Monday, February 17, 2020

Pierre Tells New York Audience Crime Situation In Saint Lucia ‘Crucial’

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader, Philip J. Pierre, asserting that the crime situation in Saint Lucia is ‘crucial’, has expressed the view that there should be no political interference in crime prevention in the country.

“I sincerely believe that there should be no political interference in crime prevention,” Pierre told a Town Hall meeting in Brooklyn, New York, attended by Saint Lucians living there.

He explained that in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) there are many individuals qualified in sociology, criminology and law.

The Castries East MP declared to applause from the audience that those individuals must be allowed to do their work without political interference.

“No one is above the law. If there is a law for Jack, there must be a law for Jill – the same law,” Pierre stated.

He told his audience that when the labour party gets into government, it will ensure that there is a specified budgetary allocation towards crime prevention, crime reduction and the strengthening of the judiciary.

Pierre also address the issue of white collar crime.

“I said earlier ‘You break a house – police investigate; you rape the government treasury – police investigate the same way,'” he declared.





  1. “When?” Or “if”. Remember you’ll guys never expected to lose last election? And you’ll did even if you’ll called elections extra early and the opposing party didn’t even launch all their candidates.

  2. So Pierre if I am not mistaken you are part of the Givernment. So if u criticize the government u are also criticizing yourself especillay as u have never in all your press conferences or at parliament highlight any solution ot the crime problem. Am I so dumb to believe is only of your in power u will then all of a sudden have a solution. Crime is affecting all of us and if u love this country and u have the solution then tell us plz.

    • SMH, are you an idiot? You ask the question and I answer you: yes you are dumb. Can’t you read and comprehend? you asking him for solutions when he just suggested that : (1) there should be no political interference in crime prevention; (2)Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has many individuals qualified in sociology, criminology and law and should be allowed to do their work (3) No one is above the law. If there is a law for Jack, there must be a law for Jill – the same law,” (4) there should be a specified budgetary allocation towards crime prevention, crime reduction and the strengthening of the judiciary.
      Please work towards improving your reading and understanding skills.

  3. I hear you Mr. Pierre and you are very correct. Of course lets wait to hear the idiots such as C_WIZ (was), HONKY (Horny) TONK WOMAN , TRUTH (falsehood) BEING TOLD or NURSE and that bunch of the 43% Preschool Club. We know they always try to hide from the really issues.

    • REad these release again and tell me what has Pierre said that I have to comment about. That release is lame. What is new? That’s what he went to the USA to tell the people. That he is not going to interfere with the work of the police? The judiciary system was in a mess, no DPP, the police force was handcuffed under your watch as Deputy Prime Minister. Anyway, it look like PJP was set-up with this BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUND.

      • TRUTH BEING TOLD YOU ARE JUST A MEMBER OF THE PRESCHOOL CLUB. YOU WROTE : “Read these release again and tell me what has Pierre said that I have to comment about” and went on to comment. SMDH and LMAO. I mean I feel bad laughing at your stupidity but I just cannot help but LMAO at your stupidity because your stupidity is such glaring stupidity. TRUTH LOL BEING LOL TOLD LOL.
        I await you next preschool level comment. Please come again because I need another laugh. lol

      • BELAIR FARMER I am asking you now to read your comment again. All you have said is about laughing and stupidity, SMDH, LMAO, LOL. You have said nothing to justify you actions or to show the jokes in my comment. EMPTY. Yes! This is my preschool level comment in your eyes only.

      • Preschooler TRUTH BEING TOLD, of course that’s all you will see. What else should we expect. But let me help you, I also said: “YOU WROTE : ‘Read these release again and tell me what has Pierre said that I have to comment about’ and went on to comment”. Not surprised that you missed that. You damn idiot

  4. The headlines make it seems like he living. Good thing most Lucians use social media so they in tune with what’s happening on this rock even if the newspaper try hiding it.. PM Pierre from the other day you on this white collar ting I like it. Shock the nation make history Lucians will be pleased

  5. Are you willing to change some useless laws in the country,crime is random because the police bring them in and they walk out,because of big friends,legal technicalities ,or slaps on the wrist .Lets make life miserable for these criminals,for gun ofenses no bail and 20 years in jail,with out parole.and ten years for their accomplises.Protect the identity of all witneses,dont subject them to court apearences ,I know two guys that have been in jail,12 times in 30 year period ,in court nearly 30 times,Im asking does any judge look at these records when hes passing sentence,for a simple home robberie ? Cant he apreciate that hes dealing with a seasoned thief,thats been doing this for the last 30 years,? So when you give this guy five months in the hotel in Dennery,hes so happy to get back to his house,were all his friends are.Call the guy a misfit human being ,not fit for walking the streets, and give him 10 years,so when he leaves the hotel,he will be to old to cause any more trouble. Does this make any sence ?

  6. Mr Pierre! I’m wondering if you leave outside of St.lucia,you should be working with the government on certain things because you always say country first.Thats why no politians control my mind for me sing for your money.

  7. Pierre can you and the current government work head to head to deal with those criminals. Stop this nonsense against government officials. Deal with the problem because it need sorting out urgently. Stop this nonsense about white collar crime these can be dealt with afterwards. Do stop and search and get rid of all the tinted windows on vehicles immediately put a law in place.

    Please allow current government time to do his tasks. He is doing a great job.

    All you all need to do is give support to brighten up the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, not destroying.

    Kenny you expired now, please stay away you had you turn and you destroy the country completely. Vieux fort was like a ghost town. Stay away old man or go to Trinidad and enjoy all the government monies. Keep cool now your time expired now.

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  9. Pierre, you should be ashame of you and your party, because you knon very well that it was Kenny that cause the confusion in Lucia land! so the criminals capitalized on his statement to terroise our people in the land! you shameless viper!

  10. Idiot?? What else should I have to say if this is the only point that I disagree with. Unlike you bias party supporters who only support comments made by the party you’ll support. So stop acting like u have a stick up your a**. Let’s see them win. And you call me an idiot when u are more of a bigger idiot supporting a party and not the development of your country, so that more employment could be created in order for the employment rate to go down.

    • Now I am very convinced that you are an idiot, you idiot. Try putting your thoughts together better than you have than here.

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