Pierre: ‘The Sky Is Not Falling!’

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has highlighted a tendency for people to focus on bad news, mainly crime, in an interview on Monday with reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet.

The Castries East MP spoke in response to a question about his constituency’s recent 14th Annual Honouring Ceremony and Maths Quiz.

After describing the event as ‘very uplifting’ he highlighted people’s penchant for the bad news.

” Most of us concentrate on the bad news. Crime, crime, crime, crime – the bad news. It’s sensational. It’s nice – we want to say about it and we say ‘Oh, the sky is falling.’ No. The sky is not falling,” Pierre asserted.

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On the other hand, the Prime Minister declared that Saint Lucia is on the trajectory of progress.

He explained that the government is trying its best to improve the lives of everyone.

“Very simple things. When I was an MP the last time I got nothing for educational allowance. The two (opposition) MPs have got,” Pierre stated.

“The quiz, these children were chosen strictly by meritocracy – absolutely no political interference. Meritocracy – they were good in maths. We honoured them and every child who came first in the constituency in my schools got a tablet. The winner of the Maths Quiz got a laptop computer, school supplies, and a monetary contribution,” the Castries East MP stated.

“Meritocracy and trying to tell our children even though you are from Castries East you can do well and they are doing well,” Pierre said.

Asked what it meant to him to assist the children with their education, he indicated it was his pleasure to do so.

“That’s what I do. I have been doing that all my life. I just don’t publicise it,” Pierre disclosed.

“I give kids several things all the time. This is why some people wonder ‘How come you have won six times?’ I’ll tell you I can win seven and eight times because I deal with the people and regardless of all the propaganda,” he declared.

Pierre said he is not perfect, but the people know what he does for them and together they aspire to make Saint Lucia a better place.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. I really wish you would refrain from commenting cause every word you utter shows how you lack leadership. You said you were never given school supplies, but this is false and you know that. Just like your government did, Chas government did the same. You gave both Felix and Chas but Pauline and Gibo got 5 times more than they got. Chas did you the same, he gave you but Belrose got 5 times more, Helaire got but Mary got 5 times more. The big difference is that Chas and Felix took what was given and distributed it, but you, Helaire, Shawn and Alva refused to take what you got.
    Crime is plaguing us and we must talk about it. There is no sensationalism about it. We need you to act not to remind us that your father was the police officer not you. Tell us what the new Trinidadian Police Commissioner will bring to the table that our local officers wouldn’t.

  2. I wish the Pm would say “no comment” every time he’s asked a question by reporters, but that wouldn’t be practical. What a nonsensical statement by the PM. For the persons who have been affected by crime, yes, it seems like the sky is falling. When you have half the population of Barbados and twice the crime then the flipping sky is falling. There should be a sense of urgency but if the PM thinks it’s no big deal then . . . I am so tired of this nonsense. A PM who says he is for the people but cannot relate to the issues affecting the people, cannot inspire or instill hope. What an absolute tragedy! We are in serious trouble.

    If the children in the quiz were chosen based on meritocracy, then great! Please know, this is not the norm in Saint Lucia. Which is why people have lost hope. Parents send their children to school, children get good grades, get practical experience, have a host of accomplishments but get passed over for party hacks. This country is not based on meritocracy Mr. Pierre! To get ahead in this country you have to be a politician, be friends with a politician, date a politician, sleep with a politician, be campaign manager for a politician or be an unabashed party hack.

  3. Philip not everyone is benefiting from the government. Some of you believe that when you help certain sections of society that means you are helping everyone. Both SLP & UWP want the citizens to believe so. I have never in my life benefited from any governments other that getting a primary and secondary education. I get to university by working part time to pay my tuition. When Covid came none of my family got Care packages from the UWP administration. It was delivered to some and selected few was given. We fend for ourselves. Since Covid I’m out of a job till this day. I’ve applied to the government and private service but only got to a few interviews from the private sector only.
    Pierre you need to take time and analyze things. The same set of people get assistance from the respective governments once they are in power. There are people who are struggling in silence and your help have not reach them. Chastanet’s help didn’t reach them either. People are frustrated and and when they accuse/ criticized government of not doing enough they are constantly attacked verbally by party supporters and labeling them as either UWPs or ridiculed by you and government ministers. Year after year government after government emphasis are placed on one group of people and others are neglected and still we are not seeing the benefits of these initiatives. You promised to help the unemployed. I hope you look into those who were contributing to NIC and income tax and are not contributing from Covid time until now and assist them too. Everyone has a right to speak out against any government once you are suffering. St Lucia does not belong to the party in power.

  4. Pip insinuates that any citizen who is concerned about the current crime calamity is named, Chicken Little.

    It only exposes him as a super chicken who is terrified that we will soon find out that he has no concrete solutions for handling crime locally!

  5. Pierre am a fan but am also a critic. I know you can’t please everyone and yes you have done well as an MP in your constituency and for the country as a whole.

    But in recent years crime has been affecting many people in this country and even if the “sky is not falling” you need to do more as the National Security Minister.

    Last time you said your job is to provide resources to the police. No sir, your job is to protect Saint Lucia from all threats both foreign and domestic.

    A lot of emphasis is being placed on the lack of police action. But this is not only the police to blame. What about the judiciary?, they too need to be blamed because the sentences being handed down are to lax.

    So a broader aspect of your job would be, to get with your judiciary to implement tougher sentencing, implement more draconian measures, harden your ports of entry, and fire or replace workers that are not performing. This is your job as National security Minister.

    By the way say when it comes to national security, this should be a bipartisan issue. Both parties should have a stake in the success of this implementation.

    So my challenge to you, is to meet with the UWP, sit at the table, create a framework, adopt a budget in the house to mitigate crime and to implement measure to protect the well being of the citizens.

    May be your first project is to create a security perimeter of cameras around Castries approved by both parties included in the national budget.

    Some issues are bipartisan, National Security should be one of them. So you need to bring the UWP in. have a sit at the table to discuss issues of national security for the safety of the citizens.

    Only then I can say you have done a great job. Anything else it just same old thing different day.

  6. Pip god will deal with you..Why you saying you didn’t get nothing as a mp you choose not to take anything the last administration was giving..I never see a pm lies so much that is why I can’t believe nothing these politicians saying dividing the people sad where do we go from there

  7. Pierre said when he was MP he got nothing. Man look a load of lies. All members from both parties go school supplies. They didn’t always get laptops or tablets but they got stuff every year. This is why I loose all respect and trust for this man. He lie to damb much.

  8. Mr Prime Minister, while I commend you on your charitable tendancies, I must however, reprimand you on your lack of tact when addressing the media and by extension the Nation. Words have meaning when you are a politician and particularly when you are a politician because these words have consequences. You can not tell the mother who lost a son to gun violence or the family who lost a beautiful daughter to sexual violence that the sky is not falling because indeed for them, the sky is falling. You show a lack of sensitivity when you trivialise the effects crime has on the Nation. To make such a comment suggests you have not grasp nor learned the nuances of the society. Society is complex and multifaceted and therefore your approach to society should be complex and multifaceted. If people focus on crime and comment on crime is because it is an issue that is severely affecting the fabric of society. And no one is sensationalising crime or think it is nice to politicize crime…you show by your words that you have learned nothing in how to soothe the emotional fabric of society. You are the PM, you were voted in and you are now at the helm but you constantly sound like you are campaigning to be what you already are…the Prime Minister. So be the Prime Minister and minister to the nation not reproach the people with pointless sound bites. If you agree that St Lucia is on an upward trajectory, then it’s only right that society seek to focus on the things that are wrong in society, namely crime. You are also guilty by making such a statement of psychological abandonment of your duty in dealing with crime. You are simply saying ‘ well crime is happening but the sky is not falling, however look over hear instead and see how great this is, see how wonderful this part of society is progressing .’ You have Psychologically abandoned the nation on crime simply because you have no solutions to the crime problem. Society won’t progress that far if some sectors prosper while others lag and crime as you know could weigh heavily on a nation’s progress. And so Mr Prime Minister, you need to feel the pulse of the people…all the people and certainly not only the pulse of the healthy sectors of society but on the sick part of society…the crime ridden areas of society that’s where it’s at. A doctor always focuses more attention on the patient who is more critically ill while keeping an eye on the less ill or those on their way to full health. An ambulance arriving at a major crash scene always attends to the most critically injured. Today Mr Prime Minister, the most critically injured in St Lucia are those sick of Crime. Do your job man.

    • Could not have said it better. Then we understand why Kenny did not see him as Prime Minister material. Not every one has leadership qualities and sad to say he does not.

    • Someone needs to relay this exact message to the PM. We’re sick of his approach to the matter at hand ( crime ) . Best part is when you mentioned that he speaks like he is still campaigning to be what he already is because its true. He tries to prove a point that he’s working here and doing this but what we continue to see a lack of action in is the approach to crime and sending police officers locally or foreign help to a hot spot for a few days is not a solution that’s like putting a band aid on a gushing wound. As they say ” Step your game up”

  9. Alex P, top E and Liar. Shut up, all you all do is talk foolishness as usual. And there Will be many more after you to come and talk foolishness.

    Pierre was a guy you all said would never be PM, Pierre was a guy you all said couldn’t talk, just cause he use to stammer… And he prove all of you wrong.

    Always remember that, so suck it. Just suck it. You all lost !! Any thing you all say is irrelevant null and void.

    Pierre won you lost.


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