Pierre Speaks On Rising Food Prices

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says that by adopting measures such as consuming more locally produced goods and growing more local food, Saint Lucia can reduce the current ‘imported inflation.

The Prime Minister, an economist by profession, made the remarks in response to a reporter’s question about rising food prices.

“As I explained in parliament on Tuesday, the high prices of food – basically foods that are imported, we have absolutely no control over it because it is what we call imported inflation,” Pierre observed.

“These prices come from goods that are brought from out of the country and the increases are due to circumstances out of the country- circumstances due to COVID, circumstances due to problems with the supply chain so we have absolutely no control over these prices,” he expressed.

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“The only control we have in Saint Lucia is that we can adjust or amend the duties and the VAT paid on these items in Saint Lucia, but that means that you have to weigh the circumstances, you have to weigh the consequences. That will cause a drop in revenue,” the Castries East MP noted.

In this regard, Pierre said the government had to do a cost-benefit analysis to see the effect on the economy and the people’s quality of life of the lost revenue.

“The only way we get revenue is from import duties, from VAT and from taxes. That’s the only way we can collect any revenue or loans. So the idea of people saying that we can do something about the cost of goods that really is a fallacy – it almost doesn’t make any sense,” he asserted.

“What we can do is we can use what goods we produce in Saint Lucia. We can improve our food security by using, consuming locally produced foods,” Pierre explained.

However, he pointed out that there’s still the issue of the rising prices of inputs like fertilisers to consider.

Nevertheless, he disclosed that the government is working to address the problem of rising food prices which did not arise overnight but worsened due to COVID-19 and issues in the supply chain.

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  1. To me the local produce that we are being encouraged to buy, the prices have gone up more than the imported ones. Check this out imported chicken has gone up by cents while the local has gone up by dollars. What are we to do with no salary increase on the horizon.

  2. You say we should use the imported goods and local goods in Saint Lucia, so why are the prices on them raising as well? Like are you serious?
    A bag of tomatoes was 4 dollars now it’s 10.

  3. Oftentimes, it is way cheaper to buy the produce from the supermarkets than to buy from the vendors. Some farmers sell their provisions cheaper to the supermarkets than on the streets. I cannot understand why i am able to buy yams cheaper at the supermarkets and twice the price from a street vendor. We all want to buy local but at what cost? It is easy when in opposition, you know the reality on the ground, but will use all sorts of tactics to deflect others from the truth. Now you in power you are echoing the words of the previous government, which you knew all along. St. Lucians open ahyo eyes and watch de game. Mwen meme!

  4. Pierre knows what time it is, because it is like that in US, UK, and any other country in the world. Government functions on taxes. When there are shortages prices go up.

  5. Sorry to announce the bad news, unless Putin is bluffing, there will be war in Europe. If or when that happens, all hell breaks out. Don’t even think of importing foods. Without a war, Canadians are already suffering from food shortage, due to Truckers strike about Covid Mandate. War in Europe would cripple the Western Economy, shortage in all material goods, food and Medicine. Your only resource – Fishing and local ground Vegetables – Time to address the Father in Heaven through Jesus His Son, He is always there in times of need.

  6. @Mweh men I agree with you, but also the country must invest heavily in agriculture ; our cost of importing certain things are hiting us hard we are dependant on this American Lifestyle too much the importance of farming is not been stress enough….modern day farming to be exact to get a younger generation involed in the process. Gone are the days when you need to put on water boots to grow something In the words of The Honorable Luis Farrakhan “whomsoever feeds you owns you” so yes to minimum wage but with that comes an increase in the cost of living, greedy employers would be looking to offset that. .

  7. Wow – Bravo !! to Pierre. He has finally spoken about something and did not blame Chastanet. Fingers crossed, I can only hope it is a new beginning for him. Tell us about the problem and come up with a solution instead of blaming someone else for it.

    Start to be a leader Mr. Pierre.

  8. You have no control over the rising food prices philip but you expected Allan to have had. You’ll politician are just a bunch of hippocrates selfish and dishonest creatures why not just be honest with the citizens,no for you’ll personal gain you’ll make it look like st.lucia could be paradise. I hope you know that fuel prices are rising and you and your cabinet can’t do nothing about it.

  9. Though I said I’m not gonna comment on any news article anymore but can Philip tell us why the price of local eggs gone up? It is produced locally. Why has local chicken gone up as well? Tell us why local manufactured beverages such as soft drinks, beer etc have gone up too.
    Tell us why buying local produce foods when we do not produced raw materials which is needed to produce most of the local manufactured and grown produce. Mr Philip J Pierre I do not think you understand what you are saying. Do you think before you speak? Farmers need fertilizer to produce food in abundance for markets. We do not make plastic containers here or breakable bottles so either way local or international we are still screwed.

  10. Mr. Pierre haven’t also realize the price of fuel is rising? So electricity, eventually the fuel at the pump will rise. Now with electricity rising, the price of our local product at the supermarket will also rise. Electricity in the chicken coop and processing plant will increase. Cost of transporting the locally grown produce will increase. What will be you solution? With a price increase on imported goods there will be a reduction in demand. Less goods coming in less duty collected for recurring expenditure expenditure. How will buying local help you at this point. Yes it will create a small rise of cash in the private sector but not enough to put the extra money in government treasury. How will you pay you expenses? An increase in tax will make it worse

  11. You have no control over the rising food prices but you can do something for the people of St. Lucia and implement the minimum wage

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