Pierre Urges Saint Lucians To Do What They Can To Make Things Better

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, in a message to mark Nelson Mandela Day, has encouraged Saint Lucians to do what they can to improve their communities.

Pierre wrote on his Facebook page that Mandela Day is an occasion for all – people and nations to take action and inspire change.

He observed that this year, the focus is on Food Security and Climate Change with the theme: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

“I encourage all Saint Lucians to take some time to also remember Nelson Mandela; and to pledge to do whatever each of us can, in our communities, with what you have and wherever you are, to make things better,” the Castries East MP stated.

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The United Nations General Assembly declared July 18 as Nelson Mandela Day in 2010.

The aim was to recognise and give credence to Mandela’s commitment to human rights, conflict resolution, and reconciliation.

Prime Minister Pierre recalled that the late former South African leader visited Saint Lucia 24 years ago, in July 1998, when this country hosted the CARICOM Summit.

After that, Saint Lucia named the highway at Vigie the Nelson Mandela Highway in his memory.

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  1. Spoken like a true leader who convinced the nation that he had the solutions to our problems. Be wary of sweet talkers and their empty promises!

    To those of you who can afford to go to school/ do courses and get certified in fields that are on high demand please do so it’s a good investment for yourself. To those who do not possess the luxury of furthering their education like the PM said, food security is 1 of the biggest goals. Start small and grow what you can. Even a vegetable garden in your backyard goes a long way. Harder times are approaching and we must realign our priorities. Forget the latest phones, expensive vehicles and the houses with more rooms than you can occupy. Simplicity is key.

  2. Any St Lucian reading this, should feel the jackass within themselves. I voted Flambo with no regrets,and Yet still I feel stupid n embarrassed to be dwelling in this Lucian society.

  3. Ant must be a psychologist ! You really described the character of prime minister PJP. The man always says what he believes is politically relevant at the time or in a situation and blames others for his failure.What an embarasment !

  4. Shame on everyone who voted to put these ridiculous joking clowns in office.
    Saint Lucia needs a new government ASAP to save them from the economic downfall this SLP is leading the country into.

  5. People elect a government to create an environment for a better standard of living. It is shameful for this same government to turn around and tell these same voters to do what they can to make things better. Mr. PM, incase you don’t walk the streets, let it be understood that people are sacrificing everything just to make it through the day. What more do you want from them. Explain what you meant by saying “do what they can to make things better.”

  6. Why you wasting your time you encourage them to do the bad things when you was in opposition little black boy..Disobeying the law of the land Shameful government

  7. I am no longer surprised by the two faced hypocrisy of Pierre and by extension the Labour Party.

    As long as I have known him and seen him operate I have been amazed at the level of duplicity that is just part and parcel of his makeup.
    When it suits him he is the quiet soul listening to people’s concern (yet hearing nothing!) Ten minutes later he is a bitter, vicious verbal thug attacking others in the most vulgar manner.
    In opposition he is verbal with all the answers, demanding that government does this that and the other. In government he has no answers, no accountability, no responce to serious questions and just occasional pithy and useless statements on important issues.
    In opposition his promises are legion. In government he is mute and struck dumb with a blank gog eyed look on his face.
    In opposition he screams to the rafters about transparency. In government everything the SLP do is behind closed doors and the citizenry have not a clue what is happening.
    But we have to endure this because he was voted for one year ago by clueless voters or corrupt supporters.
    Can you imagine 4 more years of this? Lol!


    Now check mate “check for urself “

    6 solutions came to handle inflation and he laughing at it, while he laughing at it he eh doing nothing. Laughing at members who are actually trying to fight inflation while doing nothing but pointing fingers and mocking them in his speeches.

    I will forever respect any pm with have in power but this one really disappointed me

  9. Is it fair to say that world governments have let their citizens down? These clowns just collect a hefty salary,argue amongst themselves & tell you the citizen to check for yourself because we cannot do anything for you UNLESS we sleeping with one of you or your family members or you are family or extremely close friends…What a time to be Alive 🤣


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