Pierre Upbeat Over SLP Performance After Almost One Year In Office

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has given an upbeat assessment of his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) performance since its landslide at the July 26, 2021, general elections.

“It’s been a very rewarding year. We hope we can have some celebrations because the people of the party have not celebrated the victory but I want to urge them to protect the victory,” the Castries East MP told reporters on Monday.

Pierre said there were subtle and latent goings-on seeking to give a bad impression of what’s happening in the country.

According to the PM, an impression is being created that his administration has been in power for five years.

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But he noted that July 26 this year would mark one year since the SLP swept to power.

And the PM declared that a lot of progress has been made.

“We have stabilised the situation regarding our economy. Our budget was passed. We need time for the budget to manifest itself. Our policies are in place – we have done some very people-oriented things – our housing programme, our education programme,” Pierre told reporters.

“We are very excited about the coming year,” the SLP leader declared as he expressed gratitude to the people of Saint Lucia.

“The people of Saint Lucia have encouraged us. They have worked with us, and we are going to be pushing forward,” Pierre said.

He observed that the tourism industry is doing well.

But, the former Tourism Minister, also noted some ‘downsides.’

He mentioned COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, oil issues, and problems in the supply chain.

Nevertheless, Pierre urged the people of Saint Lucia not to allow politicians who have ‘lost favour’ to confuse them.

“The people have spoken. I am calling on all Saint Lucians to get together – let us deal with the crisis. We did not cause the war in Ukraine. We did not cause oil prices to increase – we did not cause the COVID crisis,” he told reporters.

And describing the current situation as probably one of the most challenging times in the world’s economic history, the Prime Minister urged citizens not to be confused by politicians with selfish motives.

“Let’s work together,” he advised.


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  1. PiP you the dispicable low grade and all the other 🤡s can celebrate the SLP victory during the carnival .
    Enjoy your Naked dancing , sodomy and Boolah as you spread Covid .

  2. @God is a Woman/Vibz / Urhh/ aka Vladimir Putin/ Alias Grey Balls the ole’ dutty Sal*&%. He squeals, “No Kind of objectivity, peripheral vision open-mindedness or ability to partake unbiased in a conversation name-calling (Ha Ha). Well !! The testicular fortitude, the Pig Slings mud, these are fighting words….I am sensitive guy…I am just stooping to your moronlistic integrity and the lack of your “pig nature” of intelligent, communicative and affiliative behavior “among others” there, there, there, oh well. Your Yellow goverment brought this country down to the fiscal sinkhole, but thanks to St Lucian’s on July 26th 2021 they never had the chance to throw us in.

  3. I need you to shut your a$$ for once you that little black boy. We all know we’re in deep shit with you being pm

  4. One question where is Virgin Atlantic? I am due to travel soon and was told that VA ‘s last flight was in April. How come we never heard this in the media?

  5. Ok. It’s ‘lost favour’ you’ll had that’s why you’ll we’re getting on like that. How can you take credit for the economy doing well after just 8 months? Didn’t you say that Chastanet was crazy for thinking that tourism would return after covid. Bla bla bla…. SMH.

  6. Why are some comments with held when there is nothing to edit.don’t tell me we are seeing another form of biasness in stlucia. Only god can put a hand

  7. I love Prime Minister PJP. If we growing the economy, creating employing, building a country was not good for us the opposite should be good. You made us believe that building the country and its people was not good so you can also make us believe that screwing up the country is good.

  8. How I hate the hypocracy of politicians. “Protect our victory, let’s work together”. During the campaign you all form volunteered groups in all constituency to help you secure elections. Everyone on those groups had every single telephone number of you all. Now can anyone of them get you all to answer your phones or return their calls (except for honourable Frederick. They may call this man many names but he is more genuine than the so call SLO’s you have known for years), I am glad one year has gone by the other 4will go by even faster. My loving stlucia s we will and cannot let politicians be it Slp or uwp use us again. Let’s show them all next election and let’s create our own history. Politicians are just users. Don’t listen to anything they say because most of them don’t have a conscience, let’s instead turn to our god and be better prayer warriors. Let’s make god our political leader and district reps. Peace and love

  9. Offcource its been a rewarding year for the SLP, after your’ll won ministers and PJP went straight ahead to fill their pockets with gold and silver leaving the citizens to work extra hard to pay more taxes to government. Not to mention price hikes in stores and not a word about the promises of minimum wage.

    By the way, why didn’t SLT talk about Dugard, Micoud where several poor people houses were demolished for a court order when SLP is about putting the poor people first? SLP could of very well reverse that order. I’m very sure its because Chas won Micoud south smh.

  10. …….yes most Honorable well stated steer the course AND LET US NOT BE DISTRACTED BY LOOOOOSER POLITICIANS AND ROUGE REPORTER (they know themselves clowns). The agony of defeat over lap by sweet victory still fresh in the minds of St Lucian’s but there is so much work to be done under these challenging times but we will prevail in our endeavor’s so that all St Lucian’s will stride and not just for some politics. No more investment without dividend trickle down economics politics by the Head Yellow Jackass, SELLING OUT. The REIGN of TERROR is behind us and St Lucia can and will only go one way and that’s up, all the way up .

  11. There’s nothing to be excited about in St. Lucia at present. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

    Murders and crimes continue unabated, the Covid-19 count is still rising exponentially, victimization is abound, corruption (Land Rover eg.) goes on, cost of living is stifling, unemployment is problematic, political division thickens, and a potent sense of hopelessness engulfs the country.

    The PM is feigning optimism. Now, he is resorting to blaming the opposition for the pessimism in the country. He is not fooling any intelligent, unbiased citizen. St. !Lucia is like a rudderless ship drifting aimlessly.

      • Your but* plug will come out one of these days and you will be able to see the sunshine, smell the rain, and be free of your delusional meds. Someone’s head cannot be stuck so high up a party’s rear end. No kind of objectivity, peripheral vision, open-mindedness, or ability to partake unbiased in a conversation that is not rifled with racial comments and name-calling. You must have had a tough childhood. Hope someone intervenes and gets you a seance, a cleaning, or the psychiatric help that you need before you hurt yourself if or when the current government were to bring this country down into the ground with poor leadership, governance, and/or unwise decision making.

    • You forgot those you consider the ordinary man the ones you used to win the elections almost immediately after winning and instead put all your entitled stooges into top level positions to eat heartily and get rich and fat off the tax payers of this country. None of those who were visible on the ground can say they have gotten any worthwhile position or thank you from you. You are the one not protecting the victory. You are the one who turned your back on your supporters the minute you sat on your high throne as PM. You used people and dump them aside. Where are the real warriors and fighters? Those people who exposed themselves for you and you betrayed them? Those you made promises to to gain their support. Those who you left on the bread line after they exposed themselves for de party. Protect the victory my a$$. Man you’re the worst fraud ever. You can rest assured you won’t ever get my vote and that of my family every again.


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