dishonesty.

In contrast, he expressed the view that members of the labour party are more honest, trustworthy and will take the feelings of the poor into consideration.

“We have many surprises for you,” SLP leader Philip J. Pierre told reporters.

He disclosed that he is very upbeat and excited about the future of the labour party.




  1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚There’s nothing new under the sun. Democracy at its fullness. Come again, come better than that. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ thanks for the amusement anyways.

  2. Pierre did you really take your time to speak to reporters of this gabbage? You made my day!!!!!
    โ€œWe have many surprises for you,โ€ SLP leader Philip J. Pierre told reporters. Wait it’s coming the surprise you will get PHILLIP.

    • Don’t be too confident my friend. Remember, Linton was overly confident as well. And yes, some (including myself) think Skerrit is a scumbag but still he was chosen by a handsome margin. Remember in the previous election SLP was overly confident as well and they almost lost all their seats. And, of course, the Democrats too were extremely confident but look what we have. All I’m saying here is . . . you never know.

      • 5 years ago dominica Labour Party won with Dominica UWP getting 6. Right after Uwp in stlucia won 11 with SLP wining 6. This time around with UWP dominica wining 3 I wonder what will be the outcome for SLP here?

  3. PJP … you are wasting your time on the intelligencia demographic of Saint Lucia. Your propaganda on the subject of people leaving one party for another failed one stinks! A lot of the intellectual society are disgruntled by BOTH administrations; they’re just mum about it. So, the SLP had better hurry and put forth an “INTELLIGENT” mandate which includes the creatives and productive sectors of this country (the backbone of all global civilizations!). Saint Lucians are not as stupid as you think, at least not this commenter. Feh unh bagay!

    ” … In contrast, he expressed the view that members of the labour party are more honest, trustworthy and will take the feelings of the poor into consideration … ” Not only the “feelings of the poor” silly man, but also the elderly, disabled, maligned and most important the youth!! Their immediate NEEDS, and not their “feelings”. Sad thing is when you all get in front of a mic on a platform, rubbish comes out of your mouths.

    Your political schooling petticoat is showing. Saint Lucians are not stupid!!

  4. “On Sunday, former UWP government minister Doctor Keith Mondesir appeared on an SLP political platform…..” Seriously, lol, this is the same Tuxedo Villas, Keith Mondesir. smh. and that is the reason why people distrust politicians. SLP seems to be happy with the washed out has-been from UWP, first was Vaughan Lewis now Keith Mondesir? Maybe they will call up Rufus Bousquet (AKA Bruce Wayne Tucker) next.
    But, the best part of this article is “In contrast, he expressed the view that members of the labour party are more honest, trustworthy”
    that had me laughing so hard. Ernest Hilare needs to do what he has to do quickly and take over the reigns of leadership from Philip Pierre before PIP [email protected]$Ks it up for the party.

  5. PM Pierre just be mindful of Judas please Sir. It’s not the SLP that would run the country better it’s YOU Sir that would be a better leader to leads us out of this sinkhole painstakingly. You are more grounded and you understand the issues of pertinence that are germain and profound to St Lucian’s. You are more of a Statesman any day in every way compared to the extruded product we have right now no matter how much PAID PR he receives. Present your self to the people, local folks and the working poor of this country who has not seen the needle shift for them. Go and present your case it’s there country too and make them feel they have a role to play in its development and let them feel it’s “not just for some “. Grass roots to the cause, you will not be alone at the start of the New Year, an army of volunteers including myself will be out spreading the message due to the bias propaganda filled and self proclaimed media and journalists in this country who are BITTER and FOREVER SELF CONCEITED, we must take the grass roots approach in spearheading you to victory.

  6. UWP supporters will more than likely abstain rather than vote SLP. I am a supporter of neither party nor have I ever voted in my 45 years on this earth. It is clear that they are all crooks. However, I intend to be first in line to vote out UWP. Truth be told we need better than what is currently on offer but we’re getting no less than we deserve.

  7. Those commentators are another example of impotent wannabe intellectuals having a strong attempt at mastabaitin knowing full well that they won’t ejaculating.

  8. Richard Fredericks now Dr. Keith Mondesir? 2 guys the SLP party exposed as *********. 1 in the US Embassy the other in the St Lucia courts. Now they are being embraced and is being lifted by a disparate SLP. Who next? Morella? She has been with you since 2011. That’s not new. She fell for Kenny’s bait.

  9. Why wasn’t Morella on the platform in VFort. Was it because the meeting was a huge flop? The whole of VFort know she was bought by Kenny. Sent to Guyana for a job. No surprise.

  10. Phillip Pip J Pierre’s comments seems to be a duplicate copy of the Dominican Linton UWP leader recent public speeches before he was defeated at the polls a few days ago…..loads of lies, fake news & innuendos {all hatched up to mislead & to divert attention}!

  11. All this verbatim of trashing the current administration by SLP leader Pip shows the problems the St.Lucia Labour party is currently facing …… (A) a former lack lustre political leader name Dr Kenny Anthony. (B) an interim corrupt to the core ear marked political leader name Dr Ernest Hilaire. (C) an empty current political leader none other than Phillip J Pierre ~ En Bien!

  12. When idiots move from one party to the next they cause an oversupply of idiots in the recipient party. Certainly not a reason to celebrate.

  13. Pip just spreading fake news because he has no respect for our intelligence and thinks we’ll always just blindly follow him

  14. Words of a desperate man. Sorry to burst you’ll bubble. You guys won’t be in power any time soon. Keep dreaming and let the poles decide. I bet u will disappear like Kenny when he lost the last elections. Anybody can see the country is being more developed by this administration compared to the previous one.

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