Pierre Seeking Joint Solutions, Declares Time For ‘Political Games’ Over

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, declaring that the time for ‘political games’ is over, plans to forge ahead with plans to invite various stakeholders to come up with solutions to the current economic challenges facing Saint Lucia as a result of the present global crisis.

Opposition leader Allen Chastanet this week rejected the invitation, asserting that the Prime Minister had ridiculed solutions offered in the past and had no interest in working with the opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

“Next week I will be writing the civil partners, I will be writing all the NGOs, the trade unions and the opposition although I understood that before they got the letter they objected. So they answered my letter before I wrote it. But what do you expect? But I will still write them,” Pierre, responsible for Finance, stated.

The Castries East MP was addressing a signing ceremony on Friday for the FLOW ‘Home Communications Relief Bundle’ for internet services to the less fortunate.

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“I am going to write the opposition because there are people who supported the opposition. These people are Saint Lucians and they benefit from the FLOW bundle and they benefit from the facility fees and their children benefit from the one laptop programme and they too do not pay VAT on electricity,” Pierre said.
He told his audience that the opposition is responsible for doing what the people elected them to do.

“I am going to write them because I want to have a joint approach to the problems in this country especially now, because what we are going through now is not our fault,” Pierre explained.

“There are some of the things that are our fault – some of the things we inherited,” the Prime Minister said.

Pierre, whose Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) surged to power in a landslide after the July 26, 2021, general elections, said some of the inherited things were ‘terrible.’

He said now is not the time for one-upmanship and political games because the country is facing tough times.

“The time to play games is over, just like the elections are over,” Pierre pointed out.


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  1. If you don’t want duplicate comments then post my first comment. Stop deciding whether you should post a comment once it is not derogatory or libelous.

  2. I’m happy to have heard these comments, but wait Mr Pierre you asking to do what you and your party is not. You want to stop playing political games but that’s what you doing. We gave you such mandate about a year ago but you still campaigning. Just take a look at the games you playing with the future of our country. Alva should have been at the UN Summit but you choose to send Frederick so the US could give him a 3 day visitor’s visa for him to go to the USA to show off. You know that there will be a backlash from the US government and our citizens will feel the squeeze. Keep putting Richard, Helaire and King first and not the people.

  3. What a weak and lost PM . You reap what you sow. Get Richard and King to find the solutions to the country you definitely cannot lead. Didn’t you all have all the answers. Please Chas don’t get involved in this because they were too disrespectful to you

  4. Not One Is Upright,and You Will never find One Upright-Except the One Yet To Come :
    “Go up and down the streets in every town and city of 🇱🇨 St-Lucia, look around and consider,search through her Square.
    If only you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth,(GOD).
    I will forgive this city.
    Although they say, ‘As surely as the LORD lives,’ Still they are swearing falsely’.
    O LORD,do not your eyes look for truth ? You struck them, but they felt no pain ; you crushed them, but they refused correction.
    They made their faces harder than stone and refuse to repent.
    For they do not know the way of the LORD,the requirements of GOD.”
    But in one Honoda accord they are like broken citerns that cannot hold water ;and broke off the yoke and turn off the bonds.

    We do not ask, ‘Where is our GOD those who deal with the law do not know us and the leaders and officials rebelled against us, but with the helping hand of our GOD,they will loose heart,even then, if they are found guilty, their lampstand is ready to move from its place.

  5. PJP I suspect you became perverted along the way. But go back to the place where you started. Seek the face of Jehovah. He said ‘if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of me.’

  6. Pierre people are starting not to like you because in opposition you had all the ideas and solutions to make our lives better and now you’re in power your ideas are not working and you are clueless as to what to do. You are only complaining to the people. You have failed them in 1 year in office. The only thing you have done and your Gov’t keeps boasting is giving students laptops. I’m not sure how far it will bring them though, but I hope to see brilliant minds like inventors since this initiative to you is like the best thing that ever happened to St Lucia education and is rewarding to the country as a whole.

  7. ……they benefit from the facility fees and their children benefit from the one laptop programme and they too do not pay VAT on electricity,” Pierre said.
    Now get this straight Pierre these same people pay income tax and VAT and NIC that your government use to carry out these initiatives. It is our money you giving back to us. Remember that and stop playing politics.

  8. A trained economist..a 5 🌟 ⭐ 🌟 🌟 🌟 general is lost. If you can’t lead get out of the kitchen. 1 year of games is enough…..

  9. You Mr. P.m. can bring alot of relief to parents at this time by making some of the books for core CSEC subjects available online. Textbooks for Maths, English, Business, Social Studies and Agriculture can simply be scanned by the IT department at the Ministry of Education and placed online for students of Forms 3 to 5. Especially those whose parents are unable to purchase the books and this causes their performance to suffer. The bookstores are already making quite a bit of money from the sale of primary text books, books for Forms 1 and 2 and text books for Sir Arthur. Bring some real relief to parents. The $90 facilities fee isn’t cutting it.

  10. y’all don’t understand that the pm cannot help us with inflation because of the amount of money it will take from the government.
    if he reduces import tax who is going to build the hospital, airport and multiple businesses for the locals to have employment.

    I eh support chas at all but his solutions are for the people but still. Pierre solutions is better, why reduce inflation when we can have more employment, more airports, new hospitals, new projects, new round abouts, better roads, etc.
    Have faith in our pm, as he stated almost everything he has planned will be taken into action immediately and don’t be surprised if all of this is done before the year ends

    • Ok then, you said these things will take place immediately then why are we here now. Putting projects first, higher prices, even worse than Chas! What a deceit for tax payers monies.

  11. Of all the qualified members why R. F. of all persons? that’s giving St. Lucia a black eye in the face of our neighbour. Some time ago he pass on an opportunity to go to Dubai. Mr. P.M. you are allowing yourself to be used; no former P.M. would ever put up with this mans tricks, why are you afraid, is it because he financed the victory for SLP? the presence of this person at the U.N. will ask questions – it will look bad for St. Lucia – the God above is watching and is judging.

  12. At this rate you all will never find a solution because you cannot pleased everyone. This is not putting the people first because out of the 180k people who inhabit this banana republic there will be equally equivalent opinion. Such approach is also showing weakness in leadership. You were not elected to form forum your were elected to lead. If you are unable to find solution just step down and give someone else who is competent. You are well aquatinted with the British system and what is happening.. You have no control of imported goods about there increase cost of production amongst other. What you and others continue to turn a blind eye on is agriculture. This aspect seems to be considered poor people job. But let those same poor people don’t plant their farms and supply the food chain Soo what your smart ass will eat. Honestly step down PJP


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