Thursday, September 29, 2022

Pierre To Address Global Citizens Forum – Hilaire To Act As PM

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Press Release:- Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Philip J. Pierre has been invited as a Guest Speaker at the Annual Summit of the Global Citizens Forum under the theme “The Future in Motion”.

The Summit will be held in Ras Al Khaimah, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from December 12-13, 2021.

Whilst in the UAE, Prime Minister Pierre will attend the Rewired Summit hosted by UNICEF and Dubai Cares which will seek to explore new approaches and innovative solutions to education challenges.

Also, part of his agenda will be his attendance at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai to visit the Saint Lucian Pavilion. The Expo allows many talented Saint Lucians to showcase and sell
their products to the thousands of patrons who will visit during the six-month-long event.

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Hon. Pierre will return to Saint Lucia on December 16th, 2021. In his absence, Hon. Ernest Hilaire will act as the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. I’m with you on that one @suzanne.

    Post also SLT my comment in response to @LH. If you’re going to censor people,don’t make it so obvious.

    If we boycott your comment section,this platform goes dead. And when I say we,the people who’s opinions really matter that are complaining of y’all censorship for a long time now.

    Censor me I don’t care but allow others to voice their opinions.

  2. So you’ll people at SLT will give/allow @LH the freedom to call persons who comment on this platform all sorts of dirty degrading, derogatory names and you’ll will gladly post such comments, but when other persons respond in reasonable respectful but strongly to these dirty name calling comments from @ LH you’ll at SLT don’t post they them.

    Are you’ll also part of the Farce News outlets that has developed in St. Lucia in the last few months.

    Post my 11:56pm comment in response to @LH.

  3. LH did I hurt your feelings again bruh? The same rich you b!t€hing about,you as a socialist need them to keep the economy going. The SLP have been around a mighty long time and they still refer to their supporters and the people of this country as malaway. Isn’t that a shame? You know why he was taken out🙄 it was because of the lies and propaganda spread by the SLP and up to now y’all can’t find anything on neither Chastenet nor Guy.

    Guy has taken the SLP to task and all they do is deflect and distract. Rovergate ain’t going away bruh. Juffaligate ain’t going away either. Grynberggate is here to stay so when you speak the way you do 🤦🏾‍♀️one has to wonder what is your agenda 🤔. Michael Chastanet is the envy of the SLP, hence why y’all suffer with CDS(Chastenet Derange Syndrome). I bet they wish he was on the red train😏.

    Y’all socialist hate the capitalist and economist but need them inorder to get hand downs and hand outs. Socialism and communism never works..just ask Venezuela,Cuba,Haiti etc…I prefer a leader who teaches me how to fish unlike you who prefers getting the fish. History will either vindicate Chastanet or crucify him so for now let time do its thing.

    LH get off it bruh.

    Allen Michael Chastanet will go down as a great PM and the world would agree, unlike PIP. Why is Dr D Anthony not riding the tides with his boy PIP? Why did he find soufriere people to be very stupid to vote in Emma empty shelves and high prices? What does he know about RF that the we don’t know? What ministry will he hold?

    You’re very delusional.

    Again you’ve yet to answer my question. Answer the question.

    And you should know by now that your words kyah phase me. Come again with something that makes sense.


  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣@ Pat who the hell you think you fooling or are you just dotish? Look stop coming here and playing bright, thinking that you can fool anyone. What happens on this forum happens on such platforms in every democratic country. I read the read articles on sites in the US, UK and elsewhere and what is here is very generous compared to what Biden, Boris and others get. Chastanet got even worse than Pierre has gotten so far. I gave Guy and Chas my fair share right here and they will get more when the need arises because I have no time for them. So you and the person who told you to check this site out to see how we behave must have been living under rocks for a very very very long time. But I know body told you that – you that idiot just think you can play smart. Of the thousands of sites where people express like this and even worse, it is this one that somebody ask you to check? Pat get lost with you very cheap attempt at psychology. Actually, your comments sound as stupid as you. Again, get lost.

  5. @ Tuwa-chu-mamosi Allen Chastanet has a track record on what ?? He has a ” track record ” all right a record of
    failures investments without dividends. A record of which he excludes the poor to favor the rich and over burden the the working poor. .if he was so great he would still be there July 27 12:01 and he is not coming back.

  6. I hope you don’t do any further deals with these Arab nations because they like control and corruption and seeing the path we heading with you already smh. @Pat exactly you don’t know cause you not down here wise guy smh…

  7. @pat… you came here too late. I wished this person informed you earlier while chas was in office, and then you could have made this comment. It was really bad then when chas was being called dog, pig, bitch, slaves master. What pip is getting is nothing compatible what chas got. So keep out pls with your bullshit

  8. Did I hurt your feelings LH 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂 you should know better than to tell me about color. Michael Chastanet has a great track record LH, unlike Kenny who reigned for so long. Say what I’ve stated is not true? You know that I don’t just speak for speaking sake so please will and come again this time with something that has more substance.

    You said that I’m an enemy of the people…I gotta laugh. Take a good look in the mirror and make sure that you’re not mistaking. People like you have sold your soul to/for the SLP but not me TuwaMosi. I’m a patriot who is free to think without any apologies. So if one of us have to get off this planet it’s probably you and every SLP supporter as well as every evil entity in our civil society.

    SLP has a track record like that of sewer rats. I put my country before any political party and I’m ready to die on that hill. You and I have nothing in common LH. You’re a socialist who wants to keep a people tied to the massa is to blame for my problems because every white man is massa and every black man is GOD. I’m not like you bruh.

    You see your people as malaway,I see my people as kings and queens, Gods and Goddess who just needs a little push to see pass these political illusions. You see people,I see my brothers and sisters regardless of their skin tone.

    All these colors are nothing but great distractors and dividers. It’s either you’re a great man/woman or you’re a POS.

    Now (yawnnnnning)with all that being said, you’ve not answered my question 🤷🏾‍♀️ what have the SLP accomplished in their 1st 100 days?

    Let me add a bonus question..what can I get you for your CDS?

  9. @ Dutty Draws Suzanne St Lucia is not ” news Worthy”. Barbados is new worthy, Jamaica is new worthy, Trinidad and Guyana is news worthy nobody is paying attention to us…..if the Rasses don’t run back in the church again or the volcano erupts nobody in is paying attention to us so just get off it

  10. @Tuwa- Chu-mama-Mosi all your head yellow head clown ever did was bring back empty promises and a load of debt for the people of St Lucia.. Right now St Lucia is in worse shape (fiscally) because of Allen tin cup trips he made. F to hell off with you and your crap Chastanet Daddy bailing out the SLP and St Lucia with his dam supermarkets.. this is why in my book you are an Enemy of This State…here are these people who for decades who have built their empire on the backs of the working poor of this nation…..had the monopoly on grocery import and licesenig so their was no competition for decades over charge and selling St Lucian’s at what ever cost without impunity and to date still reaking havoc on this nation with the fiscal damages Allen Chastanet has placed of the backs of St Lucians. It’s past due for the likes of you and those who have supported this genocide on St Lucians to vacate the planet so their can be a new dawn upon this land.

  11. UWP (Usually Whining Pigs) are bitching again. The PM goes off to the World Expo to promote and sell St Lucia as the ideal location to visit and promote our products as supreme and all these DUTTY Pigs can do is whine all blasted day. At least this PM goes to Dubai instead of giving St Lucians a false narrative they will become like Dubai. Pierre gawan and do your thing boss anyway and everyway we can promote Sweet Hellen as ideal I am all for it.

  12. I don’t mean no harm and trust me I don’t know your prime minister and I certainly don’t know anyone of you. Therefore, I have absolutely nothing to gain or lose.

    Do you think it’s nice to bad mouth and insult him like this in a public forum? You can agree to disagree that’s ok. But insulting your prime minister and calling him names all over this forum is really not nice.

    There are individuals from all over the world reading your post. The people of St. Lucia elected him and at least his office should be respected.

    You guys are also calling each other names in some forums like is a REAL war ….that does not make any sense. Someone reached out to me and advise that I should check out the level and lack of respect and intelligence and the level of ignorance displayed. I really thought they were kidding until I read for myself.

  13. I have never seen a weaker PM. This man has sold out the die hard soldiers who fought to take this country back in favor of turncoat uwps and the other lazy good for nothings who were afraid to show face. I am still watching to see when those who protested, spoke out, climbed the pitons, walked against DSH, called out the ex PM on his wrong doings and were victimised for 5 years because they stood up, will be given some respect and appreciation. He Liar is so wrong for this government and will be the downfall of it because he is all for his FFF

  14. I just want to see Pierre’s photo looking like a sheik, with long white silk robes and that piece of caban on his head. Bowing to the brothers saying shalam,

  15. How are you any better than Chas PM of St Lucia my A …always in flight…spend that money you eh work for you time too will be short…we keeping score

  16. They like to see nice things in Dubai. The sheik don’t even know St lucia , small ugly island black people with no vision.. Going to make a fool out of himself.

  17. Flambeau hacks Seasons Greetings. Please take a break to enjoy Christmas and you guys will resume next year. Wow gros pwel not easy.

  18. I hope he ain’t bring back Omicron with all this travelling and has not reported on anything that will change economic wise. I see he keeps talking to the white men only for business deals..

  19. SMH. Where are the journalists that spoke every time Chas travelled. I think Pierre has travelled more in 6 months than Chas did in 5 yrs. The hypocrisy of our ppl is what hv us with rising unemployment, increasing poverty, increasing school drop outs etc. What about the workers at Treasury and Min of Finance. Currently Rayneau or CIE have over 58 road contracts in Lucia. No document making talk shows. At least Fresh Start would sub contract, hire trucks and buy materials. These guys employ no one knew and don\t help the economy 1 bit. We are blinded by Silly Politics. Only ppl gaining are the Politicians. They getting buttered

  20. Dumber has left with his sneaky link aka Lorne can not hear no Theophilus by his side and left us/this country in the hands of dumb He-liar in charge 🤦🏾‍♀️. I hope you visit Mortly Pip so she can teach you how to speak.

    Now you see that one must travel as a PM to go beg for bread. Y’all criticize Chass to only turn around and be doing the same. Chass brought back lots of bread and cheese unlike you PIP you bring back nothing but new empty pans to replace the old ones. Mee margee wee.

    Honestly,what was St Lucians thinking on the 26/7 that had them to vote/install this cabal of racketeers in only to bring the country back 10years. You mean hatred for a man who’s father has helped to bail out the SLP in paying civil servants salaries, brought many supermarkets which today serves the island all around, who has employed 1000’s and who’s son also employs 100’s of people in his establishment. Y’all hate a man because of what he looks like and how he speaks which blinded y’all in seeing the vision he had for this country so y’all had to do the unthinkable by helping to install the weakest of the bunch…smh….

    Yawnnnnning tan…. nothing to see here folks.

    I want to challenge any hack on this platform to tell me,what has the SLP accomplished in their 1st 100 days?

  21. A one sided bias press in St. Lucia, this is what it has become because of political preference of reporters, news editors, journalists and journalism in this small Island. It all has become a farce.

    The rest of the he world is taking close note of the type, subject matters, indepth, non biasness and quality of journalism which has been taking place in St Lucia in the last few months.

    The leader of the opposite has made some damning evidenced back revelations on radio and TV talkshows and at a press conference against members of a sitting government, on issues and matters that have international consequences for St. Lucia and St. Lucians; called for the removal/resignation of the Island’s attorney general and minister Ernest Hilaire because of evidence backed corruption due to the sensitive post they hold, the exposure to all St. Lucians and the rest of the world of the absolute reasons why a minister’s US visa was permanently revoked.

    The local press in every form did not carry anything. Shame, shame and shame.

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