Thursday, January 23, 2020

Pierre Urges PM To Remove Guy Joseph As Minister Of Economic Development

Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre has called on Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, to remove Guy Joseph as Economic Development Minister.

The call came in a statement Thursday to a news conference summoned by Pierre, who is the leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

His statement is reproduced below:

In a statement to the press dated 4th April, 2019, I, in my capacity as Leader of the Opposition called on the Prime Minister to clarify the circumstances surrounding a letter in the public domain from the Ministry of Economic Development confirming the direct award of over $162M worth of contracts without Parliament approval.

 At that time, I called on the Prime Minister to recognize the seriousness of the letter since Hon Guy Joseph was alleged to have signed the letter. I informed the Prime Minister that if the signature was authentic then this was a rather serious matter and Guy Joseph should be disciplined for gross misbehaviour in public office.

On the other hand, if the signature was fraudulent then the police should be called to investigate this rather serious matter.  There has been no response from the Hon Prime Minister.

Is the Prime Minister afraid of what an investigation into the PAJOAH letter would reveal?

It has now been established and the Hon Guy Joseph has not denied that the letter is authentic and has only sought to hide behind a claim of the Ministry’s document being private.

It is an internationally accepted fact that such letters are never permitted except with the approval of the Prime Minister who has publicly denied knowledge of the letter. The Prime Minister has also said that government has already sourced funding for the projects mentioned in the letter.

Further a former Prime Minister has and rightfully, so stated that if the letter and signature were indeed authentic that was a gross violation of the Ministerial code and the Minister should be disciplined.

Accordingly, the Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on all parties to totally disregard that letter and request that the Prime Minister relieve Guy Joseph of the portfolio of Economic Development for this gross misbehaviour in public office a clear breach of the protocols, checks and balances as it pertains to matters of public finance.


  1. Father God bless our land, bless it with thy mighty hand, from those who are currently in charge of governing us. Guy, Guy, Guy, Guy. Why, Why, Why, Why. My Granny always say, if alligator go river bottom and tell you he see fish believe it, and in earnest I believe without a shadow of any doubt, that signature is of no other than St Lucia’s Famous Kleptomaniac Teefing Guy Coolie Man Joseph. Prime Minister Pierre, although teef don’t like to see other teef with long bag, Dear Allen would be reluctant to say or do anything, due to the fact that Teefing Guy Joseph, has too much leverage that would be damming to Dear Allen socialy, and politicaly, so just leave him where he is one bad apple does hurt the whole bunch but hold fire to their feet for transparency and accountability regarding the peoples monies. Keep up the good work solider, thank you for staying on top of things.

    • Though one may believe his Granny, it is ‘…not always where smoke is seen, food was cooking.’
      But there will be evidence of fire.

  2. 05/17/2019
    I Proclaim on the roof top that the “King is coming”! I announce to the ends of the earth, that the “King is coming”. And that the days of Noah are here. “Prepare ye the way of the Lord and make straight his paths.” Tell all the world that I am coming back soon. “I am coming for those who have laid their burdens down”. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
    The father says: Did you move too quickly? Did you walked through that door and find few things working for you? Be ready in season and out of season and know the times and seasons you are in. There are moments I will give you a head up far in advance before I ask you to move. Other time I will give you little to no warning before you are asked to jump into the new. Many mistakes the timing I am giving them and act of haste even when they can see that not everything has been prepared yet. When I prepare you there are natural and spiritual aspects by my hand that will come into the correct position. When you are getting ahead of me, I will send you warnings which may seem like a contradiction and correction but know that I am seeking your attention.
    Many thinks that if there are giants in the new land, then they at the right place. Did I promise to remove the giants ahead of time? Not every new move will be one of great challenge and struggle. You can make life so much easier when you rest. I will place the timing in your spirit, no need to look around for signs I will just give you when you are still. You will not be denied. A great shifting is enveloping you, what was out of order and chaotic is calming into a gentle stream flowing through the meadow that you are walking in right now. The horizon demonstrates the sunset but also the sunrise. Position yourself towards the sunrise for this where you will find all the favor, I have set aside for you. People will ask you to focus on the sunset and mourn with them, but I say let the dead bury the dead. You are made for more and now has the waiting come to an end.
    * These are the words of – Yahushua Hamashiach.
    Do you know him, he knows you? Repent; be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, those of you who have not done so, for when the books are closed, no one will be able to enter in. God is sending warnings after warnings. We are in the End Times and he does not want ANY ONE to Perish. Time is running out, get saved now while you have time. He is the only way to salvation. Amend your ways and you will be allowed to remain in the land. Let those who have ears to hear and those who have eyes to see. Repent now! Remain strong, bold, courageous and steadfast in your faith.
    Credit to Brother Shomrim Ben Yahshua for my references, may God bless you my brother.

  3. When you see the supreme being will strike dem man no amount of money they have pocketed go heal dem man!!!!! They will die a painful death. Even dem contractors anf their families go feel de wrath!! Because dem man is leeches! Sucking de blood of every Lucian!!!!! Go will deal with uall e….is time he giving uall….and guy is seven days wee and dah man sooo WICKED!!!!! So awah-jayyy!!! So hungry to live off the country’s funds!!


    From professional knowledge in assuming ‘…Public Office,’ there is also ‘…Public Trust.’

    Then in such capacity, there are two guiding principles in governance;

    (i) …Transparency; and (ii) …Accountability.’

    To ensure that there is no conduct bordering or subject to public perceptions as ‘…nepotism or cronyism or corruption or misbehavior,’ there is the guiding principle called ‘…Integrity in Public Life.’

    Not sure what obtains in St. Lucia, but do know that these are ‘…enacted laws in Antigua and Barbuda.’

    Also know of the ‘…Oath of Secrecy,’ where, unless otherwise authorized by the Cabinet of
    (a) …Matters discussed therein; and (b) …Decisions taken thereby,’ no Member is at liberty to make public disclosure.

    For a news portal to publish these statements publicly, it appears that they bear ‘…no evidence of mischievousness or malice.’

    A leader, therefore, with testicular fortitude, and not allowing himself to be seen or perceived as ‘…complicit,’ then public interest dictates that he takes ‘…decisive, uncompromising and corrective action.’

    Just a follower of regional developments through this ‘…most up-to-date news portal.’

    Don’t shoot the messenger; …Accept the message.’ Sure the Editor may wish to archive.

  5. Mr. Pierre, we know that Guy is a threat to you and your party; but the PM has to carry out an investigation first, of course, if he find it necessary, or else, it just can’t happen this way!

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