Pierre To Meet Regional Security System Officials To Discuss Cooperation On Crime

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Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre is set to meet with members of the Regional Security System (RSS) today in Barbados to to explore avenues for cooperation on crime management in Saint Lucia.

The Prime Minister remains committed to ensuring citizen safety and indicated that
particularly violent crime caused by illegal firearms over the past years must be tackled
scientifically and as a public health concern.

The timely prosecution and just punishment of crime will also be utilised to signal this
administration’s intent on protecting citizens, communities and the reputation of Saint Lucia.

During the upcoming Sitting of Parliament scheduled for July, the Government will introduce legislation to cause for stiffer penalties for illegal firearm and ammunition possession and expects bipartisan support from the Opposition on this proposed Bill to equip the Judiciary with the legal tools to put away perpetrators.

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The Swift Justice Project is also expected to come on stream and will be geared towards reducing the backlog of criminal cases by increasing technical and administrative support to the Criminal High Court.

The Government has reinstated the training budget to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) which was stopped by the previous administration and will continue to provide the necessary resources recommended by the High Command of the Royal Saint Lucia Police to assist in national security.

Citizen participation and cooperation with the police will also be instrumental in
ameliorating the crime situation.

The Prime Minister once again calls on the High Command of the RSLPF to do their part in
addressing the crime situation as crime only serves to scar families, loved ones, communities and to tarnish the reputation of our country.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. @Jahil & prober:- very good question, who would you rather have then? have you taken a look at the Cabinet? as far as security is concerned keep that Deputy far from it, let him run Carnival. The little is said about the unholy trinity the best. Now do you need or don’t you need outside help? what is happening in St. Lucia would never happen in Cuba, guess why. PjP is caught in an unforgiving trap – He/they wont do what I have always cried for, a good ass whipping for non murder crime – (You kill, You hang) who has the Balls??? without this St. Lucia will continue to bleed and be robbed- May the good Lord have mercy.

    • regardless of cabinet and the white elephants system it just just not eradicate that someone incompetence should be at the peoples pocket or trust who voted you in and you cannot do jack shit. It is better do what you pray for in gods name and not just doing the opposit

  2. I have no faith in Philip. A man who campaign to know all to run this little island has no idea how to deal with crime yet he holds the ministry position of security and relies desperately on outside intervention to give him ideas on how to go about dealing with the crime issue here. It is very sad and unfortunate when you think of it. PJP is just a waste and I’m sorry to say it. Everything is wrong about him. Not my kind of leader.

  3. This is Hilarious to the MAX why did St. Lucian elect this nomad for a leader? If you cannot manage 180k people and boost you are a world class economist and doing this shit in public eyes. It is just an insult to you, your party and exposing lucians as if they have no effing brains to device ways and methods to combat crime.

  4. You think is La.Rose police that will be Conducting these Missions and the Police will not Be giving out No Details of What qill be Taking place

  5. Why is it our Police is getting paid to do a job and they are unable to do it satisfactorily yet the COP still enjoys a salary? Why are the Politicians seating on their hands and not being creative? Why do you have to resort to outside help to destroy our youths? I recall Tramp ordering the National Guard to clear the streets in front the White House and he came under great pressure worldwide. Philip, do not allow foreign RSS boots on the ground in St.Lucia, all they will do is a repeat of ORC and your boy RF will gain more ground on the streets. Sir, think about Social Programs, not more authorized guns. Sir, deal with the head of the gangs in VF and Castries directly. Hit them where it hurts – the blood soaked assets. Put measures in place that are consistently proactive and not just reactionary. Sir get rid and embarrass the dirty cops and politicians. Orrrrr, do as your advisors are asking you to do, get foreign police to spill more blood of our youths and innocent bystanders.

  6. just punishment of crime………is agriculture work, no one wants to do,it bc it’s hard, it’s a great learning exercise and tool! Hard work in the dirt, hot sun, giving back ….free food to communities and impoverished individuals!….. The Hotels and Resorts And people that own Shares in these hotels and resorts can participate with gifted donations of seeds and tools! Punishments should focus and be filled with labor outside, not just sitting around in concrete all day doing nothing behind bars! Create avenue’s and revenues for more people let their punishments be labor intensive for the rest of the island for new crop growth and work!

    • I have been saying this over and over again ask the Rss for Assistance.Cordon off all the Ghetto Areas in Vieux .Fort Castries And Soufriere Search all Houses in These areas Recover all Weapons .Too much Crime in St.Lucia

      • You go make the police brutalize citizen. Do they even know who they targeting ?

      • If any Police force want to stop crime or have control of it, there will be no class in society who should be target and who shouldn’t, no ghetto will ever exist .. this is pure bullshit happening in this banana republic


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