Pierre Underscores Commitment To ‘One Laptop Per Child’ Policy

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has underscored his administration’s commitment to its ‘One Laptop Per Child’ policy, declaring that it will be realised during the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) reign.

“The ‘One Laptop Per Child’ policy will be fulfilled during our term in government,” Pierre declared last week on Facebook.

He explained that access to technology can spur youth creativity, providing opportunities for careers in science and data-driven fields.

“We are committed to giving our children the tools to excel and become global citizens,” the Castries East MP asserted.

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On September 8, Pierre joined Education Minister Shawn Edward and senior Education Ministry officials to hand over a consignment of Chromebooks to Entrepot Secondary School students.

His office said more than 14,000 computer and laptop devices have been distributed to Saint Lucian students since the SLP came to office following the July 26, 2021 general elections.


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  1. Pity that PJP didn’t also add that he was arranging for all School Books to be Scanned and posted online to save parents this disgraceful ‘ New books Fiasco ‘

    A large screen TV in each classroom with internet connectivity would enable the teachers to access the books required for each lesson

    Come on PJP stop that charade with immediate effect from this year onwards

  2. These political games some of us are playing we need to stop it. The Principal of a School has nothing to do with the disbursement of the devices. All Schools were given a day as to when the devices will be given. eg. My daughter’s School is Thursday of this week,some got it last week and we must also remember that everything doesn’t happens in one day,we must learn to be patient. Some of us can’t afford certain things, we’re getting help,yet we’re impatient,we need to stop these type of attitudes/ behaviour.

  3. Pierre, good idea but stop putting the cart before the donkey. How about you work on the infrastructure in slu (communication + technology) – make it cheaper and available to all. This will make the one laptop per child a tool to use instead of a piece of furniture. Too many times you only talking about the outcome but before the outcome, there is work to be done. How can you give a child a laptop to take home with no internet or the internet at the speed of a 256K modem. By the way, before you start to blow your horn about the policy, we also want to know the standard or will there be one. I hope you are not trying to give the kids some imitation of hardware – “Made In China” (MIC) laptop. We want to know the specs that each child will get. The memory, hard drive, processor should be standardized. This time we will hold you responsible with all your bullshit – no political games from you.


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