Pierre To Attend Ninth Summit Of the Americas

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Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Philip J. Pierre is scheduled to attend the Ninth (9th) Summit of the Americas on Wednesday, June 8th 2022 in Los Angeles.

The Summit is being convened under the theme “Building a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future”.

As Lead-Head of CARICOM for Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Hon. Pierre will utilise the forum to lobby for Green Financing and the Debt for Climate Adaptation Swap Initiative which are imperative to Small Island Developing States, as they face the ravages of climate change.

During the Summit, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J Pierre has also been invited to join the Heads of States of the Dominican Republic, Peru, and the United States on a round table discussion on “Democratic Governance against Corruption”.

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Hon. Pierre is scheduled to leave Saint Lucia on Tuesday, June 7th

In his absence, Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste will act as the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia until June 9th, 2022.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. To The Most Honorable PM :
    May your ✈️journey be a prospective and prosperous one with a pricely reward, for your contribution to your country (peoples).

    May you be rewarded with God’s additional Blessings in abundance.

  2. Another opportunity to bend over and get some money 💰. The chief beggar in a land of beggars .😂….. by the way you pregnant yet for the Taiwanese …

  3. I hope he can get some assistance to build houses for people since those his government built in Dennery was not for people. I guess in his Little Black Boy eyes, the homeless are not people until election day.
    I really want to know why the media has never questioned him on the benefits of these meetings that he has attended to St Lucia. I must say BRAVO to Maundy for doing a Fan Task Tick job at informing the public of the benefits of these overseas meetings.

  4. Lucian high grade you are the lowest common denominator..don’t be upset when someone speaks about pjp you and pjp talks the most gabbage ever ..pjp is an embarrassment for a pm I feel sorry for the man

  5. I hope you tell them how you letting your other hungry member ministers walk over you but you playing clueless and sainty.

    • Gas already 5.00 U.S a gallon in the states already. Well look it! London Bridge is falling down my fair lady!
      This little piggy 🐷 went to market and this red labour piggy 🐷 came rolling back home …..empty handed with his hands swinging while in lucia there’s a lot of killings and robbings!!!

  6. So how many times has the Prime Minister of Science attended an out of state meeting since coming into power ? I remember this was a big issue when Chas was there. Also how come we never get a summary of what was discussed at these meetings, I’m sure what is being discussed impacts all of us. The leaders of the Caribbean can attend a million meetings and still cant figure out how to help their own people.


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