Pierre speaks on term limits for Prime Ministers

Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre has been addressing the issue of term limits for government leaders, asserting that he believes in the will of the people.

Pierre spoke against the backdrop of a Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruling this week,  that a parliamentary amendment of the Guyana Constitution to provide for presidential term limits is constitutional.

The CCJ panel of judges ruled 6-1 in favour of term limits.

Philip J. Pierre told St Lucia Times that he believes once the system is designed in a way that the will of the people will take place, the people should be allowed to choose leaders and the duration of the time they serve.

“If the majority of the people believe that there should be term limits – so be it. But I believe that the people should have the choice to choose their elected representatives for how long they want, once the process is fair,” the opposition leader stated.





  1. I just don’t like J.Pierre’s attitude that man is negative towards every issue.He responds as a dictator.To me he is a real Jackass!

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