Pierre Urges Employers In Tourism Industry To Treat Workers Fairly

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, asserting that businesses need to make a profit, has nevertheless urged employers in the tourism industry to treat workers fairly.

Pierre’s remarks came in an address to Thursday’s annual general meeting of the Saint Lucia Hospitality & Tourism Association (SLHTA)

“Businesses need to make a profit to keep their doors open and as such investors need to make a fair return on their investment. This government will assist whenever we can to help you succeed with your business,” the Castries East MP stated.

And he invited continued investment in Saint Lucia.

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But Pierre reminded investors of their corporate responsibility.

“We need you to uphold your corporate responsibility to treat workers fairly, to compensate workers adequately,” he told the gathering.

“So that every participant can enjoy the benefit of the tourism and the hospitality sector and in return, they will help us promote and defend our sector,” Pierre, also responsible for Finance, explained.


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  1. Before you allow fake businessmen to build hotels on our beaches enact a minimum wage for the workers and allow them to be unionized just like the civil servants

  2. These workers also need to learn to stand as one. I worked there for a short while and it can be a very divided place. Your black coworker will do soucair on you to the white manager before you know what is happening. A black person from HR once told my white manager to tell me I needed to relax my natural hair because it was not in keeping with the company’s looks. I am not Rastafarian, just wore my hair unprocessed. Mind you I went to interviews for that job with my hair like that and someone from another country even complimented me on my natural looks. So you see… we are usually our own worst enemies. Oh and I did not relax my hair!

  3. Pierre is a genius. This warning could very well be a precursor to mandatory laws to come. The introduction of Gary, the X Trini police superintendent is an example of the game plan; stop the bashing, everything takes time to manifest; he is probably the only PM who has ever addressed this issue.

  4. PM Phillip ‘Urges’ Pierre, you don’t want employers to take advantage of employees then put measures in place. The labor department is corrupt and there’s no protection for workers.

  5. Businesses need to make a profit but is the government not a business? Why aren’t they making profits yet still they put people in positions just to earn a salary and increase taxes on people to pay them and the useless over-the-top projects.
    Pierre answer me this. How fair it is when a supervisor or manager comes to you (in the private sector) in the middle of a shift and tell you ‘go home because business is slow’ and don’t get a full days’ pay whereas, in the private sector workers get full pay in all circumstances. Why did the system divided us yet still government calling for unity. The system is evil and so oppressive. If you believe your words will be heard by employers you’re a darn fool.

  6. Why all you talk about is treating the workers fairly? Firstly, How well do you treat our civil servants? Aren’t most hotel workers unionised? Don’t they get transportation home at nights. Uniforms etc? It is your duty now to legislate minimun rage. Stop repeating that nonsense and bite the bullet.

  7. After you attack the tourism sector with your remarks of it could never bounce back and couldnt sustain our country. After you give Cabot endless bad press and negativity. After you give DSH all the hatred in the world. You mr PM want to ask investors and hotel owners how to treat workers ? You see you guys in that SLP camp will never learn, you want to poison the masses in opposition and when you in government beg people to drink youll poison and that its clean. Not to mention all those racial remarks you have given in the past and today you want to beg and plea for pardon and proper compwnsation. It doesnt work that way mr PM. Its clear you dont understand how tourism works, how investments and investors work , let alone know how tp be a Prime Minister.

    Where is the minimum wage ?


  8. If you want employers in Tourism or any other sector to treat your citizens fairly……..thats not something you ask of. As a prime minister you put things in place and make it mandatory that your people are treated failry.

    Start by the implementation of a minimum wage. Not just implementation but make it law.

    Ensure your citizens have mandatory health insurance. So that they dont have to worry about getting sick on the job and not being able to pay their medical bills.

    All the urgency you had to advocate for healthcare in the last 5 years where is it ?………..

    I mean you guys are sleeping. Start working.

    Mr Pierre please stop talking you sound retarded. Your vapour remarks and presentations not encouraging anyone to invest with your party at the helm of governance of this country.


  9. A picture paints a thousand words!
    Almost Every member of the association is either looking elsewhere, have their arms crossed in resignation or is working their phones.
    They all no they are seeing the personification of incompetent in front of them. What a waste of an afternoon when they could be taking care of their businesses.

  10. Is this incompetent Philip Pierre for real! Are you sure we are not in a nightmare and the SLP really are not in power!
    Will we wake up and find that we do not have governance by Press Release!
    You address the most important representation of the Hospitality industry and have nothing but platitudes to convey to our citizenry. Delivering nothing but words that we cannot take to the bank. Uttering the obvious in place of leadership.

    In August 2022 Nothing about increasing employment or about adding value to our tourism product.
    Nothing about ensuring cruise ships start arriving in our ports after a dismal profitless summer season – now gone!
    Nothing about salvaging the regional market now down to 20% of what used to be under the UWP!
    Nothing about ensuring increase take home pay after our wages are now 80 cents on the dollar after your year in power.
    You cannot even delve into your little brain to find a modicum of HOPE or CHEER to present to the leaders of the industry.
    After running yu mouth in opposition we find that that is all you and your fellow clowns in Cabinet and on the airwaves can do – cheap talk and no delivery.
    Our economy is in freefall and hot air is all you can deliver.
    Lord please say this is not so!


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